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6 May 2019
13:34:58@kommen:matrix.orgkommenupvotes on hackernews and producthunt weclome ;) https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19837742 https://www.producthunt.com/posts/nextjournal-2
7 May 2019
In reply to @kommen:matrix.org
we launched nextjournal's public beta today: https://nextjournal.com/mk/public-beta
07:38:29@ferakpeter:matrix.orgferakpeterHas anyone experimented with the new version of spec?
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10:46:55@kommen:matrix.orgkommen ferakpeter: yes, I've replicated our graphql-like spec approach with spec-alpha2, where I can now use s/select forms to generate a Datomic pull query when it encoutners a Datomic entity in a value to be conformed
11:21:18@ferakpeter:matrix.orgferakpeterah, cool, would love to see that.
13:43:24@kommen:matrix.orgkommenhere's my playground https://gist.github.com/kommen/d5de2ab9495402dbc89d7d89b6b965fe
15:26:36@kommen:matrix.orgkommenlet me know what you think :)
8 May 2019
07:17:25@ferakpeter:matrix.orgferakpeterlooks useful, I want to try some things with it. did I get it right from Rich's talk that he wants to make "parts" of the schema reusable. For instance if you use the defined schema to make sure that data comes correctly from the DB, and then use ONLY "id text1" for a method, then you can specify that?
14:39:15@kommen:matrix.orgkommenyeah, that would be one use case
17 May 2019
05:44:21@kommen:matrix.orgkommen p_brc: can't remember: did we already talk about what we want to do at the next meetup?
1 Jun 2019
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2 Jun 2019
14:42:29@p_brc:matrix.orgp_brc @kommen we have not. One thing we wanted to look at previously was cljfx. But the new spec stuff would also be an option
4 Jun 2019
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8 Jun 2019
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27 Jul 2019
16:55:19@kommen:matrix.orgkommensomebody here wants to spontaniously join us to the heart of clojure conf in Leuven next week?
16:56:09@kommen:matrix.orgkommennextjournal is sponsoring, and we have still have a free ticket to give away
21:22:31@kloimhardt:matrix.orgkloimhardtIs the ticket still available?
25 Aug 2019
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18 Oct 2019
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29 Nov 2019
14:53:45@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlasCheck this out: a clojure dialect, legitimately compiling to machine code: https://nextjournal.com/bendlas/ferret-example
5 Dec 2019
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22 Jan 2020
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15 Mar 2020
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