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4 May 2018
02:17:39@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlas changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
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02:30:02@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlasSorry for the pic re-add, I misclicked ...
02:33:05@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlasHow about doing one or more intermediate-advanced hacking sessions at some point? I'd like to work on a matrix app-service, to link our twitter feed into this channel ... ;-)
02:35:35@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlasRedacted or Malformed Event
02:38:02@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlasI mean, there is https://github.com/Half-Shot/matrix-appservice-twitter, but github says it's retired, and it's not in Clojure anyway ;-)
02:42:37@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlasalso, a whole app service (able to mirror twitter users into matrix, via DM) is probably overkill, right?
02:45:29@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlasad May Meetup: be looking forward to have pyr as a guest speaker! \o/
11 Jun 2018
09:44:32@p_brc:matrix.orgp_brcDo we have topics for the next meetup? I have been using Planck lately which could be interesting and maybe a first look at Datomic Ion
13 Jun 2018
08:57:39@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlasPlank is really cool
22 Jun 2018
07:23:16@kloimhardt:matrix.orgkloimhardtCan someone paste the following code into a Clojure 1.9.0 repl? Does anyone understand why the last expression does not throw a spec exception? (do     (require '[clojure.spec.alpha :as s])     (require '[clojure.spec.test.alpha :as ts])     (defn foo [bar] bar)     (s/fdef foo :args (s/cat :baz number?))     (defmulti foo-multi identity)     (defn make-method [multi-fct fct]      (defmethod multi-fct :no-exeption [bar] (fct bar)))     (make-method foo-multi foo) (ts/instrument)     (foo-multi :no-exeption))
25 Sep 2018
13:49:06@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlas kloimhardt Sorry, erst jetzt mal gesehen. Das is, weil (make-method foo-multi foo) schon das Funktionsobjekt aus foo-multi rausnimmt (äquivalent zu (deref (var foo-multi))), bevor ts/instrument die var instrumentiert.
13:51:53@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlas erm ... s/foo-multi/foo

probier zum vergleich

        (require '[clojure.spec.alpha :as s])
        (require '[clojure.spec.test.alpha :as ts])
        (defn foo [bar] bar)
        (s/fdef foo :args (s/cat :baz number?))
        (defmulti foo-multi identity)
        (defn make-method [multi-fct fct]
          (defmethod multi-fct :no-exeption [bar] (fct bar)))
        (make-method foo-multi #(foo %))
        (foo-multi :no-exeption))
3 Oct 2018
17:44:38@kloimhardt:matrix.orgkloimhardtbendlas, danke für den Hinweis von "foo" auf "#(foo %). Ich hab in der Zwischenzeit dem Maintainer von sicmutils eine Lösung mit Macros vorgeschlagen https://github.com/littleredcomputer/sicmutils/issues/33 . Die hat er angenommen. Ich hoff ich hab da jetzt nicht die schlechtere Lösung vorgeschlagen.
1 Dec 2018
16:25:37@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlasI created an advent-2018 project in the clojure-vienna github org: https://github.com/clojure-vienna/advent-2018 feel free to contribute :-)
10 Dec 2018
21:12:46@odi79:matrix.orgodi79 joined the room.
16 Jan 2019
23:00:03@bendlas:matrix.orgbendlas kloimhardt: hier was für dich: https://clojureverse.org/t/online-meeting-clojure-data-science/3503
17 Jan 2019
00:07:16@kloimhardt:matrix.orgkloimhardtCool, danke
07:10:45@odi_79:matrix.orgOliver Dunkl joined the room.

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