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15 Nov 2021
@wsor4035:matrix.orgprobably wsor
In reply to @lukaro:hacknesium.de
Im fluent in git, and already and compiled Minetest from master and checked out the source in the worlds/ folder, I started experiencing with a small mod that coul evolve as a matrix bridge for Minetest if it receives enough of my attention 😆😅 so at least that's not a problem to me :)
there is a semibroken one that exists currently. idk if youve seen it
17 Nov 2021
@_discord_731944385763213443:t2bot.ioNO11 150000 downloads btw! 21:16:12
@_discord_589492432945676289:t2bot.ioj45#7171 Yay 21:19:23
@_discord_589492432945676289:t2bot.ioj45#7171 🥳 21:19:36
@lukaro:hacknesium.delukaro * 🎉22:52:13
18 Nov 2021
@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM 😁 08:08:33
19 Nov 2021
Download screenshot_20211119_120200.png
Download screenshot_20211119_120224.png
@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM some WIP python script to convert images to worldedit shematics 🤫 11:05:52
@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM will be public (GPLv3) soon 11:10:38
@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM be sure to folow my github 11:10:51
@zehka:zehka.netzehkaQuick question: Are all mods included with mineclone2 part of the mineclone2 project or are there some mods that exist separately and have been added to mineclone2. Specifically: If i want to contribute some minor changes should i PR them into the mineclone2 repo or search for original plugin repos?13:48:53
@_discord_608282574649032704:t2bot.ioFleckenstein pr them into mineclone2 14:02:57
In reply to @_discord_608282574649032704:t2bot.io
pr them into mineclone2
Done, let's see if what i did makes any sense :D
@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM ITS HERE!!!!!
I am so proud of presenting you this
@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM https://github.com/AFCMS/MineClone2_MapArt 17:15:04
In reply to @_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.io
Looks nice
@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM thanks! 17:17:53
@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=27504 19:09:19
@_discord_649395571089604610:t2bot.ioZhe Leader of Novvelia dang that's really cool 20:01:18
In reply to @_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.io
How did you generate block_colors.json?
20 Nov 2021
@_discord_706662138139246592:t2bot.ioPinguTheNerd#9293 changed their profile picture.05:13:35
@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM see README 12:37:56
@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM the create_block_colors.py script 12:38:12
@timorl:wuatek.istimorlsilly question: is there a way to set custom skins in plain mineclone? if yes, what is the simplest way of doing this?20:01:57
@_discord_649395571089604610:t2bot.ioZhe Leader of Novvelia if you go to the textures there is a way to add a texture of a skin as long as it meets the standards of the others 20:14:05
@_discord_649395571089604610:t2bot.ioZhe Leader of Novvelia just look at the other skin textures and see where the head is, legs, torso, etc and model your skin based off of that 20:14:25
@timorl:wuatek.istimorlis this within the mod files?20:15:00
@_discord_649395571089604610:t2bot.ioZhe Leader of Novvelia ya 20:15:37

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