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27 Sep 2022
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind cant place books? 17:01:22
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind did you do both right click and drag click? 17:01:26
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind also, what mt version? 17:01:28
Download unknown.png
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind in 5.6.0 17:06:07
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind wait, is it a naturally generated bookshelf by any chance? 17:13:05
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind like say in a structure? 17:13:11
@_discord_598538856131985409:t2bot.ioHoneysuckle (elle) It was placed by me, mt version is 5.6.1 17:24:50
@_discord_598538856131985409:t2bot.ioHoneysuckle (elle) Unsure of when I updated mcl2 17:25:09
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind . . . 17:25:25
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind let me update to mt 5.6.1 17:25:33
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind evidently there is also a text bug with signs 17:25:43
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind which I want to see 17:25:48
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind it works for me 17:58:29
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind I an move books into the bookshelf. 18:00:00
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind * I can move books into the bookshelf. 18:00:06
@_discord_598538856131985409:t2bot.ioHoneysuckle (elle) works in a brand new test world but not in my old one with oneblock 19:24:57
@_discord_598538856131985409:t2bot.ioHoneysuckle (elle) 🤷‍♀️ 19:26:33
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind odd 19:39:17
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind I understand if it wont work if its a naturally generated one, but not player placed ones 19:39:41
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind maybe dig and place it again? 19:39:57
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora yeah the village placed ones dont work 20:08:32
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora try to break and place it again if you happen to have a silk touch axe heh 20:08:45
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora or do it in creative 20:08:51
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind im also thinking about the woodland outpost bookshelves 20:11:51
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora o yeah 20:15:04
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora well in that case you can just add it to construct_nodes = 20:15:14
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora villages still have the spaghetti-inception i'm not highly motivated to hack around in at this point hehe 20:16:25
28 Sep 2022
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