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20 Nov 2021
@_discord_649395571089604610:t2bot.ioZhe Leader of Novvelia wait actually no 20:15:58
@_discord_649395571089604610:t2bot.ioZhe Leader of Novvelia wait 20:16:25
@_discord_649395571089604610:t2bot.ioZhe Leader of Novvelia actually 20:16:27
@_discord_649395571089604610:t2bot.ioZhe Leader of Novvelia ya so go to mod, then PLAYER, then mcl_skins, then add a texture 20:16:55
@timorl:wuatek.istimorlah, brilliant I see this20:17:46
@_discord_649395571089604610:t2bot.ioZhe Leader of Novvelia youre welcome 20:18:00
22 Nov 2021
@yann64:matrix.orgyann64 joined the room.07:20:57
@_discord_731944385763213443:t2bot.ioNO11 50% of 0.72 done! 14:58:22
@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM nice 16:24:57
@_discord_731944385763213443:t2bot.ioNO11 so again 1 year and we will finish it lol 17:17:37
23 Nov 2021
@mister-e:matrix.orgmister-e joined the room.00:46:30
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@_discord_706662138139246592:t2bot.ioPinguTheNerd#9293 Faster than SuperTux progress... 08:41:59
@_discord_778997678428127313:t2bot.ioAFCM 😂 09:46:59
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25 Nov 2021
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26 Nov 2021
@_discord_737608004761026642:t2bot.iooneplustwo#9291 changed their profile picture.05:06:29
27 Nov 2021
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28 Nov 2021
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29 Nov 2021
@_discord_806245453304954886:t2bot.ioYour king, Tim7.#5224 set a profile picture.19:19:16
@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329Hey, just to let you guys know: If whoever managed the MCL2 rooms on Matrix wants to make a Space for them, I can add it as a sub-space of the main MT one.21:59:23
@l_inus:matrix.orgLinus Benrob0329: There is already a space : #mineclone2-space:hacknesium.de 22:02:46
@benrob0329:tchncs.deBenrob0329Thank you, I didn't see a link22:48:30
@lukaro:hacknesium.delukaroawesome, thanks!22:56:59
30 Nov 2021
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