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29 Jul 2021
@Follpvosten:matrix.orgFollpvostenI think that would be far a more complex task than a language like lua allows, especially for a small team11:16:42
@_discord_332610754496692228:t2bot.ioJonathon#1518 You can compile with puc lua. Curius why it was luajit that was the issue because in theory lua has a 2gb ram limit? And luajit has gc64 for a higher limit 11:37:14
@Follpvosten:matrix.orgFollpvostenI'm talking about the abstractions that are possible within the language, not resource usage11:39:02
@Follpvosten:matrix.orgFollpvostenBut I may be wrong11:39:16
@_discord_332610754496692228:t2bot.ioJonathon#1518 https://blog.openresty.com/en/luajit-gc64-mode/ 11:41:56
@thilriposta:matrix.org@thilriposta:matrix.org left the room.19:57:08
@basxto:ccc-ffm.deBaŝtoit’s a lot harder to test with that level of complexity20:06:17
30 Jul 2021
@merazi_:matrix.orgMerazi changed their profile picture.06:26:26
@merazi_:matrix.orgMerazi changed their display name from merazi.el to Merazi.06:26:58
@_discord_239718854002081793:t2bot.ioNicu Fleckenstein August is almost here, if you need any help testing whatever you managed to do so far, sign me up 17:47:41
@_discord_608282574649032704:t2bot.ioFleckenstein ill start working on mobs in roughly one week 17:54:52
@_discord_731944385763213443:t2bot.ioNO11#8513 Could you implement mc like spawn egg textures https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Tint#Spawn_eggs_2 ? Or should i do this? I found the PP textures for this. 18:48:21
@_discord_731944385763213443:t2bot.ioNO11#8513 I just don't want to bother you and add something you wanted to do 18:49:46
@_discord_608282574649032704:t2bot.ioFleckenstein ill add it to my list 19:14:32
@_discord_731944385763213443:t2bot.ioNO11#8513 ok 19:21:18
@_discord_239718854002081793:t2bot.ioNicu I'll leave on vacation on August 7th, so we'll see if/how I can help - but I plan on having a laptop along, so I'll have the technical capability to do testing 20:43:03
31 Jul 2021
@_discord_737608004761026642:t2bot.iooneplustwo#9291 changed their profile picture.02:19:25
@_discord_737608004761026642:t2bot.iooneplustwo#9291 suggestion: add calculators 02:32:55
@_discord_563455226049331266:t2bot.ioxay#1374 changed their display name from discordfriend to xay#1374.07:58:52
@_discord_855134073948602388:t2bot.io༼っ˘ڡ˘ς ༽ changed their display name from westernpub to undee#1938.09:50:15
@_discord_855134073948602388:t2bot.io༼っ˘ڡ˘ς ༽ changed their profile picture.09:50:16
@_discord_855134073948602388:t2bot.io༼っ˘ڡ˘ς ༽ changed their display name from undee#1938 to undee.09:50:16
@_discord_239718854002081793:t2bot.ioNicu Selene what kind of calculators? 18:31:34
1 Aug 2021
@_discord_737608004761026642:t2bot.iooneplustwo#9291 the adding kind 01:37:25
@_discord_855134073948602388:t2bot.io༼っ˘ڡ˘ς ༽ changed their display name from undee to ༼っ˘ڡ˘ς ༽#1938.09:09:43
@_discord_855134073948602388:t2bot.io༼っ˘ڡ˘ς ༽ changed their display name from ༼っ˘ڡ˘ς ༽#1938 to ༼っ˘ڡ˘ς ༽.09:09:44
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@_discord_608282574649032704:t2bot.ioFleckenstein Nicu look at his name tag and you'll know what's going on xD 14:10:10
@_discord_589492432945676289:t2bot.ioj45#7171 Lol 16:38:30
@_discord_239718854002081793:t2bot.ioNicu well, I hope I'm not spoiling this for Selene but: three! 🤣 #solved 17:02:50

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