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14 Apr 2021
@wizard28:matrix.org@wizard28:matrix.org joined the room.06:39:05
@wizard28:matrix.org@wizard28:matrix.orgHow to install MineClone2 in android?06:45:20
@replikvlt:matrix.orgMyonDo you have Minetest installed?06:53:30
@wizard28:matrix.org@wizard28:matrix.orgYes 5.4.006:53:42
@replikvlt:matrix.orgMyonOkay, in Minetest you have to open Content tab06:54:10
@replikvlt:matrix.orgMyonPress on "Browse online content"06:54:38
@replikvlt:matrix.orgMyonfind MineClone206:55:02
@replikvlt:matrix.orgMyonand press green cross on it to install06:55:17

There is no "MineClone2"
There is:

  1. Mineclone 2 Nether Gold Ore
  2. MineClone2 Wither Spawning
  3. MineClone2 Build Limit
  4. Advanced Chest (Clone From Mineclone2)
@wizard28:matrix.org@wizard28:matrix.orgOh wait... I was in the Mod section my bad... It is there in the Games section06:57:28
@replikvlt:matrix.orgMyonyes, It is there, I don't even specify the type06:58:15
@wizard28:matrix.org@wizard28:matrix.orgOk now how to start it?07:00:50
@replikvlt:matrix.orgMyonYou have to create new world, and select Mineclone2 as Game07:01:53
@wizard28:matrix.org@wizard28:matrix.orgOk thx07:02:46
@wizard28:matrix.org@wizard28:matrix.org There is an error: EmergeThread::finishGen: Couldn't grab block we just generated 07:04:59
@wizard28:matrix.org@wizard28:matrix.orgBut the game is playable07:05:25
@replikvlt:matrix.orgMyonIguess ignore it for now, maybe developers will explain this error07:07:35
@wizard28:matrix.org@wizard28:matrix.orgFPS is kinda low in Android, going to try it in my laptop07:11:06
@replikvlt:matrix.orgMyonYou can try reduce view distance07:12:29
@wizard28:matrix.org@wizard28:matrix.orgThis option? Settings -> All Settings -> Graphics -> Viewing range?07:14:56
@_discord_760093926169247755:t2bot.ionewbie#6188 are melons not found in the jungle? 07:30:47
@_discord_760093926169247755:t2bot.ionewbie#6188 because i think they need to spawn more often 07:31:06
@replikvlt:matrix.orgMyonThey are found in one type of jungle07:52:13
@replikvlt:matrix.orgMyonWhich there are several of07:52:21
@_discord_760093926169247755:t2bot.ionewbie#6188 oh 08:20:06
@_discord_760093926169247755:t2bot.ionewbie#6188 well i guess i will continue exploring 08:20:23
@wizard28:matrix.org@wizard28:matrix.org left the room.08:33:56

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