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16 May 2022
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora nitwits actually dont exist in that branch hehe 01:18:34
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora but yeah fixed it https://git.minetest.land/MineClone2/MineClone2/commit/bf140fbcc9f67faff86771077b7cbd82833b7d16 01:21:00
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora you can kill unemployed villagers without at crash rn 01:21:14
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind ok, ill try it later, after my video exports 01:22:46
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora yeah dw theres prob tons of bugs but villagers choose job according to jobsite block within 8 nodes if it isnt already occupied 02:02:47
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind well, I love testing and trying stuff, so 02:06:13
@straightpeach:matrix.orgstraightpeachhey. i noticed when you jump on ice you stop sliding. is that a bug or its supposed to be like that?02:42:06
@0xv31an5a1i5:matrix.orgVelan 🤷‍♂️Working villagers are not supported?12:28:22
@0xv31an5a1i5:matrix.orgVelan 🤷‍♂️I think they require the default node where mineclone2 offers mcl_ by default12:28:44
@0xv31an5a1i5:matrix.orgVelan 🤷‍♂️Is there any way I can get this working?12:28:56
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora you need to be more precise in your requests what do you mean ? 12:44:15
@_discord_965690775964897340:t2bot.iolcddem Can someone explain what exactly node_placement_prediction and node_dig_prediction mean? 13:20:24
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora it means your client will display a placed or dug node immediately without confirmation from the server. In case something goes wrong it might get "rolled back" by the server 13:26:59
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora in singleplayer it p much means nothing 13:27:08
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora this is so the perceived network lag is less for the player 13:27:44
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora but yeah it can lead to undesired outcomes too hehe 13:27:53
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora if you dont use hacked clients it will rarely lead to really bad things though 13:29:14
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora and if you do you probably know how to deal with that 13:29:30
@brenden7158:matrix.org@brenden7158:matrix.org changed their profile picture.16:07:43
@_discord_965690775964897340:t2bot.iolcddem thanks for your response 16:31:18
Download unknown.png
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind cora 16:48:42
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind bahahahahha 16:48:52
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind what the heck 16:49:14
@_discord_925443891858137158:t2bot.ioPrairieWind so I tested your pr, and first, I made the villager into a farmer, destroyed the composter, added a cartography table, so he turned into a cratographer, but with farmer trades. 16:49:42
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora o neat 17:19:12
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora yeah needs to update them somehow ig 17:19:23
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora https://mister-muffin.de/p/P2Pg.png 17:19:28
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora villager lab rats hehe 17:19:41
@_discord_765217797399248916:t2bot.iocora pathfinding looks good 17:19:50

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