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19 Sep 2019
13:48:38@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <kilobyte> protocols of 30 years ago were simple
13:50:10@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <sP@Z> Every monitor is. Not sure about printers. I’ve seen some laser printers that seem to make unsegmented rows. Is it stippling? IDK
13:50:23@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <Jannik2099> oh right yeah some lasers are weird
13:51:32@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <kilobyte> IIRC on a 24-needle printer dad had and I mucked with, you had to manually ensure that no two dots in a horizontal row will be set, or Bad Things™ will happen
13:51:55@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <kilobyte> otherwise, you send a control code then the data – that’s all
13:54:37@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <sP@Z> Stare into my dot matrix and wonder!
13:55:42@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <sP@Z> Okay, let’s break for coffee!
13:56:04@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <fireTwoOneNine> there’s a dutch guy who reverse engineered the communications to a modern ink cartridge
13:56:28@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <fireTwoOneNine> http://spritesmods.com/?art=magicbrush
13:57:11@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <sP@Z> Inconceivable!
13:57:36@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <sP@Z> That’s pretty neat actually. Thanks for sharing!
13:57:55@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <fireTwoOneNine> that guy’s site is full of nice projects
13:58:05@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <fireTwoOneNine> including modifying HDD firmware
14:01:35@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <sP@Z> I remember reading an article by bunny hon (okay, I cant remember the name) about exploiting the redundant controller in an sdcard to execute code outside the scope of a PCs OS. Neat article, but it was beyond me.
15:15:00@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <sP@Z> Okay, I just watched that video at the bottom if the print cartridge hack link. That is a really awesome project!
15:16:21@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <halosghost> o/
15:16:34@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <Shadow_7> o\
15:26:33@samuelrajan747:matrix.orgsamuelrajan747 joined the room.
17:30:13@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <mrfixit2001> lukasz: I responded to your discord msg
17:42:40@forkbomb9:matrix.orgforkbomb9 joined the room.
21:30:56@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <Ben> Have there been any posted photos of the inside of the PBP?
I've probably just missed them 😅
21:55:16@insom:matrix.orgpaulyYeah, just going to say now, those of you that are getting the first batch shipments of pbp must make a comprehensive video on the laptop. Failure to do so will end in with trials from the rest of us peasants without one.
22:07:52@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <Noisy> you’ll get a screenshot of a box and like it :p
22:15:17@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <MikeBickerton> I'll post a photo of the import tax demand for you @insom.
22:15:36@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <phone> i can show a video of a display that does nothing? sure ;)
22:21:32@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <sP@Z> ROFL
22:34:57@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [T] <Ben> waiting for the ANSI keyboard option, so very keen to see photos… Heck I would take the box 😅
22:40:19@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [I] <Shadow_7> also waiting for the ANSI option
22:59:53@p64protocolbot:matrix.orgPine64 Protocol Droid [D] <mrfixit2001> Ben: yes, Lukasz posted a few inside the pbp

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