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2 Feb 2023
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <pixelmind> The other thing I was wondering is what is the hardware address. The should be one, right? 21:35:17
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <ScarlettCatte (She/They)> (tbf, it should work on Armbian too, but I haven't touched it in a hot minute) 21:35:30
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <pixelmind> The other thing I was wondering is what is the hardware address. There should be one, right? 21:35:57
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <ScarlettCatte (She/They)> Well, yes and no.
Not all WiFi hardware even has a permanent MAC address
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <pixelmind> I see 21:37:43
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <pixelmind> I'll try the systemd unit hack 21:38:30
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <ScarlettCatte (She/They)> Okie! Lmk how you get on :3 21:39:10
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <pixelmind> If it works, I owe you a beer! 21:39:17
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <ScarlettCatte (She/They)> Haha, honestly, not needed, I'll just be happy to see you getting some good use out of the laptop! 21:39:39
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <pixelmind> Despite all these issues, I'm thrilled with this sweet black tile 21:40:52
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <ScarlettCatte (She/They)> Hahaha, yeah, I should get another soon, mine is currently on long-term loan to a friend 21:41:32
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <pixelmind> Oops 21:46:44
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [T] <sunriseproblem> Someone mentioned in here that TowBoot v005 does not support screens from first batches of PBPs. Mine is from 3-4th batch ever. (re @p64protocolbot: [M] What do you mean older laptops?) 21:56:47
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <pixelmind> Hey @ScarlettCatte, it worked! 22:02:44
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <ScarlettCatte (She/They)> Nice! 22:02:59
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <pixelmind> I had gone through that article several times but never tried this particular hack 22:03:26
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <pixelmind> It's just what I needed 22:03:56
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <ScarlettCatte (She/They)> Nice! 22:04:06
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <ScarlettCatte (She/They)> Glad it worked! 22:04:10
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6Redacted or Malformed Event22:05:00
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <pixelmind> Thanks again! 22:05:28
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <ScarlettCatte (She/They)> No worries! 22:11:00
@amuxika:matrix.orgMuxika joined the room.23:26:22
@amuxika:matrix.orgMuxikaHey, all. I'm a PPP user and am looking possibly buying a Pinebook Pro for daily web browsing and text editing. Is anyone 23:27:38
@amuxika:matrix.orgMuxika...using one as a daily mobile driver?23:28:01
3 Feb 2023
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <falken> Hello. I'm trying to boot from microSD or USB and install either Armbian or DietPi. I don't know how to get my Pinebook Pro to boot with either. I've switched USB port used after burning an image cause I read it's the second port that's used, but it didn't do anything. Keep hearing and seeing in tutorials about booting from an SD card but there is no SD card slot, only microSD. Tried looking for the switch on the board to shut off the emmc and 00:20:24
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <falken> force boot elsewhere. Looked under black tape where the picture on the wiki says it should be, couldn't find anything that looks like a switch under there. Stumped 00:20:26
In reply to @amuxika:matrix.org
...using one as a daily mobile driver?
It's easily powerful enough but it's not the most durable machine I own and therefore not my daily driver.
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <falken> Tried rewriting the image with cat, dd, and isoimagewrite on KDE to write to USB but still not booting it 00:21:42
@amuxika:matrix.orgMuxikaOkay, good to know, Stephen, thanks.00:34:23

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