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25 Feb 2024
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <P​aulFertser> heh 10:32:23
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <w​b9688> Well, I assume it's x86_64 lol 10:32:48
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <w​b9688> https://mirror.serverion.com/zorinos/16/ 10:32:54
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <w​b9688> Ah, "Zorin OS is only available for 64-bit computers with Intel or AMD processors." according to https://help.zorin.com/docs/system-software/32-bit-version-of-zorin-os/ 10:33:52
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <P​aulFertser> That wording 10:34:17
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <w​b9688> What about Zhaoxin? Lol 10:34:58
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <w​zk28> So if I understand correctly, this is not possible? 10:42:25
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <P​aulFertser> Is it possible to run Linux on AVR? https://dmitry.gr/?r=05.Projects&proj=07.%20Linux%20on%208bit 10:51:32
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <w​b9688> PaulFertser: Lol, cool 11:44:45
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <j​ak> PaulFertser: not to be confused with AVR32.. 14:52:18
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <P​aulFertser> Sure 14:52:41
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <a​quayeti> I'm running Manjaro on my pbp, recently Updated, now WiFi fails to turn on at boot. It came on once after a reboot but I've rebooted now several times and can not seem to get the WiFi to start up. 18:48:40
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <a​quayeti> I see in dmesg brcmfmac: brcmf_sdio_firmware_callback: brcmf_attach failed 18:56:27
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <a​quayeti> I'm trying a cold boot, somebody mentioned this worked for them 19:09:51
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <a​quayeti> I guess it's a common issue 19:10:00
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <a​quayeti> Yeah that worked 😂 19:10:44
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <a​quayeti> Well I'm glad it isn't a more serious issue, I'm too exhausted to do any heavy tinkering right now. 19:11:21
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <P​aulFertser> You can't escape heavy tinkering or disappointment with PBP, don't get your hopes up. 19:14:39
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <P​aulFertser> Good thing cold boot helped, probably someone should mention it on the wiki page. 19:15:03
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <s​paaaaacehobo> I've happily run postmarketOS on my PBP for years without complaint 19:31:21
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [D] <a​quayeti> I was thinking of giving postmarket a shot if I was gonna refresh the distribution. Or twister. 19:48:50
26 Feb 2024
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [T] <W​yatt Coates> https://reurl.cc/xL35W4 https://reurl.cc/xL35W4 10:27:47
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6file_29367.jpg
Download file_29367.jpg
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [T] <A​ndrella> https://reurl.cc/bD2aKv 11:13:35
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6file_29368.jpg
Download file_29368.jpg
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [T] <R​amón Ferro> https://iplogger.com/29aK16 ⭐ 11:38:27
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6file_29369.jpg
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@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <P​aulFertser> @a​eithobehst any update please? 14:58:15
@timcrice:matrix.orgwithers changed their display name from timcrice to withers.23:29:13
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