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23 Sep 2023
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <Danct12> Bus Width=32 Col=10 Bank=8 Row=15/15 CS=2 Die Bus-Width=16 Size=2048MB 16:45:43
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <Danct12> Channel 1: LPDDR4,416MHz 16:45:46
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <Danct12> Bus Width=32 Col=10 Bank=8 Row=15/15 CS=2 Die Bus-Width=16 Size=2048MB 16:45:49
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <PaulFertser> dsimic: so how is it going to take battery temperature into account if it's on motherboard? And how does it determine how it's mounted? 16:48:15
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <PaulFertser> Danct12: apparently BL31 doesn't need to be blobbed, just the dram init. 16:48:53
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <dsimic> PaulFertser: it seems to me that the built-in sensor is there to do something with the ADC conversion 16:49:55
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <dsimic> i.e. to perform some internal temperature compensation, instead of measuring the battery temperature 16:50:30
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <PaulFertser> dsimic: hm, probably yes, just for ADC. 16:50:36
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <PaulFertser> OK 16:50:38
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <Danct12> https://paste.debian.net/1292911/ 16:51:00
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <Danct12> booot log 16:51:02
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <dsimic> PaulFertser: by the way, I wrote "ADC conversion", in which "conversion" is totally redundant :) 16:51:33
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <Danct12> PaulFertser - ah, then whatever. 16:51:49
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <Danct12> i'll keep using the blobbed bins in case if there is some undesirable things happening 16:52:10
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <dsimic> Danct12: thanks for the log 16:53:13
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <PaulFertser> dsimic: hm, not sure, ADC usually refers to the converter itself, and it's doing a conversion. 16:53:26
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <dsimic> PaulFertser: hmm, yes, makes sense 16:53:53
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <Danct12> holy shit 17:22:31
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <Danct12> u-boot instant boot 17:22:35
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <Danct12> no, not really 17:25:10
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <Danct12> i was placebo'd 17:25:12
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <Danct12> and yep 17:26:05
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <Danct12> suspend works now 17:26:07
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <Danct12> \o/ 17:26:08
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <Danct12> the next thing to do is a kernel 17:26:21
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <Danct12> i have tightened the screw very tight 17:26:41
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <Danct12> so now 17:26:45
@p64protocolbot6:matrix.orgPINE64 Protocol Bot 6 [I] <Danct12> switching to megi's kernel on this one, then my pinebook pro setup is done :) 17:31:37
24 Sep 2023
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