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21 Mar 2019
18:20:22@freenode_ruza:matrix.orgruza left the room.
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23:10:21@freenode_Leza89:matrix.orgLeza89Was just meant as a status report, ErCiccione ;)
23:11:07@freenode_Leza89:matrix.orgLeza89do you know of someone who wants to review the german translation for monerujo?
22 Mar 2019
14:15:47@erciccione_:matrix.org ErCiccioneWe had many once, leza89, than the great bear market arrived, and what once was a forest is now a desert.
14:16:13@erciccione_:matrix.org ErCiccionescrew Monero, i should write epic poems! :P
14:21:07@erciccione_:matrix.org ErCiccioneRound of translations from Pootle (about 650 strings) just got merged in the GUI: https://github.com/monero-project/monero-gui/pull/2022
15:20:46@erciccione_:matrix.org ErCiccioneFRENCH speakers, few lines to review: https://repo.getmonero.org/monero-project/monero-site/merge_requests/1039
16:21:44@freenode_el00ruobuob:matrix.orgel00ruobuobDamned, i clicked it and saw it was mine ^
16:24:01@erciccione_:matrix.org ErCiccionelol
17:10:10@freenode_rodolfo912_:matrix.orgrodolfo912_Leza89: I have just submitted my review of your PR.
17:10:21@freenode_rodolfo912_:matrix.orgrodolfo912_ErCiccione: The bear market made us all get real jobs again ;)
17:27:51@erciccione_:matrix.org ErCiccionestupid real world
18:08:06@freenode_ngex01:matrix.org@freenode_ngex01:matrix.org joined the room.
18:09:44@freenode_Leza89:matrix.orgLeza89 rodolfo912: "Mache bitte folgenden, um Gelder zu versenden"
18:09:48@freenode_Leza89:matrix.orgLeza89what the hell have I been smoking there
18:14:21@erciccione_:matrix.org ErCiccioneHi ngex01 and welcome :)
18:15:15@freenode_ngex01:matrix.org@freenode_ngex01:matrix.orgHi, thanks :)
18:15:23@freenode_ngex01:matrix.org@freenode_ngex01:matrix.orgWho do I contact for web site translations?
18:16:22@erciccione_:matrix.org ErCiccioneHere i am. What language do you want to help with?
18:18:11@freenode_ngex01:matrix.org@freenode_ngex01:matrix.orgCan I send a private message?
18:19:32@erciccione_:matrix.org ErCiccionesure. I'm PMing you.
18:37:30@freenode_Leza89:matrix.orgLeza89 You have changed 3–5 which is 3–5. – is unicode for the en-dash. The fact that it is used in unicode here makes me wonder if you could just use it the non-unicode way like in all of your other changes (where you changed the hyphens to en-dashes) or if one should better write – everywhere. A question I am not qualified to answer competently.
18:37:32@freenode_Leza89:matrix.orgLeza89 m2049r: Can you answer this statement/question of rodolfo912's review?
18:55:56@freenode_ngex01:matrix.org@freenode_ngex01:matrix.org left the room.
23 Mar 2019
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