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8 Dec 2019
11:06:26@freenode_Leopold65Haley:matrix.org@freenode_Leopold65Haley:matrix.org joined the room.
11:45:49@erciccione_:matrix.orgErCiccionequiet chat lately :)
11:46:07@erciccione_:matrix.orgErCiccionei will be updating Weblate with the new strings from the GUI soon. Stay tuned
11:46:37@erciccione_:matrix.orgErCiccioneAnd i remind again that a PT-BR translator is strongly needed. There are many open PRs translating the qwebsite
11:56:10@freenode_v1docq47[m]2:matrix.orgv1docq47[m]2 joined the room.
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14:31:44@freenode_selsta:matrix.orgselsta ErCiccione: I’ll split all strings with HTML inside up first.
14:31:57@freenode_selsta:matrix.orgselstaDon’t update Weblate GUI strings before that :)
14:49:04@erciccione_:matrix.orgErCiccioneuuh that would be very nice. Thanks selsta 🙂 I should see the PRs popping up, but please ping me anyway when done.
16:35:04@freenode_v1docq47[m]2:matrix.orgv1docq47[m]2 left the room.
23:18:19@freenode_selsta:matrix.orgselsta ErCiccione: are "\n" bad in strings? should we split them up too?
23:21:20@freenode_selsta:matrix.orgselsta we could also split up things like this: "Test string: " to "Test string" + ": "
23:21:29@freenode_selsta:matrix.orgselstabut that would mean a lot of retranslations once
23:21:30@freenode_selsta:matrix.orgselstaso you decide
9 Dec 2019
03:20:35@freenode_v1docq47:matrix.orgv1docq47 joined the room.
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12:53:50@erciccione_:matrix.orgErCiccioneselsta: about /n, would be better to avoid them, but weblate gives warnings if somebody delete/translate it. About splitting strings, i think that's not necessary.weblate is quite good in pointing out mismatching punctuation
12:54:06@erciccione_:matrix.orgErCiccioneand as you say, many translations would need to be redone. No need :)
10 Dec 2019
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11 Dec 2019
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12 Dec 2019
11:04:19@freenode_Donavon55Ullrich:matrix.orgDonavon55Ullrich joined the room.
13 Dec 2019
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