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7 Oct 2021
@lhakedal:matrix.orgLars HÃ¥kedal joined the room.09:54:22
@zel_/_:matrix.orgyume changed their display name from zel_/_ to yume.15:03:55
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8 Oct 2021
@juniper:chat.conifer.placeJuniper (she/her) joined the room.06:20:51
@juniper:chat.conifer.placeJuniper (she/her) left the room.06:29:31
@abbe:badti.meabbe joined the room.06:49:52
10 Oct 2021
@adham-omran:matrix.orgadham-omran joined the room.06:30:37
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@sarab:sarabsingh.comSarab joined the room.20:29:12
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11 Oct 2021
@fereidoon:matrix.orgFeraidoon joined the room.08:29:12
@fereidoon:matrix.orgFeraidoon changed their display name from fereidoon to Feraidoon.08:32:42
@dominiks:matrix.nogafam.esdominiks joined the room.10:23:35
@dominiks:matrix.nogafam.esdominiks 12:58:33
12 Oct 2021
@dominiks:matrix.nogafam.esdominiks left the room.06:47:16
@s8766054:tu-dresden.deSimon.Sieben@mailbox.tu-dresden.de joined the room.10:21:57
13 Oct 2021
@yosik:ru-matrix.orgyosik joined the room.16:18:16
14 Oct 2021
@hjones2199:nixos.devhjones2199 joined the room.01:08:31
@polaris64:matrix.polaris64.netpolaris64 joined the room.13:53:04
@polaris64:matrix.polaris64.netpolaris64 set a profile picture.14:29:10
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@hjones2199:matrix.orghjones2199 joined the room.18:44:40
15 Oct 2021
@sarab:sarabsingh.comSarab changed their display name from sarab to Sarab.11:31:45
@sarab:sarabsingh.comSarab removed their profile picture.11:32:01
@iliekprogrammar:matrix.orgiliekprogrammar joined the room.12:13:28
@sarab:sarabsingh.comSarab set a profile picture.13:23:13
17 Oct 2021
@fereidoon:matrix.orgFeraidoon set a profile picture.08:28:31
@fereidoon:matrix.orgFeraidoon changed their profile picture.08:32:23
20 Oct 2021
@nbardiuk:matrix.orgnazarii joined the room.20:17:26
22 Oct 2021
@uniel:matrix.orgrfrog changed their display name from Uniel to rfrog.16:01:01

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