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11 May 2022
@_discord_914111469757558804:t2bot.iopkagrawal My name is Pranshu kumar Agrawal and I am a final year engineering student from India. 06:41:10
@_discord_914111469757558804:t2bot.iopkagrawal I just came to know about GSoD and found this organisation 06:41:36
@_discord_914111469757558804:t2bot.iopkagrawal Are applications open now??Or am I already late??? 06:42:04
@_discord_914111469757558804:t2bot.iopkagrawal 😅 06:43:12
@_discord_550395604098875417:t2bot.ioviferga Welcome mate, I think we didn't get selected for GSoD. Where did you see our org? 06:44:51
@_discord_914111469757558804:t2bot.iopkagrawal In their Github Page 07:11:32
@_discord_914111469757558804:t2bot.iopkagrawal https://github.com/google/season-of-docs/blob/main/2022-participants/interested-organizations.md 07:11:36
12 May 2022
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13 May 2022
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@_discord_693867720432943166:t2bot.ioAyman161803 Cool project 09:09:04
@_discord_693867720432943166:t2bot.ioAyman161803 Will try to dig into it when free 09:09:15
14 May 2022
Download image.jpeg
@telegram_1396690473:t2bot.iocryptolockerDoes anyone have free link of this course?12:31:40
16 May 2022
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17 May 2022
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18 May 2022
@_discord_746188287605080115:t2bot.ioharsh.bardhan.mishra We expressed interest by making a PR. It is not equal to actually getting selected. 04:07:30
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In reply to Parra
I will ask for the video and upload it in the youtube channel, I talk a bit about everything, including performance or internal details, people wanted to know how it works
Apparently the device recording run out of storage and we don't have the video, sorry. I can repeat the talk in Discord if you want and there's enough interested people.
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