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24 Aug 2023
@hhee1:matrix.orgHesh. our Veilid framework group #veilid:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event09:33:41
@hhee1:matrix.orgHesh. our Veilid framework group #veilid:matrix.org
In reply to @nitrogen:nitro.chat

Jami, any thoughts of adding this new Veilid framework library for untraceability?

Veilid would seem to be one such place. The open source project has recently announced a secure communications framework, designed for decentralized peer-to-peer use through a multi-hop mesh routing system that combines strong encryption with untraceability. In particular, it is designed to be included in any app that wants to have impervious comms without central servers or third-party visibility. This is new, at least as far as its functionality is not tied to narrow use cases, and important. You never, ever want to roll your own networks, cryptographic systems or security management: now you don't have to.



#veilid:matrix.org need to gather people interested in Veilid framework
28 Aug 2023
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29 Aug 2023
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2 Sep 2023
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3 Sep 2023
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5 Sep 2023
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7 Sep 2023
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8 Sep 2023
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9 Sep 2023
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10 Sep 2023
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11 Sep 2023
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15 Sep 2023
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16 Sep 2023
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18 Sep 2023
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19 Sep 2023
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20 Sep 2023
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21 Sep 2023
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22 Sep 2023
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