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1 Jul 2019
20:50:42@andic:disroot.orgAndic (disroot) joined the room.
2 Jul 2019
13:00:11@peterwhite:matrix.orgpeterwhite joined the room.
20:10:07@tulir:maunium.nettulir J. C. Hammons: your server is still outdated, I'm upgrading this room very soonβ„’
20:33:56@aaron:raim.istAaronTheir last read reciept is on my message from December 10th so I don't think you need to hold on for them.
6 Jul 2019
07:11:06@slacktoid:stax.xyzSlacktoid joined the room.
07:12:21@slacktoid:stax.xyzSlacktoid left the room.
17:20:59@slacktoid:stax.xyzSlacktoid joined the room.
18:50:41@jeff:casavant.orgjeffcasavant changed their profile picture.
7 Jul 2019
17:49:54* @tulir:maunium.nettulir upgrades room now
17:57:51@tulir:maunium.nettulirchanged room power levels.
19:51:11@Tom:datenverein.de@Tom:datenverein.de left the room.
8 Jul 2019
16:45:27@webfreak:m.wfr.moe@webfreak:m.wfr.moe left the room.
17:32:00@Baco:matrix.orgπŸ§‰ baco changed their display name from πŸ§‰ baco πŸ‡¦πŸ‡· to πŸ§‰ baco.
18 Jul 2019
13:30:15@bobfett:flobob.ovh@bobfett:flobob.ovh changed their profile picture.
24 Jul 2019
10:57:43@echo:maunium.netEcho bot [mau] changed their display name from Echo bot to Echo bot [mau].
31 Jul 2019
09:59:18@jeroen:im.leptonics.com@jeroen:im.leptonics.com left the room.
11 Aug 2019
16:44:08@max:kamax.ioMaximus changed their profile picture.
16:58:46@max:kamax.ioMaximus changed their profile picture.
18:58:32@Baco:matrix.orgπŸ§‰ baco changed their profile picture.
23:44:54@tom:casavant.orgTom changed their profile picture.
21 Aug 2019
23:24:17@mparker:matrix.orgmparker joined the room.
22 Aug 2019
07:53:50@unknown:hyper.wtfunknown left the room.
24 Aug 2019
18:43:40@bobfett:flobob.ovh@bobfett:flobob.ovh left the room.
26 Aug 2019
14:26:30@filippor:matrix.orgfiro changed their display name from filippor to firo.
30 Aug 2019
16:49:08@andic:matrix.orgAndic joined the room.
17:20:18@andic:matrix.orgAndic changed their display name from Andic (matrix.org) to Andic.
21:24:19@andic:disroot.orgAndic (disroot) changed their display name from Andic to Andic (disroot).
31 Aug 2019
08:51:38@putkiteippi:maunium.netJ. E. Saarinen changed their display name from J. E. Saarinen to disable.
08:52:02@putkiteippi:maunium.netJ. E. Saarinen changed their display name from disable to J. E. Saarinen.
18 Sep 2019
03:34:38@Baco:matrix.orgπŸ§‰ baco changed their profile picture.

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