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26 Feb 2024
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Reclaim The Net: Clearview AI: Ohio’s Ongoing Use of a Controversial Photo-Collection Firm for Facial Recognition Searches


Reclaim The Net: Avast Anti-Virus Company Is Fined for Tracking and Selling User Data


Reclaim The Net: Bill Gates Praises India’s Sweeping Digital ID System as a Model for Other Nations

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27 Feb 2024

Reclaim The Net: Canada’s Liberal Government Advances “Online Harms” Censorship Bill


Reclaim The Net: Florida Lawmakers Pass Social Media Age Verification Online ID Law, Ignoring Constitutional Concerns


Reclaim The Net: Biometric Facial Recognition Scanning to Roll Out Across 30 NFL Stadiums in 2024


Reclaim The Net: An Analysis of How The Supreme Court is Reacting The Biggest Online Censorship Cases of a Generation


Reclaim The Net: Visa Applies for Biometric Authentication Patent

28 Feb 2024

Reclaim The Net: Canada’s Vaccine Passport, ArriveCan, Faces Major Investigations


Reclaim The Net: Court Orders Canada’s Liberal MPs To Unblock Independent News Outlet


Reclaim The Net: Ex-UK Army Chief Nick Carter, Once In Charge of “Misinformation” Surveillance Army Unit, Joins Tony Blair Institute


Reclaim The Net: Meta Launches Real-Time Content Censorship Unit for 2024 Elections

29 Feb 2024

Reclaim The Net: New Bill Aims To Protect Citizens From Biden’s CBDC Plans


Reclaim The Net: Former US Attorney Barbara McQuade Calls the First Amendment an “Achilles Heel”


Reclaim The Net: UK Universities are Challenged Over Online “Microaggression” Reporting Systems


Reclaim The Net: Pierre Poilievre Leads Charge Against Justin Trudeau’s Online Censorship Bill


Reclaim The Net: WA Secretary of State Hobbs, Despite Ethics Complaints, Boasts Using AI To Surveil Social Media

1 Mar 2024

Reclaim The Net: UK Collaborates With UN for Big Tech Inclusion in Project Linking Digital ID To Bank Accounts


Reclaim The Net: UK Government Pressures Social Media Giants To Tackle “Misinformation” Ahead of Elections


Reclaim The Net: Court Confirms Reaction Videos Are Fair Use


Reclaim The Net: X Says It Will Reduce the Visibility of Posts That Purposely Ignore a Person’s Preferred Pronouns


Reclaim The Net: A Private, Open-Source, Self-Hosted Photo and Video Backup Solution

4 Mar 2024
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Reclaim The Net: Dr. Phil Reveals Facebook Censored His Video on Child Trafficking at the Border


Reclaim The Net: Biden Goes To Court, Demanding Warrantless Surveillance Powers


Reclaim The Net: House Republicans Seek Documents From Google on Alleged Government Influence in Biased AI Program Gemini


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