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22 Apr 2024
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0well clearly the LBRY desktop app is in fact still working. Given that Odysee still uses LBC and is the same as always. But Odysee is abondoning LBC. It just hasn't happened yet22:09:14
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0so there are question about if LBC is gonna die basically. 22:09:43
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0I guess the whole desktop app thing is kinda dead at least it will be22:10:59
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0And odysee is website which isn't very censorship resistant22:11:23
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0So even if the content gets moved to the new odysee. It won't be same. Still useful and good in many ways. 22:12:10
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0but it won't have the desktop app and potential of decentralization.22:12:44
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0certainly not at first22:13:01
In reply to @zero0zero:matrix.org
but it won't have the desktop app and potential of decentralization.
Yeah, if they switch from lbry. There was also some info that they might share videos on lbry still, after transition, but who knows (it definitely wouldnt be a good business move, if they did). There is also the question of hub servers, idk who operates them, but i think its odysee, and if it is, and they shut it down, then old content will also not be accessible from lbry desktop, or other clients
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0yea I agree22:46:41
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0like Odysee for sure maintains those22:52:10
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0so the old content wouldn't be accessible22:52:20
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0which is what I was thinking would happen22:52:36
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0also maybe you can say more later but23:05:25
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0I was also trying to use LBRY vault recently to perhaps move some LBC from Odysee to the vault wallet. But the vault wallet didn't seem to be able to connect to any nodes23:06:20
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0in general what we are seeing is warning signs that LBRY is dying. And of course the cryptocurrency is more about its use for publishing than it is about being valuable as money or something. But it seems once Odysee abandons it then it won't even be used for that.23:12:51
In reply to @zero0zero:matrix.org
so the old content wouldn't be accessible
If they move everything to a new system, they wouldnt need to keep up the hub server to access old content. Thats why i said it would be a bad business move, they would just spend money keeping up lbry
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0its more about a functional use case23:13:05
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0a bad move? 23:13:32
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0as is bad to change to a new system or to not change?23:13:46
@morsmortium:matrix.orgMorsMortiumBad move is keeping the lbry node alive, if they change to a new system. They would have to duplicate efforts for the same content. And they dont get any advantage from lbry desktop users, so its just loss. This is from the companies view point, not the communities23:15:31
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0that makes sense23:15:47
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0Yes it would seem that doing this could only come from a place of caring about community. if such is done23:16:21
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0and without that23:16:30
@zero0zero:matrix.orgZero0it would not be done.23:16:33
25 Apr 2024
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26 Apr 2024
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15 Jun 2024
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