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28 Jul 2021
@thedankwizard:matrix.orgThe Dank Wizard set a profile picture.22:22:04
31 Jul 2021
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Hey everyone, someone created some dummy cards (NINJITSU)/decks (Decl De La Luz, Karmatron Battle) 09:34:12
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne The cards are empty, except for one that looks like this. 09:34:54
Download card.png
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne I guess that person wanted to use arcmage as a card builder for another game. 09:35:33
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne I think this is a prop card and shouldn't be in our database, so I'm going delete it (I informed the person by mail, but with no response) 09:36:37
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne The first custom made user deck by Nasst: 09:56:13
Download unknown.png
Download unknown.png
Download unknown.png
Download unknown.png
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne I think this is a very strong and well themed Aggro Orc deck. 09:59:51
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Some card draw, some fast play with sudden orcs, some orc token generation, some +1/+1 booster cards and Django / Champion of the Sun for the kill 10:02:35
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne A bit weaker on the defensive side, but the rampup speed should cover it. 10:03:12
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne All in all I think its close to the best fast orc deck that could be build with our current card pool. 10:04:15
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne It does features a lot of Orcs from the upcomming Set4, so they could still change (in balance/cost). 10:11:07
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne snowdrop You didn't happen to come across a talking parrot drawing? 12:33:32
Download unknown.png
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Artwork by Emlien Rotival (Battle for Wesnoth) under CC-BY-SA4 13:06:18
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Found one, although its extinct .... 14:22:57
Download card.png
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Illustration from J. Simt 14:25:24
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne in 14:25:28
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne the book Extinct Birds by Walter Rothschild (1907), plate 11, used under CC0 Public Domain 14:25:41
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Here's the mechanic 14:42:40
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne When I enter play, name a bird. The next player must repeat all bird names in order and add one. Continue until a player misses a bird or can't name a new one. That player must sacrifice a creature. 14:42:42
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne ok, I'm going to start learning some exotic bird names from now on 🙂 14:44:55
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Could even do better and make it 'name an extinct bird' :p 14:46:09
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne I'd come up with the Ara Gossei and the Dodo, but that's about it 14:46:57
@_discord_96633148003065856:t2bot.iosnowdrop Abomination x 3 😛 18:50:44

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