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22 Jan 2020
14:40:14@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva I wonder if some Card counters mass-copies like Mud and Sand Copy
14:40:56@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva (or if there are counters to overrun and deadly)
14:42:50@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva A city immune to overrun could be interesting; And being able to negate deadly makes reptiles almost useless, making such skill high level and the city a top priority target for them
14:43:16@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva But negating overrun + deadly in same town means being overpowered imo
14:44:59@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva Poison Counter (the "unique" skill from Dragon Army) doesn't seems to be a threat in the long run, if you can force the potion to be used as healing
14:47:06@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva Dragon Army strengths are being able to control damage with Bodyguard 1 and the mage, and the number of veteran units. Their weak points seems to be resources and Flying units
14:47:26@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva ngoeminne I think those are my "relevant" notes reading the cards
14:49:30@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Intresting thoughts, we'll see how they upheld in play test
14:49:41@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva PS. Dragon Army might not need/want deadly defense because deadly skill is not interesting to be used if you have Bottled Potion
14:51:12@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne I think I might take your advice/suggestion of to negate overrun or deadly using a city
14:51:55@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva I think I'll go AFK now 😬
14:53:18@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne ok, see you later, thanks for the input, as always, much appriciated!
16:34:53@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Last artwrok for the 'Dragon Army'
22:49:12@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva http://www.sirlin.net/articles/balancing-multiplayer-games-part-2-viable-options → Interesting read
22:49:21@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva I've went straight to part 2 but part 3 is also interesting (and discuss a bit about MtG balance iirc)
24 Jan 2020
12:26:25@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Which one is best? In the second version I color shifted a bit towards green, to match the template
12:27:43@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva It's only noticeable on the water
12:28:38@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva I do imagine #1 image Sea continuing and blending with the frame
12:29:01@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva So I think #2 fits the template better
12:29:13@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva But I'm no art expert 😅
12:29:51@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Btw, thanks for the read, I enjoyed it.
12:30:14@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva Np 😅
12:32:02@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne With that artwork done, the artwork for 'Deadly Reptiles' is also finished (although the 'Cave of the white tree' might change, at your suggestion 🙂 )
12:32:51@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Santi is busy on the earthbound stone troll dwellings, that's the last deck that needs cities
25 Jan 2020
11:38:17@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Jesusalva An example of a 'double blind' mechanics in arcmage:

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