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20 Feb 2019
09:02:46@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne @alex: About the state of the Enchanted World, and Dunefolk decks. They are a first draft, where I've tried to make the intention of the cards clear, the exact phrasing is up for debate. The phrasing itself should be as clear as possible, but do to the complex nature of CCG's we're bound to create some inconsistencies along the way. I don't mind that, in the end if players agree on how a card is to be interpreted (home -rules) it is fine. If it is for tournament play, and there's doubt, we'll clarify it by some rulings, and guess who are the jury and judges on that. It's us.
09:09:39@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Of course, if we shouldn't make it ambiguous if we can avoid it. That's why we have the card reviews, and your points are very valid, and should be addressed before we have a release candidate. desttinghim and snowdrop and others give great feedback on the pre-released rebirth set that tried to match the intent of a card with the phrasing of the card.
09:31:50@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne 1) for the bold words, we have the style guide explaining it, but it hasn't been applied to the dunefolk and enchanted world decks (that's what Marieke does after the phrasing is correct)
09:34:56@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne 2) Homesick is a new ability, it draws creatures back to their faction homes (cities) , else they die. cf. Robert Jordan's Wheel of time 'Ogiers have the longing to go back to their Stedding or they get ill' :-p
09:36:22@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne 3) Homesick, the card, could have a different name. All suggestions welcome ( @Jesualva ), he/she's is great in generating good names 😃
09:37:39@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne 4) Elvish Cloak : - totally agree, but the word 'stopped' should be explained as it is in the Flying keyword.
09:38:28@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne don't know about the "or" vs "and"
09:38:53@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne 5) Elvish Enchantress: I agree on your phrasing, much better.
09:42:02@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne 6) Elvish Shaman : the flavor text says "you'll go back to basics" , meaning no 2 cards draw option. It's also a reference to a song 😃
09:42:50@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne 7) Thanks for the iteration.
11:10:02@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva It's an enchantment to add homesick to a card, right?
I would suggest "Longing Home" because it is a logical name that reflects a lot what the enchantment does, and subtly speaks about yearning for the family (like mother touch suggestion), but it doesn't have the same flavor as "Smell of Pine" which Alex suggested.

I haven't woke up properly yet, but I'll keep thinking on it. Eh, feedback could help, is the card meant to sound like a magic attack (where Smell Of Pine is a great name, probably "Pine Scent" or "Home Scent" would do well), or like a urge to return home? (Where "Longing Home" would do great, "Urge to Return" and variants aren't sounding good on my head)
14:00:22@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva Feedback is welcome ngoeminne
14:32:13@desttinghim:matrix.orgdesttinghim Longing Home isn't grammatically correct, Longing for Home would be the proper way to write it
14:33:08@desttinghim:matrix.orgdesttinghim Home Scent -> Scent of Home
14:57:40@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva ^
15:01:45@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne 'Sent of Home' it is 😃
15:03:12@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva * Scent
15:07:25@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne 😃
15:20:04@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlex https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/asmvno/you_wanna_talk_about_micro_transactions/
15:20:21@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlexAgree with your changes!
15:21:40@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Hi Alex, about the swanport
15:23:00@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Level 0: Unless you reach level 4, if you play an enchantment card each player may draw a card at the start of your play phase.

It may require making a new mechanic or doing something that doesn't exist yet in other cards to make it "bullet proof"

For example I don't think Arcmage uses "legendary" cards or tokens

15:25:56@alexgleason:matrix.orgAlex Overall I think it's mostly fine. I understood the intention
15:29:54@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Will you check the Dunefolk as well?
19:20:49@_discord_278782221115195402:t2bot.ioTappedOut Does the card need to have a Level 0 or could it just have a passive effect before the levels are listed?
21:19:53@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne TappedOut no it doesn't need a level 0
21:20:27@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Just wen to the print-facility to order the second print of the Rebirth Set, another 20 boxes
21:21:09@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne I've also ordered a proof print for the enchanted world and the dunefolk deck, just to see how the artwork comes out

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