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21 Mar 2020
12:52:00@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminneRedacted or Malformed Event
25 Mar 2020
14:58:25@ngoeminne:matrix.orgngoeminne Elouin: About 12 years ago we were on freenode, but long sinds abandoned
21 Mar 2020
12:52:23@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne The Gambler - Roll a six sided dice for each loyalty mark on target creature. Each dice result two or lower earns the creature two -1/-1 counters, while each result five or higher earns it two +1/+1 counters.
25 Mar 2020
14:58:51@ngoeminne:matrix.orgngoeminnealso most information on the wiki is that old :-)
21 Mar 2020
25 Mar 2020
15:17:31@elouin:matrix.orgElouinAhh okay. Well i thought so, when i was the only one at #arcmage on freenode. ^^
21 Mar 2020
13:19:44@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminneRedacted or Malformed Event
13:20:27@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne The Charlatan M, When a spell or ability triggers a coin flip, a dice roll or a random card pick, have target player refilp the coin, reroll the dice or pick a new card. "Wrong again, have another pick."
15:09:10@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Is anyone here is a wikipeadean? I'd like to add wtactics/arcmage to wiki, but I'm not really sure what I should put in there, and if it won't be considered as self promoting.
15:42:42@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva Erm
15:43:12@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva The Mana World still have issues with Wikipedia
15:43:25@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva Portuguese Wikipedia accepted it, but english wiki didn't
15:44:10@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva And some of the Wikipedia staff used to be, erm, "blockheads"? No offense meant. So we kinda gave up
15:44:17@_discord_410553864610381835:t2bot.ioJesusalva That was years ago, though
15:47:24@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne I see that The Mana World is an open source project. Any good artwork there?
23 Mar 2020
19:30:39@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne I was working a bit on the online demo
19:36:26@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne 1. Cities & tokens are put in play when the game starts
2. unmark all button (unmarks all your cards)
3. highlight animation when a card comes into play
4. animations for card flip & card rotate (mark/unmark)
5. removal of old life counters
6. player's nickname (when logged in on aminduna)
7. multiselect in deck-view with ctrl+click
8. two card draw button
19:37:58@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Todo's
1. show players action log (gray area)
2. coin flip (third button on the action list)
3. dice roll (forth button on the action list)
4. search in deck view
19:38:13@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Anything else that might be usefull?
25 Mar 2020
21:07:40@_discord_116527042459205640:t2bot.ioHalian changed their display name from Halian to Halian#6625.
21:07:44@_discord_116527042459205640:t2bot.ioHalian changed their display name from Halian#6625 to Halian.
28 Mar 2020
00:23:57@_discord_449609022186979338:t2bot.io@_discord_449609022186979338:t2bot.io joined the room.
29 Mar 2020
Als Antwort auf @_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.io
Anything else that might be usefull?
Hmm. It would be nice if you could sort your hand via drag n drop.

There are some new improvements.

  • more styling when start/leave a game.
  • direct resource play (play a card as a resource of a certain faction)
  • blindfold your opponent
  • tooltips on the action-buttons
18:47:03@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Hey folks, anyone intressed in a game?
31 Mar 2020
06:37:15@_discord_449609022186979338:t2bot.io@_discord_449609022186979338:t2bot.io left the room.
3 Apr 2020
06:55:40@helpmyself:halogen.cityhEl[p,m0mey changed their profile picture.

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