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31 Jul 2021
@_discord_96633148003065856:t2bot.iosnowdrop ngoeminne https://imgur.com/a/qMy0oN3 18:55:19
@_discord_96633148003065856:t2bot.iosnowdrop almost done with the cutout. 18:55:32
Download unknown.png
@_discord_96633148003065856:t2bot.iosnowdrop a "nice" snake --> 19:40:08
@_discord_96633148003065856:t2bot.iosnowdrop https://e.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=kZzYf0ZICbeC0htczyswslCD7YN1Rnhx9rk 19:41:44
1 Aug 2021
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne I'm working on a new Set 5 (Changing Winds) deck, it is called 'Smooth Sailing' 09:55:16
Download unknown.png
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Together with the sailors and the parrots. 09:56:40
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne I think I'd like to make Naga's the enemies of the Merfolk. 09:57:39
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne So any suggestions for the mechanics? 09:58:42
Download card.png
Download card.png
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Naga's: Artwork by Emlien Rotival (Battle for Wesnoth) under CC-BY-SA4 11:39:44
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Water Wraith: Artwork by Emlien Rotival (Battle for Wesnoth) under CC-BY-SA4 11:39:55
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Here is the mechanic for the Naga's 13:48:53
Download card.png
Download card.png
Download card.png
@_discord_96633148003065856:t2bot.iosnowdrop ngoeminne maybe make it so Evolve also fetches the evolved version from hand, if you happen to have it there already? 17:23:12
@_discord_96633148003065856:t2bot.iosnowdrop or rather it cants earchf or that in hand... 17:23:25
@_discord_96633148003065856:t2bot.iosnowdrop but can the evolved version be played from hand? without this first dying?= 17:23:44
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne yep sure 17:23:55
@_discord_96633148003065856:t2bot.iosnowdrop ah nice. 17:23:59
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne so you can start with a naga minor, 17:24:20
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne I didn't consider fetching from hand, as you can play it directly. 17:25:05
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Just wanted to experiment with self boosting cards. 17:25:31
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne I was inclined to give the evolved version a new ability as well 17:26:11
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne but ran out of text space 🙂 17:26:19
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne snowdrop What do you think about the Ara Gossei mechanics? 17:27:12
@_discord_250010459225194496:t2bot.iongoeminne Wanted to mimic a parrot 🙂 17:27:53

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