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14 Apr 2021
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@_discord_228015370018095106:t2bot.ioDarkwolf So is the expo client testflight open to the public, or is it dev only? I wouldn't mind testing for it 22:47:01
@thornbill:matrix.orgthornbillI think we have shared it before but generally the new version is only in TestFlight for like a week before it’s released23:19:19
15 Apr 2021
@_discord_228015370018095106:t2bot.ioDarkwolf gotcha 00:05:12
@_discord_228015370018095106:t2bot.ioDarkwolf couldnt find it so oh well 00:05:23
@anthonylavado:bonifacelabs.caAnthony LavadoWant it? It's not anywhere because I haven't made a public link Darkwolf00:17:55
@_discord_228015370018095106:t2bot.ioDarkwolf i would not mind 00:19:49
@_discord_228015370018095106:t2bot.ioDarkwolf should i dm my email 00:20:00
@_discord_228015370018095106:t2bot.ioDarkwolf * should i dm my email 00:20:05
@_discord_228015370018095106:t2bot.ioDarkwolf I can hop on element real quick 00:20:11
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@darkwolf1515:matrix.orgBitwolfIm in both places at once00:21:39
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Does someone have an idea what API endpoint i could use to set a users playstate for a item? https://api.jellyfin.org/#operation/OnPlaybackProgress Id like to use this endpoint but basically from what ive tried it doesnt do anything without a playsession / session id


Ive also painfully found out that the apikey used needs to be owned by the user whichs playstates i want to manipulate, as generated apikeys by the admin have "00000..." as owner...

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16 Apr 2021
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17 Apr 2021
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@_discord_247619177429336064:t2bot.iodaYMAN007 Hi all,
I recently got a new TV from Panasonic which has no App, so i thought about implementing this feature request: https://features.jellyfin.org/posts/211/idea-switch-jf-interface-to-fullscreen-automatically-if-run-in-tv-browser

I think this should be saved as Local Client side setting. So is the variable userSettings saved client side or is this really on a per user base, as the name hints to?

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