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11 Sep 2021
@neil:zoit.netneilI thought it just always put the favs at the top. I'll take a look at it now then - sorry about that13:29:05
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@candry:matrix.orgcandryNo worries :) just wanted to make sure we are on the same page.13:50:09
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12 Sep 2021
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13 Sep 2021
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14 Sep 2021
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@candry:matrix.orgcandryNeed to add loading spinner on all clients, it weird that nothing happens whenvyou search on the web client...17:43:22
@strit:matrix.orgStritYeah. At least when searching there should be some kind of feedback until results gets shown. 🙂 17:48:42
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15 Sep 2021
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@mister_rajoy:matrix.orgmister_rajoyHi! Any Devs of the android tv app here? I've seen on GitHub that movie versions are not planned to be worked on at least until the playback rewrite is done. Is this because there's simply no time or because there's some technical difficulty. I'm learning android development and I would be interested in collaborating. Thanks!20:18:01
@nielsvanvelzen:matrix.orgNielsbecause the current playback code is a massive pain to work with20:19:11
@mister_rajoy:matrix.orgmister_rajoyTheres no need to change any playback code, I get it working just changing the mBaseItem with the selected version21:17:37
16 Sep 2021
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