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17 Apr 2021
@_discord_247619177429336064:t2bot.iodaYMAN007 Btw everything in that file points that this is saved serverside, but when i wen't to verify this by opening a private mode window, the setting i changed wasn't reflected their. Is is primarly why im asking 09:25:19
@mrtimscampi:matrix.orgMrTimscampiThat might not be possible easily, as pretty much all browsers require the Fullscreen API to be accessed directly from the callback of a click event (for obvious reasons)09:26:50
@mrtimscampi:matrix.orgMrTimscampiI am guessing the best you'll be able to do is automatically open a modal dialog to switch to full screen09:27:24
@mrtimscampi:matrix.orgMrTimscampi * I am guessing the best you'll be able to do is automatically open a modal dialog to switch to full screen09:27:33
@_discord_247619177429336064:t2bot.iodaYMAN007 ah i understood thie feature request differently, i meant to go for autofullscreen assoon as you open the video player 09:36:33
@mrtimscampi:matrix.orgMrTimscampiOh, right 😛09:37:10
@mrtimscampi:matrix.orgMrTimscampiI think the same thing would probably apply, though09:37:17
@mrtimscampi:matrix.orgMrTimscampiBut since TV browsers are slightly different, they may allow it09:37:29
@_discord_247619177429336064:t2bot.iodaYMAN007 yes but you always have a click event which you can work with in this case.
But yes you might be right their is a chance that the TV Browser doesn't care about this safety feature. Although i doubt it

As far as i can tell the browser of panasonic tv's is the worst one ever, i really thought this would be a breeze to open jellyfin via web browser, because the os is based on firefox os. But honestly it supports almost no features at all, i belive Panasonic just stalled development of it for a long time
@mrtimscampi:matrix.orgMrTimscampiThat's true for most TV OSes 😛 They're all terrible and never up to date 😀09:44:28
@mrtimscampi:matrix.orgMrTimscampi We have to support some ancient versions of Chrome because of Smart TVs 09:44:45
@mrtimscampi:matrix.orgMrTimscampiIirc, the oldest is around Chrome 2709:45:00
@mrtimscampi:matrix.orgMrTimscampiThey pretty much always lag a few years behind in browser versions, then never get updated09:45:37
@mrtimscampi:matrix.orgMrTimscampiAnd after a year, the OS is basically left to die09:45:46
@_discord_247619177429336064:t2bot.iodaYMAN007 well i mean chrome 27 is probably still better then having to support ie11. (As i still have to do in my day job) 09:51:07
@_discord_247619177429336064:t2bot.iodaYMAN007 never mind chrome 27 is acctually older, yes this sounds like fun 😄 09:51:44
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18 Apr 2021

does the iOS app have the "Copy Stream URL" option at all? I don't have iPhone but friend trying to locate it in his app and cannot

@jellyfinsan:matrix.orgjellyfinsantrying to test out work around for having no offline functionality or local donwload option05:26:11

by feending the stream URL into an external player like VLC to use VLC's download option to see if that works

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19 Apr 2021
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