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17 Mar 2021
@eirik:flowtivity.ioEirikIt's not intended to be public. The creator of the Need for speed rooms is the co-creator of this project19:58:31
@eirik:flowtivity.ioEirikWhere do you host your matrix-room?20:02:40
@_discord_821831240524759070:flowtivity.iotempuser the one intended for testing before going into "production" is https://matrix.to/#/!GbLDaxaHSoVYogpHCD:matrix.org?via=matrix.org&via=flowtivity.io
I guess the address is !GbLDaxaHSoVYogpHCD:matrix.org
The actual project one is #freenode_#mineclone2:matrix.org
@replikvlt:matrix.orgMyon joined the room.20:11:08
@replikvlt:matrix.orgMyonHi, this it me from matrix side20:11:32
@eirik:flowtivity.ioEirikOh I see it's hosted on matrix.org? In my experience that is where the slow happens. They might've fixed that but if not you could try creating a user on another (home)server?20:13:30
@replikvlt:matrix.orgMyonOkay, I understood. Cheers!20:14:07
@eirik:flowtivity.ioEirikI think t2 at least is better when not going through the matrix.org server20:14:38
@eirik:flowtivity.ioEirikBut the most efficient would be to host the bot yourself20:15:24
@eirik:flowtivity.ioEirikThe server I run the bot from is sometimes not always stable, so its easier for me to not have it public 😅20:16:17
@hansjk:matrix.orgHans Myon: Been busy so have't contacted you, but I see you found your way here. 20:23:25
@replikvlt:matrix.orgMyonSorry for offtopic, I guess we will try out t2bot initially. Maybe will self host later..20:45:15
@eirik:flowtivity.ioEirikGood luck! If you at any point have trouble or questions, I'd love to help you!20:47:56
@jannis:home.tadris.deJannisI also have a question 😂: is the Bible plan app actively developed currently or are you busy working on other projects?20:59:49
@eirik:flowtivity.ioEirikPersonally my studies takes most of my time, but I get some development in from time to time 😅21:17:49
@eirik:flowtivity.ioEirikI am sorry development is slow at the moment 😥21:26:27
@jannis:home.tadris.deJannisI'm programming as well and have experience in native Android development (Java, Kotlin). It seems that you don't use native code but anyways I could try to help a bit if you want21:40:46
@eirik:flowtivity.ioEirikOh, I appreciate that! What do you think you could help with?21:47:28
22 Mar 2021
@replikvlt:matrix.orgMyon changed their profile picture.12:58:29
26 Apr 2021
@peto1995:matrix.orgPer joined the room.17:38:47
@peto1995:matrix.orgPerHey! Jeg ønsker gjerne BibleplanAppen deres😃kan du hjelpe meg?🙏🙏17:40:57
@eirik:flowtivity.ioEirikHei! Tusen takk for at du viser interesse. Hva slags enhet har du?21:55:55
27 Apr 2021

Per: Du laster den ned her: https://play.google.com/apps/publish/?account=6565785067739969073#AppDashboardPlace:p=no.bibleplan.bibleplan&appid=4973555247367103532

Om den ikke dukker opp, så skal den dukke opp etter å ha joinet denne google gruppen: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/bibleplan

@hansjk:matrix.orgHans Eirik: He installed the app 👍️ 18:36:10
@replikvlt:matrix.orgMyon changed their profile picture.19:03:39

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