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30 Jul 2021
@franc1s:matrix.orgfrancisI dont, but im sure you can find people who do on komoot.15:31:51
@franc1s:matrix.orgfrancis https://ridewithgps.com/photos/3597249/0c568d2efb39d37f481cc4bc50ef3c4e.jpg tleveille have you ridden parts of this? Would oct be a good month to do some cycling in southern spain? 17:07:41
@tleveille:matrix.orgtleveilleI don't know these very same roads but yes october would be a good time. In summer it is really hot for that kind of trip.22:17:57
31 Jul 2021
@franc1s:matrix.orgfrancisInspirational?? 😀13:24:10
@kaplan:matrix.orgKim Minh Kaplan"Le tour du bassin" is also a nice ride.13:36:05
@kaplan:matrix.orgKim Minh KaplanNice and easy.13:36:24
@kaplan:matrix.orgKim Minh KaplanYou can put the bike on the boat to cross from Arcachon to Cap Ferret13:38:32
@franc1s:matrix.orgfrancisYes its a nice one. We did it some years ago and visited Le Teich.14:57:28
@franc1s:matrix.orgfrancisA bit of cable-bike-tech. https://www.bikeradar.com/advice/buyers-guides/bike-brake-gear-cables-explained/15:11:52
1 Aug 2021
@reinhard:cuum.spacereinhardI rode my bike to an abandoned manufacturing/office facility today02:34:34
@reinhard:cuum.spacereinhardin the countryside02:34:40
Download DSC00595.JPG
Download DSC00630.JPG
@reinhard:cuum.spacereinhardI think it's a cool looking building02:38:43
@reinhard:cuum.spacereinhardI guess it's not "abandoned" since someone is mowing the grass but it has been vacant since 200803:06:37
@franc1s:matrix.orgfrancisWaiting for new owners? Seems a pretty big setup.08:21:07
@reinhard:cuum.spacereinhardmaybe, I don't know if they are going to do anything with it at all10:38:36
2 Aug 2021
@ryan:chat.binarydad.comRyanDownload Brakes.m4a20:54:33
@ryan:chat.binarydad.comRyanThis is my front disc brake. Can anyone tell me what can cause this sound and what i can adjust?20:55:34
3 Aug 2021
@inceptorannihilation:matrix.orgEntropicGenesisHard to say. Have you removed and looked at the break pads? They may be worn or dirty03:10:32
@rbooth01:matrix.orgrbooth01 joined the room.04:03:47
@franc1s:matrix.orgfrancisWhats ticking sound?? Your break levers? Like entropicgenesis said its hard to say, but i would start with cleaning the pads and pistons (and discs) ico of noise09:18:48
4 Aug 2021
@ryan:chat.binarydad.comRyanI took it into the shop. This is my first decent bike and I'd rather not screw things up further. It was really killing the excitement. 00:16:30
@franc1s:matrix.orgfrancisRight thing to do then!08:50:04
@kaplan:matrix.orgKim Minh Kaplan16280779062030.jpg
Download 16280779062030.jpg
@franc1s:matrix.orgfrancisOn y va!!13:16:59

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