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11 May 2021
@michaelu:matrix.orgmichaeluI do not have experience with GoPro mounts. But I use the Quad Lock system to mount my mobile. It is really the best I ever had. If I remember correctly, I think they also have GoPro solutions.18:46:48
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Must have been minimal slippage to cause the ware. Do you see anything on the bb?
Yeah, it's odd. I didn't notice anything on the crank splines that goes through the bottom bracket -- were you thinking the BB shell might be loose or something else? I've not felt any wobble on the cranks
@franc1s:matrix.orgfrancisId be expecting signs on the bb as well, on what the cranks are clamped.20:52:24
13 May 2021
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14 May 2021
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@robotburrito:matrix.orgrobotburritohi everyone21:17:51
15 May 2021
@bkil:matrix.orgbkilmWhat's your ride like?00:45:13
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16 May 2021
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@franc1s:matrix.orgfrancisDo any of you use komoot or similar?17:05:41
@michaelu:matrix.orgmichaeluI use Komoot to plan my tours. There is a very good route planner. But because the Komoot app shares too much data with Facebook, I take OsmAnd during the tours. To do this, I export the tours planned with Komoot on the PC into a GPX file and import them on the smartphone in OsmAnd.18:14:02
@franc1s:matrix.orgfrancisI have been using ridewithgps and brouter for route creation. I just started to checkout komoot for sharing the routes. Do you also use komoot for route discovery?18:24:00
@franc1s:matrix.orgfrancisI have been using osmand for hikes and i like it very much for that.18:24:45
@michaelu:matrix.orgmichaeluTo be honest, I use Komoot to get also ideas and insprirations for tours and plan them accordingly. But as described, I do not use is for navigation.18:29:36
@franc1s:matrix.orgfrancisI use my wahoo elemnt for that. Pretty happy with it. Battery life could be better. And it is missing the dynamic rerouting osmand has, which is a great feature.18:32:28
@franc1s:matrix.orgfrancis You are cycling mostly in gemany michaelu ? 18:33:19
@michaelu:matrix.orgmichaeluYes, I am cycling in Germany only.18:34:27
@franc1s:matrix.orgfrancisIm planning holidays in the south west of france. It will be good to be without mountains for a bit 😀18:34:49
@franc1s:matrix.orgfrancisIm mostly cycling around where i live, and there is still a lot to discover. Now with covid restrictions lessoning, im looking to venture some routes away from home.18:36:29
@michaelu:matrix.orgmichaeluExactly the same for me. I mostly cycle around were I live and I discovered a lot while cycling. And there is a lot more to discover. While cycling you see the area totally different as while driving around with a car.18:40:58
@franc1s:matrix.orgfrancisFor sure!18:47:46
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