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2 May 2023
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7 May 2023
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20 May 2023
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26 May 2023
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28 May 2023
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21 Jun 2023
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24 Jun 2023
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17 Jul 2023
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18 Jul 2023
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19 Jul 2023
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20 Jul 2023
@emamigo:matrix.orgemamigoDo you have the placer who sell it?00:34:54
7 Aug 2023
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20 Aug 2023
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3 Sep 2023
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9 Sep 2023
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27 Sep 2023
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11 Oct 2023
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1 Dec 2023
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8 Dec 2023
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10 Dec 2023
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12 Dec 2023
@againstcensorship:matrix.orgAgainst CensorshipDecember, 10 of 2023 - Now that Mr. Alex Jones changes so much for the worse since 2011 and more worst since 2021 and now don't represent a real clear danger for Biden Regime (Dictatorship) and BEHAVE LIKE A FAKE FRONT I.E A FAKE RIGHT WING CONTROLLED BY EXTREME LEFT WHO ARE MADE A POWER GRAB IN USA SINCE 2021 he can be reinstated on Twitter by Musk... Sad. “HE’S BACK”: X Erupts at Return of Alex Jones     https://www.infowars.com/posts/hes-back-x-erupts-at-return-of-alex-jones/02:41:10
26 Dec 2023
@againstcensorship:matrix.orgAgainst CensorshipWorst of all and sadly what Mr. Ruschel are inform us like how Dictatorship Authoritarian and Totalitarian like of Nazi-Fascist and Communist all evil sons of Socialism that DENIES THE EXISTENCE OF GOD AND HIS MORAL I.E ARE SATANISTS, ENSLAVERS, INFANTICIDAL, TERRORIST, LIAR, MURDERER, ANTICHRISTIAN, INHUMANE ANG GENOCIDAL slowly are deployed in Brazil since 1985. Only in this detail that Ruschel sins because He omitted that all of this hell are being deployed long time ago in discretion way so slowly that Brazilian people can't perceived this... Only some more Brazilians are perceive this only after March of 2020... Leandro Ruschel: Read my recent article: Political Polarization isn't the problem that Brazil are confront, but yes the Authoritarianism https://open.substack.com/pub/leandroruschel/p/polarizacao-politica-nao-e-o-problema?r=1wqlqg&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&showWelcome=true20:17:59
1 Jan 2024
@againstcensorship:matrix.orgAgainst CensorshipDecember, 31 of 2023 - That Lord God Free and Save us from this Communist-Nazi-Fascist Dictatorship in Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!02:01:51
8 Feb 2024
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21 Feb 2024
@againstcensorship:matrix.orgAgainst CensorshipESTAMOS NA TERCEIRA GUERRA MUNDIAL / WE ARE IN WWIII ! 🇺🇸: 20/02/2024 - Isso é tentativa de impor mais censura...as leis que eles querem impor são todas vagas e subjetivas e não objetivas e precisão como deveriam ser escritas todas as Projeto de Leis no Brasil. É a Maldita Dialética Hegeliana (Tomada de Três Pinos) em ação novamente: PROBLEMA-REACAO-SOLUCAO. Implantar mais Censura aos poucos ou por partes é o que estes vermes oportunistas querem impor mais ainda na Internet no Brasil aproveitando a crise que foi criada pelos Comunista-Nazi-Fascistas da Esquerdalha! O lema da ORCRIM é este: "Nunca deixe passar uma crise provocada, verdadeira ou falsa  criada por eles em vão!" Se eu critico os maus feitos ou erros que as vezes o Governo/Administração de Israel por causa da tirania e medidas totalitárias Comunista-Nazi-Fascista que foi aplicada via Fraudemia Fraude-Covid significa que sou uma Antisemita? Não Ser Antisemita é não aceitar a existência do Estado de Israel e dos Israelenses no mundo. Mas estes totalitários querem aproveitar esta porcaria causada pelo Luis Inácio para CERCEAR, CRIMINALIZAR, CONTROLAR E CENSURAR MAIS AINDA O POVO E A INTERNET... Projeto que criminaliza a trivialização do Holocausto ganha requerimento de urgência https://ift.tt/JO8Ac5d por Media Deputado Junio Amaral (PL-MG) quer votação direto no plenário de uma proposta de 2020 que atualmente tramita na CCJ. t.me/aliancabrasil February, 20 of 2024 - This is a push to deploy more censorship... The Bills they wants to impose are all vague/subjectives and are not objective/precise like they should be in all Proposed Bills in Brazil. Is the damn Hegelian Dialect in action again: PROBLEMS-REACTION-SOLUTION. Deployed more Censorship gradually by parts is what these SCUM SO OPPORTUNIST WANTS TO DEPLOY EVEN MORE ON BRAZIL'S INTERNET using this "Crisis" that was created by Communist-Nazi-Fascists from Evil Left! The scheme of these SATANICAL ELITE is this: "Never let pass a "CRISIS" even if is a Fake or True created by them in vain!" If I criticized the wrong doings or mistakes made by any Administration even of Israel like of Tyranny,draconian and Communist-Nazi-Fascist Dictatorial Totalitarian measures that was deployed by Plandemic Covid-Hoax means that Am I a Antisemitic? No. Be Antisemitic is denied Holocaust exist, not accept the existence of Israel's State/Country and of Israelis in this world. But these totalitarian wants using this OPPORTUNITY this "CRISIS" created by Luis Inacio to COERCE, CENSOR, CRIMINALIZE AND CONTROL EVEN MORE BRAZILIAN PEOPLE AND INTERNET IN BRAZIL... Bill that criminalize the trivialization of Holocaust wins urgent requirement https://ift.tt/JO8Ac5d By Congressman Junio Amaral (Liberal Party the same Party of Bolsonaro from corrupt of Valdemar da Costa Neto) wants direct vote in Congress of his proposal of this bill that actually transits in Justice Council in Congress. http://t.me/aliancabrasil00:52:18
@againstcensorship:matrix.orgAgainst CensorshipFebruary, 21 of 2024 - The two Impeachment of Collor and Dilma proofs that only serve to keeping this Totalitarian,Authoritarian, Feudalist,Enslaver,Genocide,Satanist,Inhumane,Corrupt, Infanticide,Socialist and Communist-Nazi-Fascist System preserved always make even the devil to control social pressure I.E to placate temporarily the anger of 80% of Population of Brazil... Like says with intelligence full of knowledge Olavo de Carvalho: "Impeachment of Dilma only serves to keep this Totalitarian System very well preserved." They cut the head from this Expiatory Goat of Dilma (HOAX LIKE WE SAW IN 2024) only to keep intact this Dictatorial Authoritarian and Totalitarian System very well preserved... Impeachment of Luis Inacio is the same that change 6 for half dozen of poisoned eggs because who exercise the Power is Deep State... It's this what "Social-Devilcrats" wants that Brazilian do because the illegitimate Vice-President of Brazil is a Satanist Communist-Nazi-Fascist from WEF/SOROS/BILDEBERGS...What they wants is Power. What they do again is using people like Cattle to be excluded one more time to sit in the chair of Captain to command "The Enterprise" of famous TV series Star Trek that I am using to simbolize Brazil. AWAKE AND DON'T FALL AGAIN IN THIS NEW TRAP FROM FAKE RIGHT WINGS OF BANDITS/BOLSOLIAR IN NAME OF LORD JESUS CHIST BY MERCY! Impeachment? If he (Luis Inacio) falls, who will assume Presidency is "Socialist-Devilcrats" . Brazil don't deserve this BIGGEST RETRIBUTION. Impeachment? Se ele cair, assume o PSDB. O Brasil não merece tamanho castigo. — José Marcio Opinião https://youtu.be/djggOkxqON0 8:0520:31:02

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