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30 Mar 2020
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23:24:06@netrik182:matrix.orgnetrik182Hello guys
23:24:28@netrik182:matrix.orgnetrik182Anyone know how to get in touch with lh1008?
31 Mar 2020
07:29:00@freenode_Inge-:matrix.orgInge-telegram, Monero XMR ?
07:30:43@freenode_Inge-:matrix.orgInge-Morning midipoet
07:32:04@freenode_midipoet:matrix.orgmidipoetgood morning. how is all your side? holding up?
07:34:00@freenode_Inge-:matrix.orgInge-We are all well. Norway holding up pretty well - about 322 hospitalized and 97 on respirators (so 1/3 are there currently). But well within capacity, and with general shutdown from March 12th, we might manage the current peak.
07:34:58@freenode_Inge-:matrix.orgInge-How are you doing?
07:38:28@freenode_midipoet:matrix.orgmidipoetwe shutdown around the same time, but it has been gradual. i am not sure the exact numbers, but i think we are close to 500 hospitalised from 2500 or so who have contracted. as far as i can tell from the news, there is still capacity, but i do think there is worry
07:54:07@freenode_Inge-:matrix.orgInge- my back-of-envelope calculations a week and a half ago indicated we should be running out of ICU capacity next week, but I think it has slowed down a bit, so it might not get critical that soon (also, they claim to be ablte expand ICU capacity 3x, but I'm skeptical what that means in practice)
07:54:25@freenode_Inge-:matrix.orgInge- So I'm a careful optimist currently.
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19:03:05@netrik182:matrix.orgnetrik182 set a profile picture.
1 Apr 2020
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2 Apr 2020
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3 Apr 2020
19:07:39@netrik182:matrix.orgnetrik182Hi everyone
19:09:54@netrik182:matrix.orgnetrik182Just wanted to share that none of the articles on monerooutreach.org seem to be translated to pt-br, even though I have together with other contributors translated some of them
19:10:29@netrik182:matrix.orgnetrik182Selection the language at the top-left menu has no effect for me
20:24:44@freenode_xmrmatterbridge:matrix.orgxmrmatterbridge <xmrhaelan> Netrik182 thanks. have you talked with Thunderosa or lh1008 about this yet?
20:30:17@netrik182:matrix.orgnetrik182Not yet. I'll send this message on Wire as they are more active in there
20:38:53@netrik182:matrix.orgnetrik182Got a reply from Thunderosa
20:39:03@netrik182:matrix.orgnetrik182Thanks xmrhaelan

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