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14 Nov 2019
01:20:22@noahdvs:kde.orgnoahdvslike this: BackgroundNormal=61,174,233,85
01:20:29@noahdvs:kde.orgnoahdvsIt sets the opacity to 33%
01:20:54@_discord_249987062084665344:t2bot.iojan Pontaoski how to get accurate win10 colourscheme 101
01:22:18@noahdvs:kde.orgnoahdvsWe should expose that feature, then people will be able to get transparent Breeze themes through colorschemes only
01:23:23@_discord_249987062084665344:t2bot.iojan Pontaoski that seems like unintended behaviour to me tbh
01:23:56@noahdvs:kde.orgnoahdvsbut it's fun
01:24:13@noahdvs:kde.orgnoahdvsBTW, setting the window background color to 0% opacity just makes the color black
01:25:11@noahdvs:kde.orgnoahdvsSo it's not true opacity, but can get a similar effect for colors that aren't the normal background colors
01:25:49@_discord_98466323452948480:t2bot.ioLCP I would love if there was 4th comma
01:26:02@_discord_98466323452948480:t2bot.ioLCP for blur radius
In reply to @_discord_98466323452948480:t2bot.io
for blur radius
I don't think that maps neatly to QColors
01:29:43@_discord_98466323452948480:t2bot.ioLCP idc, I want to be able to create a theme with just a colour scheme
01:29:59@_discord_98466323452948480:t2bot.ioLCP also add a button border radius setting somewhere
01:31:27@_discord_439472843642634250:t2bot.ioPenutButter changed their display name from DOOM to DOOM#0101.
01:31:38@_discord_439472843642634250:t2bot.ioPenutButter changed their display name from DOOM#0101 to PenutButter#0101.
01:31:41@_discord_439472843642634250:t2bot.ioPenutButter changed their display name from PenutButter#0101 to PenutButter.
01:31:47@_discord_439472843642634250:t2bot.ioPenutButter changed their display name from PenutButter to PenutButter#0101.
01:31:52@_discord_439472843642634250:t2bot.ioPenutButter changed their display name from PenutButter#0101 to PenutButter.
01:32:16@_discord_510269457499684865:t2bot.ioIchinomiya Anko changed their display name from Ichinomiya Anko to Ichinomiya Anko#1486.
01:32:27@_discord_510269457499684865:t2bot.ioIchinomiya Anko changed their display name from Ichinomiya Anko#1486 to Ichinomiya Anko.
01:32:50@_discord_249987062084665344:t2bot.iojan Pontaoski I've kinda wanted to work on a Qt style that takes CSS
01:35:03@noahdvs:kde.orgnoahdvsoof, I can see why this feature is not exposed through the GUI. What is and isn't see-through is very inconsistent
01:36:06@noahdvs:kde.orgnoahdvsAnd some opaque outcomes are tinted white isntead of black
01:39:36@noahdvs:kde.orgnoahdvsI like this shade of gray though
01:39:42@noahdvs:kde.orgnoahdvsReminds me of oxygen
01:48:09@_discord_249987062084665344:t2bot.iojan Pontaoski rjienrlwey
01:48:44@noahdvs:kde.orgnoahdvskeyboard mash?

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