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24 Jan 2020
18:33:31@_discord_249987062084665344:t2bot.iojan Pontaoskite the literal one would be: in the context of kamster's feelings, the country Spain is [bad, evil, wrong, evil, overly complex, (figuratively) unhealthy]
18:33:58@_discord_104937990006026240:t2bot.iokamster also in the context of reality smh
18:34:20@_discord_249987062084665344:t2bot.iojan Pontaoskite lon la ma Epanja li ike
18:34:37@_discord_104937990006026240:t2bot.iokamster lon
18:35:00@_discord_249987062084665344:t2bot.iojan Pontaoskite
prep.  be located in/at/on

vi.  be there, be present, be real/true, exist, be awake
18:35:27@_discord_104937990006026240:t2bot.iokamster huh
23:13:25@peter:tomesh.netpeter joined the room.
19:20:42@_discord_370213430193553408:t2bot.io240 tears ADay (24ADay) changed their display name from 24 emotions ADay to 240 tears ADay#4828.
19:20:50@_discord_370213430193553408:t2bot.io240 tears ADay (24ADay) changed their display name from 240 tears ADay#4828 to 240 tears ADay.
19:22:18@_discord_370213430193553408:t2bot.io240 tears ADay (24ADay) changed their display name from 240 tears ADay to 240 tears ADay (24ADay)#4828.
19:22:27@_discord_370213430193553408:t2bot.io240 tears ADay (24ADay) changed their display name from 240 tears ADay (24ADay)#4828 to 240 tears ADay (24ADay).
19:49:21@_discord_98466323452948480:t2bot.ioLCP vinzv no idea where you got https://osusebr.blogspot.com/ but it's dead
19:49:43@_discord_98466323452948480:t2bot.ioLCP take a look at https://github.com/openSUSE/planet-o-o/issues/2 to see if there is anything worth saving btw
19:50:09@_discord_98466323452948480:t2bot.ioLCP I already submitted a fix to obs feed, so that's hopefully is gonna get merged soon
19:55:29@_discord_98466323452948480:t2bot.ioLCP oh yeah
19:56:09@_discord_98466323452948480:t2bot.ioLCP catabama
I woke up today to the sounds of my cats fucking (they are brother and sister)
20:00:04@_discord_473978029836730379:t2bot.ioNAQAYA changed their display name from TAPECUE to Tapecue#0159.
20:00:19@_discord_473978029836730379:t2bot.ioNAQAYA changed their display name from Tapecue#0159 to Tapecue.
20:06:46@_discord_98466323452948480:t2bot.ioLCP my mom was very disappointed discovering my cat isn't in fact homosexual
20:08:44@_discord_473957792143900675:t2bot.iovinzv LCP fantastic. 😒 Carlos emailed me on Jan 1st to change it.
20:18:28@_discord_473978029836730379:t2bot.ioNAQAYA changed their display name from Tapecue to NAQAYA#0159.
20:18:38@_discord_473978029836730379:t2bot.ioNAQAYA changed their display name from NAQAYA#0159 to NAQAYA.
20:23:52@_discord_98466323452948480:t2bot.ioLCP Diwi oh yeah, I forgot to mention, that's why the forced sex transitions to "fix" gay/bi people are so incredibly stupid >:D
20:25:04@_discord_249987062084665344:t2bot.iojan Pontaoskite2oh5fkgfvqc41.jpg
20:26:20@_discord_249987062084665344:t2bot.iojan Pontaoskite you would have thought that Google would have sent a machine made cake and that Mozilla would have sent a handmade cake
20:26:31@_discord_98466323452948480:t2bot.ioLCP didn't I send this last week?
20:26:41@_discord_98466323452948480:t2bot.ioLCP eh, w/e >;D
20:40:55@_discord_265241357168279563:t2bot.ioejmarkow ejm@galicia:~> google-chrome --version Google Chrome 81.0.4033.2 dev
20:49:16@_discord_199802242038104064:t2bot.ioMisaki changed their display name from Misaki to Misaki#5193.
20:49:27@_discord_199802242038104064:t2bot.ioMisaki changed their display name from Misaki#5193 to Misaki.

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