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24 Jun 2019
10:30:09@johanhelsing:matrix.orgjohanhelsing plfiorini: not going completely away, we're just not going to send events when we're destroying the wl_surface because we want to hide the window
10:31:39@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfioriniit's going away for wayland clients if it's not being sent that's what i meant
10:32:11@johanhelsing:matrix.orgjohanhelsingit's going to be sent initially, and when destroying the window
10:32:16@johanhelsing:matrix.orgjohanhelsinglike the other platforms do
10:33:05@johanhelsing:matrix.orgjohanhelsingjust not when we hide/show an existing window
10:34:23@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfioriniok so you can still use it to get the wl_surface object from a QWindow
10:34:32@johanhelsing:matrix.orgjohanhelsingso David's patch will basically break the assumption that wl_surface == "underlying native surface" here: https://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qplatformsurfaceevent.html#SurfaceEventType-enum
12:49:29@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfiorinithis is me with a working CI
6 Jul 2019
18:09:52@arsolium:matrix.orgarsolium joined the room.
18:11:52@arsolium:matrix.orgarsoliumHey guys. I was just wondering if I can donate to Liri using BAT. I'd much rather support an amazing project without much funding instead of a guy on YouTube who makes tons of money off of ads.
18:13:23@arsolium:matrix.orgarsoliumI use Brave Browser and I can just use the Tip feature to donate some money to any website. I don't have any money to spend on this, but I have some BAT laying around that I can give to this project.
9 Jul 2019
07:15:35@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfioriniLooks like there's an upstream bug affecting programs using Qt5WaylandClient: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-76042
07:16:02@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfioriniYou won't be able to build Liri with Qt 5.13
07:16:07@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfioriniuntil they fix it
07:18:40@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfiorinithe funny part is that Qt ditched Qbs in favor of CMake and their support was always questionable
27 Jul 2019
20:14:39@pinage404:matrix.orgpinage404 joined the room.
1 Aug 2019
12:57:45@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfiorinibug fixed
12:58:37@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfiorinibtw i will be in vacation until september but sometimes i'll come back home
18 Aug 2019
11:02:43@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfiorinii can play quake 2 from liri
11:03:07@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfiorinirelative pointer and lock pointer work, now i just have to finish pointer confinement
25 Aug 2019
05:30:41@thercentndisbi7:matrix.org@thercentndisbi7:matrix.org joined the room.
05:30:50@thercentndisbi7:matrix.org@thercentndisbi7:matrix.org left the room.
26 Aug 2019
21:00:46@Terencode:matrix.orgTerencodegreat job
21:04:10@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfiorinihope it will get approved for qt 5.15
4 Sep 2019

My first open source app based on Fluid library QMap Viewer is available on Play Store. İt displays QGIS projects. I edited a few lines of Fluid controls like header of page is at the bottom, modal is on for menu in appbar, and used NavigationListView from Fluid 0.10.



17 Sep 2019
18 Sep 2019
10:41:20@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfioriniwell it looks like i can spawn liri sessions using systemd --user
10:41:24@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfioriniso cool

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