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8 Jan 2019
15:03:27@edipahmet:matrix.orgedipahmetIt may be nice to convert open source projects made from Ubuntu , Sailfish, meego .. QML components to fluid apps :) there are lots of apps in GitHub that can be added to Lirios.
15:12:32@greece:matrix.org_r00t-fedora 29 is using qt 5.11.x
15:28:32@nasser1985:matrix.orgnasser1985 plfiorini: You're welcome
15:56:39@Terencode:matrix.orgTerencode joined the room.
16:35:16@greece:matrix.org_r00t-chrome sucks and gpu drivers as well
17:17:19@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfiorinithis seems interesting
17:17:45@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfiorinimaybe i can use it to build fluid apps for android in the CI
17:19:58@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfiorinii wonder if qt binaries have qtwayland these days
18:37:01@Terencode:matrix.orgTerencode plfiorini: please check your PM when you have time
20:30:12@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfioriniDNS has updated
9 Jan 2019
20:35:46@edips9:matrix.orgedips9I am unable to open /docs.liri.io/en/latest/
20:36:31@edips9:matrix.orgedips9It says invalid certificate
20:36:44@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfiorininot https://docs.liri.io
20:37:00@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfiorinimake sure your browser don't add https automatically
20:37:08@edips9:matrix.orgedips9I couldn't open it in chrome but it can be opened with opera when dismissing certificate
20:37:11@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfiorinii didn't get https to work
20:37:24@edips9:matrix.orgedips9Ok no problem with opera
20:37:24@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfioriniwith readthedocs
20:38:15@edips9:matrix.orgedips9I was wondering packaging about liri, now I see :)
12 Jan 2019
18:20:05@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfiorinigtk+ apps use xdg-shell v6 so with the patch i'm working on we'll support those clients
18:20:32@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfiorinithere is no need to depend on Qt 5.12 for xdg-shell stable support apparently
15 Feb 2019
21:32:38@greece:matrix.org_r00t-hello everybody!!!! :)
17 Feb 2019
19:11:40@greece:matrix.org_r00t-How are you?
19:12:15@plfiorini:matrix.orgplfiorinifine except it's sunday evening :(

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