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29 Jun 2020
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30 Jun 2020
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2 Jul 2020
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3 Jul 2020
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4 Jul 2020
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@robe:osgeo.orgRegina ObeHow do people feel about moving the Local Chapters up before Becoming a Member on this page - https://www.osgeo.org/community/getting-started-osgeo/22:25:27
@robe:osgeo.orgRegina ObeI've being fielding mantra requests from a bunch of people asking for accounts who at a glance just want to use OSGeo software22:25:34
@freenode_sigq:matrix.orgsigqTitle: Get Involved in the OSGeo Community (at www.osgeo.org)22:25:36
@robe:osgeo.orgRegina ObeI feel like a bit of an elitist telling them they haven't voiced a valid reason for needing one22:26:21
@robe:osgeo.orgRegina ObeMy concern with giving out osgeo accounts like cotton candy is 1) I don't want our members page on osgeo website filled up by passing by users using our software and doing nothing else and since we have several services tied to the accounts - e.g repo.osgeo.org, gitea, (eventually wiki), nextcloud I again don't want directories filled with one time users. At least until we have an account expiration piece in place22:30:32
5 Jul 2020
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