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25 Nov 2022
@strk:osgeo.orgstrk (osgeo)as a start17:50:17
@grayshade:dend.rograyshadeOr to any (or multiple) registries, including Docker Hub 🙂18:04:17
@strk:osgeo.orgstrk (osgeo)I think the complain was that "Docker Hub" was limited? 18:05:15
@strk:osgeo.orgstrk (osgeo)3 users per project (see Javier JS)18:05:37
@grayshade:dend.rograyshadeYeah, but you can have two admins users and one for GHA, for example18:06:01
@grayshade:dend.rograyshadeRight now I think Even builds and pushes the containers18:06:33
@cvvergara:osgeo.orgcvvergaraThis is a gentle reminder about the board member nominations. We have been receiving nominations since November 12. Last day for nominations is today November 25th.18:29:47
27 Nov 2022
@telegram_430566731:t2bot.ioJody Garnettthanks to everyone stepping up to serve our community :)04:25:40
@telegram_1248944140:t2bot.ioJavier JS
In reply to @grayshade:dend.ro
Right now I think Even builds and pushes the containers
Last time Even had connectivity problems to push the containers, and I offered myself to do it. When he was going to add me as admin he discovered that he couldn't: they reached the limit already. All was done but pushing the containers. Howard suggested to use another registry more foss friendly.
@grayshade:dend.rograyshadeI think building them on GHA could be a good idea. I remember trying to build the container once (locally) and running into some issues, but I forgot the details10:21:16
@telegram_1248944140:t2bot.ioJavier JSDo you mean build them in GHA and push them into GitHub docker registry? Or still use docker hub registry? Or the osgeo registry?10:31:27
@cvvergara:osgeo.orgcvvergaraHello all, Nominations for board members were extended one more week during the campaign period. Please send your nomination to cro at osgeo.org With a title: Nominating <name> for board member Follow the template for the nomination: Nominating person: Nominating person profile page: Nominee name: Nominee profile page: Nomination statement: Please don't forget to ask the nominee if they are willing to take the role if elected. See the full information about 2022 election periods on [1] Kind Regards Jorge Gustavo Rocha, Vicky Vergara and Vasile Crăciunescu (your 2022 OSGeo Elections CROs) https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Chief_Returning_Officer [1] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Election_202217:05:26
29 Nov 2022
@adamsteer:osgeo.orgAdam Steer If you're curious, Michele Tobiasput together a great thread about board work here: https://twitter.com/MicheleTobias/status/1597257223964483584?t=Z_DnKQ2WHSMmJCqujBJtQw&s=19 06:22:37
@telegram_17965810:t2bot.ioCodrina Maria Ilie [INFO] https://science.nasa.gov/researchers/volunteer-review-panels/transform-to-open-science-training-roses-f14 09:53:29
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@telegram_97115025:t2bot.ioAriel Anthieni joined the room.10:50:07
@telegram_97115025:t2bot.ioAriel Anthieni Good morning to those who know me and we have already shared several FOSS4G, I tell you that I am nominated for the Board by @Maria Arias de Reina and I would like to have your support. https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Election_2022_Candidate_Manifestos. A big hug from Argentina. 10:50:06
30 Nov 2022
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@telegram_1407647645:t2bot.ioMichele TobiasAriel, congrats on your candidacy!16:45:38
@_slack_osgeo_U09F7SNF4:matrix.orgmsmitherdc Indeed Ariel would be a great board member! 17:57:01
1 Dec 2022
@adamsteer:osgeo.orgAdam SteerHiya - here's a summary of the OSGeo Board meeting from 28 November 2022: https://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/discuss/2022-November/039750.html08:24:31
@adamsteer:osgeo.orgAdam SteerIf you want to discuss anything there, the best way is via the discuss -at- lists.osgeo.org mailing list, so the discussion can be linked together, and is trackable /able to be found later. Feel free also to discuss things here :)08:26:34
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2 Dec 2022
@telegram_13910388:t2bot.ioFederico joined the room.16:14:06
@telegram_13910388:t2bot.ioFederico https://youtu.be/eLJ6OcT8NiY 16:14:05
5 Dec 2022
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@darkblueb:libera.chatdarkbluebprofessional osgeo chapter report from Oceania OSGeo Chapter fyi - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C1C1ub-oB8chDmsPbWQLbQbUHLtvTMPJ/edit15:10:20
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@telegram_413574307:t2bot.ioAstroidex E. Welcome to our 37 new OSGeo Charter Members 2022
You find a news item on our Website https://www.osgeo.org/foundation-news/welcoming-our-new-osgeo-charter-members-2022/

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