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21 Mar 2023
In reply to @sgofferj:matrix.gofferje.net
Yeah, I know, but ghcr.io is free for FOSS and has CDN and all the bells and whistles 😄
Some people will value not depending on third parties more than convenience
@sgofferj:matrix.gofferje.netStefan GofferjePoint taken21:14:44
@sgofferj:matrix.gofferje.netStefan GofferjeAnother Post-It to my monitor then... "Learn GIT branches and try to figure out geoserver build process"... Hope I get to it before next week.21:17:03
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22 Mar 2023
@jodygarnett-569d1ee3e610378809bceb1c:gitter.imjodygarnett (Jody Garnett)Indeed we wish to remain independent, and osgeo hosting alongside postgis and others is somehow more official :)01:02:01
In reply to @sgofferj:matrix.gofferje.net
Quick question: Is there an arm64/armHF container image for geoserver? I tried to figure that out from docker.osgeo.org but that registry software you use there doesn't seem to provide information about what architecture an image is built for...
For future reference, I think you can query the API like this: skopeo --override-arch arm64 inspect docker://docker.io/ubuntu:22.04
@sgofferj:matrix.gofferje.netStefan Gofferje
In reply to @grayshade:dend.ro
For future reference, I think you can query the API like this: skopeo --override-arch arm64 inspect docker://docker.io/ubuntu:22.04
OK, thanks.
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@telegram_144990039:t2bot.ioRaúl Nanclares Hey @mbernasocchi , good news! We just talked with the company that bought our qgis.mx domain and their going to transfer it back to the user group. 19:42:15
@_slack_osgeo_U09F7SNF4:matrix.orgmsmitherdc yay! 19:56:44
@dbb:libera.chatdbb thx to msmitherdc and others for oversight of the domains associated with #osgeo .. lots of dirty tricks going on out there 19:58:25
@dbb:libera.chatdbbbe safe people :-)19:58:36
@telegram_144990039:t2bot.ioRaúl Nanclares👍🏼20:16:42
23 Mar 2023
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25 Mar 2023
@telegram_413574307:t2bot.ioAstroidex E. @osgeo & @foss4g are now in the fediverse too.
We invite you to follow us & start the discussion.
OSGeo | https://fosstodon.org/@osgeo
FOSS4G | https://fosstodon.org/@foss4g
@Wolfensteijn:libera.chatWolfensteijndone and done :)15:59:51
@jodygarnett-569d1ee3e610378809bceb1c:gitter.imjodygarnett (Jody Garnett) Astroidex E.: that is great! Thanks marketing committee 16:48:57
26 Mar 2023
@wsdookadr2:matrix.orgwsdookadr set a profile picture.13:13:49
27 Mar 2023
@telegram_74542758:t2bot.ioGabo Gaona changed their profile picture.20:45:40
28 Mar 2023
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@telegram_430566731:t2bot.ioJody GarnettIs the meeting on?18:21:20
@telegram_430566731:t2bot.ioJody Garnett I would like to share https://www.osgeo.org/opengis-harmonization/ in time for board meeting. 18:21:35
@telegram_430566731:t2bot.ioJody Garnett(managed to find the link; the osgeo board members put in a lot of effort on everyone's behalf - thanks!)19:05:26
@strk:osgeo.orgstrk (osgeo)wheer's the link suposed to be ?19:20:34
@strk:osgeo.orgstrk (osgeo)sorry, I meant the meeting19:20:43
@telegram_430566731:t2bot.ioJody GarnettI found the link to the jitsi video chat on the osgeo board mailing list. I can never remember the link and was *late* so asking here ...19:27:32
@telegram_430566731:t2bot.ioJody Garnett(I wanted to share the link with the osgeo board members as it was a topic on their agenda today)19:28:10
@jodygarnett-569d1ee3e610378809bceb1c:gitter.imjodygarnett (Jody Garnett)Here is an invitation for https://www.osgeo.org/events/bolsena-code-sprint-2023/ 19:51:46

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