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18 Jan 2020
15:01:18@freenode_sigq:matrix.orgsigqTitle: Geoforall - Album on Imgur (at imgur.com)
15:01:46@freenode_Nut29:matrix.orgNut29 is that look like a decent flyer :')? because i dont really know how to make a flyer
15:02:21@freenode_Nut29:matrix.orgNut29I only make them using canva
15:04:30@nut29:matrix.orgnut29 joined the room.
18:41:45@freenode_itisinsane:matrix.orgitisinsane joined the room.
20:33:08@strk:matrix.orgstrkaditis: did you have any specific project in mind ?
23:40:30@ferdinand:converser.euferdinand joined the room.
21 Jan 2020
20:30:26@roman:matrix.somewhatspatial.comroman joined the room.
23:50:28@donald:cybre.spacedonald joined the room.
22 Jan 2020
14:44:32@_slack_osgeo_UE4BJMR7Y:matrix.orgJody Garnett Fun flyer, there is a GeoForAll logo around
15:23:28@freenode_arfunk:matrix.orgarfunk joined the room.
15:23:29@freenode_arfunk:matrix.orgarfunkHello! Can somebody help with defining my own Filter in geoserver please?
23 Jan 2020
21:16:34@jive:matrix.orgjodygarnett arfunk: geoserver uses the OGC Filter specification, an XML format, the list of functions is available in the documentation (and in the getcpabilities document)
21:16:43@jive:matrix.orgjodygarnettwhat help do you need?
24 Jan 2020
15:25:07@freenode_jef:matrix.orgjef@seen mdsmith
15:25:08@freenode_sigq:matrix.orgsigq jef: mdsmith was last seen in #osgeo 1 year, 0 weeks, 2 days, 22 hours, 2 minutes, and 9 seconds ago: <mdsmith> i would request in the future that we stick to one jitsi room
15:27:10@_slack_osgeo_U09F7SNF4:matrix.orgmsmitherdc jef one jitsi room? for osgeo board? We do.
15:27:56@freenode_jef:matrix.orgjef msmitherdc: no I was just asking the bot when it had last seen you.
15:28:38@_slack_osgeo_U09F7SNF4:matrix.orgmsmitherdc understood
15:28:45@freenode_jef:matrix.orgjef msmitherdc: the digicert code signing certificate expired - already back in november.
15:29:33@_slack_osgeo_U09F7SNF4:matrix.orgmsmitherdc i thought we were moving to a letsencypt signing cert
15:29:55@_slack_osgeo_U09F7SNF4:matrix.orgmsmitherdc or perhaps i misunderstood
15:30:31@freenode_jef:matrix.orgjef msmitherdc: I guess for the sites - I doubt that windows would accept those.
15:32:02@_slack_osgeo_U09F7SNF4:matrix.orgmsmitherdc so i need to renew the digicert certificates
15:32:38@freenode_jef:matrix.orgjef msmitherdc: yes - I hope you still(?) know how ;)
15:32:54* @_slack_osgeo_U09F7SNF4:matrix.orgmsmitherdc hopes so too
15:44:22@freenode_jef:matrix.orgjef msmitherdc: https://trac.osgeo.org/osgeo/ticket/1813 ;)
15:44:23@freenode_sigq:matrix.orgsigqTitle: #1813 (Code signing certificate for use in Windows 10) – OSGeo (at trac.osgeo.org)
16:00:33@freenode_jef:matrix.orgjef msmitherdc: thanks

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