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27 Mar 2020
19:05:18@_slack_osgeo_U09FBJCEB:matrix.orgeven.rouault olympic games is a bit a different situation given the training of participants that is interrupted currently, but yes even without this particular point, hard to have visibility on what the world will be in a few months. How aerial company will survive the crisis etc
19:06:04@_slack_osgeo_U09FBJCEB:matrix.orgeven.rouault (edited) ... the cirsis etc => ... the crisis etc
19:07:16@_slack_osgeo_U09FBJCEB:matrix.orgeven.rouault state of the map beginning of July has switched to a virtual event
19:09:15@vrautenbach:matrix.orgvrautenbachThis is a common trend with most events, either becoming virtual or postponed. For example, ISPRS Congress has been postponed till 2021.
19:11:07@_slack_osgeo_U09FBJCEB:matrix.orgeven.rouault being already a virtual community, I'm not sure having a virtual event makes sense. If I go to a code sprint or FOSS4G it is to see people face to face
19:12:56@vrautenbach:matrix.orgvrautenbachI think that was the same thought with ISPRS as the Congress is only every 4 years a virtual event would not make sense. Additionally money already spent etc...
22:14:10@freenode_robe2:matrix.orgrobe2watching the qgis seminar we should do more of these
28 Mar 2020
10:50:41@twelvechairs:matrix.orgtwelvechairsAnyone here have any recommendations for packages for looking at 3D geometry (e.g. intersection of planes in 3d) in python?
10:51:09@twelvechairs:matrix.orgtwelvechairsEverything I look at seems to be an awful choice.
10:54:34@freenode_astrodog:matrix.org@freenode_astrodog:matrix.orgQGIS has some stuff for that, if you pulled in their plugin stuff.
11:00:18@twelvechairs:matrix.orgtwelvechairsThanks. I need something in a programming package I think. Its basically around finding the intersection between triangles I think, which seems like its more complex than it sounds wherever i look.
30 Mar 2020
07:40:53@freenode_bitozoid:matrix.orgbitozoidHi. The link for 2.16.2 is not updated, and points to 2.16.1. http://geoserver.org/download/
07:40:59@freenode_sigq:matrix.orgsigqTitle: Download - GeoServer (at geoserver.org)
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15:26:49@freenode_kalxas:matrix.orgkalxashi all, board meeting in 30 mins
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31 Mar 2020
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