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7 Jul 2022
@irc_jrmu:nfld.ukjrmu (IRC) if you're around Kilroy , we can play a game of chess, I'm back now 02:30:46
@irc_jrmu:nfld.ukjrmu (IRC)if anyone else would like to play chess, just let me know02:56:48
@_discord_985263768541999144:t2bot.iosmileyriley009 joined the room.03:21:49
@_discord_985263768541999144:t2bot.iosmileyriley009 hiii does anyone wanna play some chess 03:25:22
@jrmu:halogen.cityjrmu hi smileyriley009 l 03:28:39
@jrmu:halogen.cityjrmusure use https://lichess.org/r907I5fd03:28:42
@jrmu:halogen.cityjrmuwelcome to the channel03:28:50
@jrmu:halogen.cityjrmu welcome to #chess smileyriley009 03:53:51
@_discord_985263768541999144:t2bot.iosmileyriley009 thank you!!! it was so much fun playing 03:54:03
@jrmu:halogen.cityjrmuif you have an interest, we are also offering a free unix course so people can learn to host their own servers https://wiki.ircnow.org/?n=Ircnow.Pioneer03:54:15
@_discord_985263768541999144:t2bot.iosmileyriley009 heh i feel way too stupid to understand what that means 03:54:30
@jrmu:halogen.cityjrmuno worries, if you have an interest, you're invited03:55:17
@jrmu:halogen.cityjrmueveryone has to begin somewhere and the course is mostly designed for beginners03:55:27
@_discord_985263768541999144:t2bot.iosmileyriley009 hmm. well it sounds interesting but i think i am practicing enough stuff atm 03:56:08
@_discord_159985870458322944:t2bot.ioMEE6#4876 GG smileyriley009, you just advanced to level 1! 03:56:09
@_discord_985263768541999144:t2bot.iosmileyriley009 thank you though!! and i will let you know if i change my mind 03:56:19
@_discord_855526864629137478:t2bot.iosolarfair00 do you play bughouse? 09:57:37
@irc_LohanG:nfld.ukLohanG (IRC) hi solarfair00#5006, yes some of the folks here play it. ping jrmu and lewis_clark :) 10:07:13
@irc_lewis_clark:nfld.uklewis_clark (IRC) i'm solar 10:07:32
@irc_lewis_clark:nfld.uklewis_clark (IRC) i was replying to a guy in discord the reply doesn't show in irc 10:07:49
@irc_LohanG:nfld.ukLohanG (IRC)oh I see10:08:01
@irc_LohanG:nfld.ukLohanG (IRC)okay :)10:08:04
@irc_jrmu:nfld.ukjrmu (IRC)greetings LohanG , lewis_clark , did you guys want to show bughouse?15:29:28
@irc_jrmu:nfld.ukjrmu (IRC) if you're up for it LohanG , I also owe you a match 15:29:37
@irc_jrmu:nfld.ukjrmu (IRC)if anyone else is new here, just let me know, we can play a chess match15:51:43
@irc_jrmu:nfld.ukjrmu (IRC)fifiopenbsd LohanG if either of you want to play: https://lichess.org/qRGhac5m15:57:20
@irc_jrmu:nfld.ukjrmu (IRC)btw Kilroy , if you are free, I am up for a game as well ^16:36:38
@irc_Kilroy:nfld.ukKilroy (IRC)I have to goto lunch soon16:36:49
@irc_jrmu:nfld.ukjrmu (IRC)ok, no prob, see you around16:37:22
@irc_jrmu:nfld.ukjrmu (IRC)fifiopenbsd: if interested we can play at https://lichess.org/qRGhac5m16:37:27

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