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15 May 2021
@freenode_hkaiser:matrix.org@freenode_hkaiser:matrix.orgthe algorithms not so much01:11:54
@freenode_K-ballo:matrix.org@freenode_K-ballo:matrix.orgthose sound like they could actually be CPs01:11:55
@freenode_K-ballo:matrix.org@freenode_K-ballo:matrix.org using tag_invoke for CPs is a good idea, but it shouldn't ever need the extra levels 01:12:16
@freenode_K-ballo:matrix.org@freenode_K-ballo:matrix.org if I define my own executor it's reasonable that I may want to override async_execute (or go with the default based on some other stuff mine models) 01:13:56
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@ms:matrix.polariton.spacems K-ballo: hkaiser, you covered one of the use cases of the fallback pretty thoroughly... Another one is customization based on the execution policy 05:54:26
@ms:matrix.polariton.spacemsAnd you're right that right now the fallback is odd but with concepts (iiuc) we wouldn't need it05:55:53
@ms:matrix.polariton.spacemsThe override on the other hand I added for wording in p0443 which says that member functions should be preferred even if free functions 05:57:20
@ms:matrix.polariton.spacemsI may have missed a better way of achieving that or just plain misinterpreted the proposal as well (and the proposal obviously doesn't talk about tag_invoke, so it's not 100% the same anyway) 05:58:45
@ms:matrix.polariton.spacemsand the fallback/override versions should only ever have one implementation, so those would maybe not need the full machinery for customization06:07:34
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@ms:matrix.polariton.spacems gnikunj: btw, related to your resiliency work, it might be interesting for you to have a look at wg21.link/p0443 section "2.9 Appendix: The retry Algorithm" 13:01:51
@gnikunj:matrix.orggnikunj ms woah! 13:12:54
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@freenode_rachitt_shah[m]:matrix.orgrachitt_shah[m] Hey everyone! Thank you for accepting me as the technical writer for GSoD! I would go through all the materials provided by hkaiser in the mail, and see you folks on the 20th :D 14:16:38
@freenode_hkaiser:matrix.org@freenode_hkaiser:matrix.org rachitt_shah: well, it wasn't me bu ms, but anyways - welcome! 14:58:50
@freenode_hkaiser:matrix.org@freenode_hkaiser:matrix.org ms: good point (wrt 'retry')! 15:02:52
@freenode_hkaiser:matrix.org@freenode_hkaiser:matrix.org gnikunj: how could this happen: https://cdash.cscs.ch/testDetails.php?test=42156364&build=159944 ? 15:09:49
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@ms:matrix.polariton.spacemsrachitt_shah: welcome, and looking forward to working with you! 16:12:39
@freenode_gonidelis[m]:matrix.orggonidelis[m] \ο/ 16:19:37

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