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19 Aug 2023
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23 Aug 2023
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25 Aug 2023
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26 Aug 2023
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27 Aug 2023
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29 Aug 2023
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30 Aug 2023
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@mussyalt:matrix.orgDr.Mussy, the chat GPT of Gun-CAD changed their display name from Dr.Mussy to Dr.Mussy, the chat GPT of Gun-CAD.06:41:30
31 Aug 2023
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1 Sep 2023
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5 Sep 2023
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7 Sep 2023
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8 Sep 2023
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13 Sep 2023
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19 Sep 2023
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20 Sep 2023
@chetcooper3:matrix.orgCoop changed their display name from Coop (lost in the spectrum with 300) to Coop.19:32:11
22 Sep 2023
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23 Sep 2023
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