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26 May 2022
@br0letariat:matrix.orgbr0letariat (not ʇɐıɹɐʇǝ|0ɹq)* Parts tend to restock on Fridays18:00:42
@beginner9mm:matrix.orgbeginner9mmTank you!18:01:28
@beginner9mm:matrix.orgbeginner9mmIm assuming the rtt will use the same bolt carrier18:03:03
@sg2020:matrix.orgsg2020They use different bolt carriers. we will have more bolts in stock on Friday!18:04:46
@beginner9mm:matrix.orgbeginner9mmAwesome ty ill put a reminder in-which one is the latest cad file kc9 v3?18:06:13
@beginner9mm:matrix.orgbeginner9mmThe one on defcad has multiple options18:08:41
@beginner9mm:matrix.orgbeginner9mmOr are all these just accessories?18:11:22
@br0letariat:matrix.orgbr0letariat (not ʇɐıɹɐʇǝ|0ɹq)I'm honestly unsure. I don't have a DefCAD account18:12:57
@brandon41394:matrix.orgbrandon41394 Anyone have the standard upper file they can share with me? I’ve been printing in nylon X, and for some reason, I get weird gcode slicing when the part is oriented at 45 degrees, causing this random slit always in this same spot. But when it’s straight vertical, no random slit. Happens at any angle except for vertical, and this is the only part it’s ever happened to me with. I feel like the file must be damaged or something. I have no idea why else this would be happening. 18:20:03
Download ima_22dced1.jpeg
Download ima_0f9b598.jpeg
Download ima_6cfd3fb.png
@brandon41394:matrix.orgbrandon41394 Vertical, no slit. Angled, random slit. And then the resulting print. 18:20:57
@br0letariat:matrix.orgbr0letariat (not ʇɐıɹɐʇǝ|0ɹq)Cura did some weird shit with mine too, but it was a skipped layer. Only at certain orientations, and only on the upper.18:23:02
@br0letariat:matrix.orgbr0letariat (not ʇɐıɹɐʇǝ|0ɹq)But now it slices fine 🤷18:23:11
In reply to @br0letariat:matrix.org
Cura did some weird shit with mine too, but it was a skipped layer. Only at certain orientations, and only on the upper.
You didn’t do anything to fix it? I don’t know what to try, but I’m kinda stuck and can’t move forward. It’s the last major part I need to print :/
@br0letariat:matrix.orgbr0letariat (not ʇɐıɹɐʇǝ|0ɹq)I used Prusa slicer for the upper18:31:23
@br0letariat:matrix.orgbr0letariat (not ʇɐıɹɐʇǝ|0ɹq)And I'm really not sure what settings I did or didn't enable on there because it took for fucking ever18:31:31
@br0letariat:matrix.orgbr0letariat (not ʇɐıɹɐʇǝ|0ɹq)Like, 2 days or some shit. And it is not that long of a print. It should have been like 8 or 9 hours18:31:42
@br0letariat:matrix.orgbr0letariat (not ʇɐıɹɐʇǝ|0ɹq)0.2mm layer height and a 0.6 nozzle 18:31:55
@satan_mcbastard:matrix.orgsatan_mcbastard0.2mm layer and 0.4 nozzle only took 22.5 hours for the upper on my modded Ender 3 running hot-and-slow with ABS18:33:36
@dpsmesa:matrix.orgdpsmesa br0letariat (not ʇɐıɹɐʇǝ|0ɹq): How about this one? https://www.amazon.com/Gulfcoast-Robotics-Conversion-Polished-Heatbreak/dp/B0811NWV2F/ref=sr_1_34?crid=27KJJWIGGPJLJ&keywords=v6+all-metal+hotend&qid=1653595596&s=industrial&sprefix=v6+all%2Cindustrial%2C157&sr=1-34 20:09:41
@300_blackout:matrix.org300_blackout V6 is better for higher temp materials 20:10:05
@br0letariat:matrix.orgbr0letariat (not ʇɐıɹɐʇǝ|0ɹq)I have not used that particular one, but one of my V6 clones is from Gulf Coast robotics. I have nothing negative to say about them.20:10:48
@br0letariat:matrix.orgbr0letariat (not ʇɐıɹɐʇǝ|0ɹq)But with us ubiquitous as the V6 is, I would suggest just moving that direction20:10:57
@dpsmesa:matrix.orgdpsmesaV6 Gulf Coast Robotic Hotend is on the way! Thanks for the help guys!20:24:23
27 May 2022
@palestinian.genocide.survivor:matrix.orgThe One and 0nly (awcy reject) changed their display name from The One and 0nly to The One and 0nly (awcy reject).02:54:04
@palestinian.genocide.survivor:matrix.orgThe One and 0nly (awcy reject) changed their profile picture.02:58:14
In reply to @dpsmesa:matrix.org
V6 Gulf Coast Robotic Hotend is on the way! Thanks for the help guys!
You made A great choice I run both their V6 clone and Micro swiss, cant go wrong with Gulf Coast products.
@br0letariat:matrix.orgbr0letariat (not ʇɐıɹɐʇǝ|0ɹq)Have one friend too has had nothing but trouble with his Gulf Coast V6 clone, but he's also one of those unfortunate people that life just kind of hates so it may be more to do with his personal luck than anything else.03:25:08

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