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19 Jul 2019
21:42:59@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis thx again donadams & xardas for the replies above - just watched the episode, enlightening, together with the discussion above, thx for sharing 🙂
21:57:49@xardas:matrix.orgxardasYah! And interesting to hear your thoughts
21:58:00@xardas:matrix.orgxardasIf you want
22:16:30@donadams:matrix.orgdonadamsYeah, I'll try to remember to keep sharing compelling articles/videos in this room!
22:16:43@xardas:matrix.orgxardasoh please do :D
In reply to @xardas:matrix.org
Yah! And interesting to hear your thoughts
on the docu/episode - it again showed me that there is so much more to really every concept we take as a 'given'. The older I get, the less sure I am of anything and I guess that's a good thing, it keeps your mind wide open 🙂 So not a whole lot to share about it atm. I'll stick with: 'inspiring' for now.
20 Jul 2019
00:44:24@donadams:matrix.orgdonadamsfair enough!
03:34:06@xardas:matrix.orgxardasAs long as the conversation keeps going :)
21 Jul 2019
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22 Jul 2019
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23 Jul 2019
10:46:10@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis https://twitter.com/BrightIDProject/status/1153353785147703304?s=19
26 Jul 2019
20:58:05@donadams:matrix.orgdonadams When we create mental models that involve meatspace, we often speak of "infrastructure," as though it were some sort of abstract monolith that is simply a fact of life. But the reality is that decisions to build (or not build) and maintain (or not maintain) infrastructure are heavily influenced by cultural, governmental, and commercial norms. In other words, the infrastructure that exists (and doesn't exist) today is not random--it was financed and built in accordance with political, economic and cultural trends
20:58:39@donadams:matrix.orgdonadamsOops the images uploaded in the wrong order haha
27 Jul 2019
18:08:00@donadams:matrix.orgdonadamsAnother pertinent point from later in the same text: the way planners envision infrastructure being used at best overlaps with the ways in which it's actually used. Once it's built, the desires of the inventors must compete with the (heterogenous) desires of the many different users
18:08:47@donadams:matrix.orgdonadamsThings to think about when designing digital infrastructure like the Giveth DApp or Commons Stack...
28 Jul 2019
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31 Jul 2019
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2 Aug 2019
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14 Aug 2019
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15 Aug 2019
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24 Aug 2019
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6 Sep 2019
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8 Sep 2019
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15 Sep 2019
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