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13 Jan 2020
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22 Jan 2020
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23 Jan 2020
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25 Jan 2020
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2 Feb 2020
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3 Feb 2020
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5 Feb 2020
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7 Feb 2020
11:20:19@yozhyn:matrix.orgyozhyn joined the room.
11:22:40@yozhyn:matrix.orgyozhynHi guys, have a question. Is it possible to connect to your smart contract from mine ones to create on-chain project that will automatically gather and transfer funds for charity?
8 Feb 2020
08:02:06@michel47:matrix.orgmichel47 joined the room.
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14 Feb 2020
19:29:45@loie:matrix.orgloie joined the room.
16 Feb 2020
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05:49:46@youngkidwarrior:matrix.orgVictor | Shenanigan changed their profile picture.
2 Mar 2020
01:57:24@youngkidwarrior:matrix.orgVictor | Shenanigan Are ICOs still a good option for generating seed funds? Or should I look more towards crowdfunding services like 1hive to fund my project.
01:58:14@youngkidwarrior:matrix.orgVictor | ShenaniganI feel like the ICO boom drew up a lot of paranoia
06:15:02@youngkidwarrior:matrix.orgVictor | Shenanigan * I feel like the ICO boom drew up a lot of paranoia
5 Mar 2020
10:28:44@youngkidwarrior:matrix.orgVictor | Shenanigan changed their display name from youngkidwarrior to Victor | Shenanigan.
8 Mar 2020
13:57:46@seth7z:matrix.org@seth7z:matrix.org joined the room.
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11 Mar 2020
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22 Mar 2020
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26 Mar 2020
16:00:19@igor:matrix.decent.fundigor changed their profile picture.
29 Mar 2020
18:40:39@reversem3:matrix.orgreversem3 joined the room.
18:42:14@reversem3:matrix.orgreversem3 Hello, looking to learn more about how blockchains are programmed and its multitude of uses , from what I understand that most blockchains are created from linked lists is that true? Is there a blockchain that is created differently ?
3 Apr 2020
17:44:38@besionisrael:matrix.orgbesionisrael joined the room.

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