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4 Oct 2019
09:39:24@smanza:matrix.orgsmanza changed their display name from smanza to samuniris.
09:55:21@smanza:matrix.orgsmanza changed their display name from samuniris to smanza.
6 Oct 2019
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22:09:33@whatisid:matrix.org@ changed their display name from K to @.
8 Oct 2019
08:02:12@smanza:matrix.orgsmanzaUNIRIS: First blockchain labeled for the Olympic Games 2024 (blockchain, biometrics) https://uniris.io/blog/paris-olympic-games-2024/
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14 Oct 2019
22:08:08@cryptokoh:matrix.orgkoh joined the room.
22:08:38@cryptokoh:matrix.orgkohHello all!
22:08:55@cryptokoh:matrix.orgkoh changed their display name from cryptokoh to koh.
17 Oct 2019
02:42:55@misterboyfriend:matrix.orgbowensanders changed their profile picture.
02:43:06@misterboyfriend:matrix.orgbowensanders changed their profile picture.
20 Oct 2019
06:52:37@deplatformed:matrix.orgundocumented outreach team joined the room.
06:52:46@deplatformed:matrix.orgundocumented outreach teamRedacted or Malformed Event
07:26:03@deplatformed:matrix.orgundocumented outreach team changed their display name from Tyrone to Gibs facilitator.
07:26:11@deplatformed:matrix.orgundocumented outreach team changed their profile picture.
07:27:29@deplatformed:matrix.orgundocumented outreach team changed their display name from Gibs facilitator to undocumented outreach team.
07:27:35@deplatformed:matrix.orgundocumented outreach team changed their profile picture.
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29 Oct 2019
12:19:05@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisismight be relevant to some here? https://twitter.com/ninabreznik/status/1189102185218338817
30 Oct 2019
12:01:22@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisisIf anyone wants to join this - as a dev or judge, this was just shared with us https://ethlagos.io/
31 Oct 2019
10:07:03@krrisis:matrix.orgkrrisis πŸ‘† crossposting here from random bcs not random at all, but good points by bowensanders ❀️
16:24:11@danibelle:matrix.orgdanibelleSpeaking it!
1 Nov 2019
03:04:04@misterboyfriend:matrix.orgbowensandersThanks for the amp 😸😸😸
23:20:38@public-happiness-andy:matrix.orgpublic-happiness-andyAnyone going to be at Malta AI and Blockchain Summit?
3 Nov 2019
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10 Nov 2019
22:33:06@uktrader:matrix.orgW joined the room.
14 Nov 2019
01:46:34@nadnart:matrix.orgnadnart joined the room.
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