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4 Dec 2022
@dcht00:matrix.orgdcht00A soviet of soviets of the most prolific hackers02:36:58
@PositiveC:libera.chatPositiveCthey left just before you could answer T_T03:00:21
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@xdxoxsxex:matrix.org@xdxoxsxex:matrix.orgRedacted or Malformed Event09:42:28
@dcht00:matrix.orgdcht00Find a space where you live on wiki.hackerspaces.org/09:43:54
@kodenamekiti:matrix.orgkodasHello, what is the most powerful phone model 09:56:18
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@emile:x-hain.deÉmile (he/him)
In reply to @kodenamekiti:matrix.org
Hello, what is the most powerful phone model
I don't think there's a direct answer for this. You'd have to specify what you value in a phone, how much you want to spend and what you'd like to be able to do.
@kodenamekiti:matrix.orgkodasRedacted or Malformed Event15:59:35
@kodenamekiti:matrix.orgkodasRedacted or Malformed Event16:00:22
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5 Dec 2022
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6 Dec 2022
@miep:libera.chatmiepHi Guest4453 and Guest84 and even Guest444 :) welcome over here! as you might notice this community is not responding 24/7 that doesnt mean we dont want to give you a warm welcome :)07:15:06
@miep:libera.chatmiepIn my experience people tend to talk a bit easier if you can tell us a bit about yourself or what projects you like (to work on) or even what hobbies you have07:15:42
@ekkoklang:libera.chatekkoklang I'd also recommend picking up a nickname that's not "Guest" 08:05:39
@miep:libera.chatmiepthat would help a lot!08:20:46
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