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30 Mar 2023
@gurki:libera.chatgurkisince. uh. you need a billion of them which are to spec. you also need a plethora of design tools and simulation environments fit precisely to that collection of fabrication equipment you use19:49:21
@NSHkr:libera.chatNSHkrgurki: billion is a bit lofty. how about 100k transistors as a long term goal for a DIY learning fab19:49:25
@gurki:libera.chatgurki100k transistors doesnt ease the problem, i was giving a random number19:49:42
@leftyfb:libera.chatleftyfbour makerspace has an SEM19:49:50
@gurki:libera.chatgurkimost academic fabs can make one, if youre lucky they can make ten transistors that are somewhat similar19:50:12
@NSHkr:libera.chatNSHkra kid in his south NJ garage made silicon with like 1k transistors, admittedly an outlier case19:51:40
@gurki:libera.chatgurkibut. uh. i wouldnt complain if there was a jlcpcb for asics :319:52:36
@NSHkr:libera.chatNSHkrleftyfb: sweden is a special place19:54:18
@leftyfb:libera.chatleftyfb I'm not in Sweden 19:54:29
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@NSHkr:libera.chatNSHkr leftyfb: where's your space? 20:04:11
@leftyfb:libera.chatleftyfbNSHkr: Massachusetts 20:11:25
@NSHkr:libera.chatNSHkrleftyfb: Ah, nice :-D https://makezine.com/article/science/zen-art-microscope-maintenance/20:15:42
@leftyfb:libera.chatleftyfbnot us20:16:01
@leftyfb:libera.chatleftyfbNSHkr: https://lowellmakes.com/shops-equipment/measurements/20:17:05
@NSHkr:libera.chatNSHkrleftyfb: got it. wow, their EM uses 3kW.. here in hawaii it would break the bank just to power it..20:17:29
@NSHkr:libera.chatNSHkrleftyfb: fantastic, thanks for the inspiration and info20:19:33
@NSHkr:libera.chatNSHkr Anyway, as for RPi, my theory about the "shortage" is related to the accessibility of physically-implemented CMLSS's via cheap, commoditized SoC's 20:42:42
@NSHkr:libera.chatNSHkrif anyone wishes to discuss this, please attend our meetup :-D20:43:21
@scuzz:libera.chatscuzz The pin64 folks are the hardline "must be in the linux kernel" folks, I thought? 21:22:34
@scuzz:libera.chatscuzzAnyway, they use armbian, not their own thing. Good history of support.21:22:35
@NSHkr:libera.chatNSHkri love articles like this: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2016/05/chinese-arm-vendor-left-developer-backdoor-in-kernel-for-android-pi-devices/21:38:43
@NSHkr:libera.chatNSHkr scuzz: funny, the pinephone got a lot of publicity, didn't know they made these. thanks 21:40:17
@NSHkr:libera.chatNSHkrtoo bad noone makes standard backplanes like how API 500 modules became a standard for analogue pro audio21:44:06
@NSHkr:libera.chatNSHkrthis would be cool for tinkering, if not insufficient for a MSL/MLS https://www.pine64.org/clusterboard/21:44:57
@scuzz:libera.chatscuzz NSHkr: If you didn't know of the rest of the stuff the pine folks have, definitely also check out the pinecil. 25 dollar and just actually pretty decent. 21:49:22
@NSHkr:libera.chatNSHkr scuzz: that's actually perfect considering we'op. (think Christian Slater in Pump Up the Volume) 21:52:48
@NSHkr:libera.chatNSHkr my fingers are fat. i've never used a smart soldering iron but looking forward to doing so 21:53:18
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31 Mar 2023
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