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14 Nov 2019
09:50:57@ashledombos:matrix.orgRaphael hello ychaouche
10:08:17@freenode_ychaouche:matrix.orgychaoucheI am trying to make a list of differences between magiea and openmandriva : 1. use of dfn 2. use clang 3. openmandriva control center now uses its own tools instead of the old drak* family of tools. Anything else I might have missed ?
10:09:28@ashledombos:matrix.orgRaphael ychaouche: well I'm no user of mageia, so not sure,, maybe bero can tell more?
10:11:13@ashledombos:matrix.orgRaphael ychaouche: there are people who use both maybe in #openmandriva-cooker
10:12:36@ashledombos:matrix.orgRaphaelWhat kind of differences are you looking for? Also in dev process?
10:14:01@freenode_ychaouche:matrix.orgychaouchenot necessarily the dev process, but the kind of differences you might be looking for when choosing the distro, apart from the background image and the desktop environement that is.
10:14:09@freenode_ychaouche:matrix.orgychaouchechoosing a* distro.
10:14:22@ashledombos:matrix.orgRaphaelWe also have a new release policy https://wiki.openmandriva.org/en/Policies/Repository_Policies
10:14:30@freenode_ychaouche:matrix.orgychaouchefor example systemd/init, alsa/pulse
10:15:15@ashledombos:matrix.orgRaphaelWe focus on Qt environment, ie Plasma and LXQt (while we don't reject Gtk or other, they are not officially maintained)
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15:27:34@freenode_ychaouche:matrix.orgychaoucheframework ?
15:30:54@freenode_ychaouche:matrix.orgychaoucheoh farm
15:31:17@freenode_AngryPenguin:matrix.org@freenode_AngryPenguin:matrix.orgabf = automated build farm
15:31:43@freenode_AngryPenguin:matrix.org@freenode_AngryPenguin:matrix.orgplace where developers build rpm packages for OpenMandriva
15:32:03@freenode_AngryPenguin:matrix.org@freenode_AngryPenguin:matrix.orgbasic users can build packages here too for personal repositories
15 Nov 2019
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16 Nov 2019
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17 Nov 2019
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14:15:40@ashledombos:matrix.orgRaphael https://domainnamewire.com/2019/11/13/breaking-private-equity-company-acquires-org-registry/ to be followed, maybe at one time we'll have to change
18 Nov 2019
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