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17 Sep 2019
21:01:53@freenode_ben79:matrix.orgben79This is heresy but when it comes to design there are commercial organizations that Linux could learn a lot from. Mandrake/Mandriva was one of the distros that seemed to realize that and engineer software accordingly to a remakable degree. (The Golden Years of Linux for users culminating in Mandriva 2010, just ask BC.)
21:02:13@freenode_ben79:matrix.orgben79This is heresy but BC is not all wrong.
21:05:57@freenode_ben79:matrix.orgben79 By the way Kube is probably great for people with one e-mail account or those that aren't bother by the jumble of multiple accounts in one inbox. But for me that does not compute.
21:06:30@freenode_ben79:matrix.orgben79let me reboot for new general or colonel
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22:04:17@freenode_itchka:matrix.orgitchka bero: What is the command on line 14 doing I've tried it in a terminal and it just returns.
22:04:35@freenode_itchka:matrix.orgitchka rpm -qp --qf '%{NAME}' $j
22:05:14@freenode_itchka:matrix.orgitchkaObviously I have added the name of an rpm instead of $j
22:19:48@freenode_itchka:matrix.orgitchkabero: Ok I see, it returns the result in front of the command prompt I was looking for standard out after the command prompt.
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18 Sep 2019
00:14:43@shinusagi:matrix.orgshinusagiHello, sorry to make this stupid question but...
00:15:31@shinusagi:matrix.orgshinusagiWhere can I change the avatar for my local user? The one I see in the App Menu when launching... can't find it, I even entered KUser but there were options for password and such
00:26:06@freenode_ben79:matrix.orgben79 ruru aka rugyada is the person who knows those type of things best.
00:26:36@freenode_ben79:matrix.orgben79rugyada is sort of the art director for OM
00:33:12@shinusagi:matrix.orgshinusagiNevermind!! Found it her, BTW useful if others have the same issue, I will it now tho http://www.pclinuxos.com/forum/index.php?topic=147360.0
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04:32:22@freenode_rabbitnightmare:matrix.org@freenode_rabbitnightmare:matrix.orghey is openmandriva still based on RPM like Mandriva or Mandrake was?
04:32:38@freenode_rabbitnightmare:matrix.org@freenode_rabbitnightmare:matrix.orgI cut my teeth on Mandrake in 2001
04:33:20@freenode_rabbitnightmare:matrix.org@freenode_rabbitnightmare:matrix.orgshould rename your distro to openmandrake
04:35:36@freenode_rabbitnightmare:matrix.org@freenode_rabbitnightmare:matrix.orgah nvm yall use rpm think I will pass, sad day
04:35:43@freenode_rabbitnightmare:matrix.org@freenode_rabbitnightmare:matrix.orgoh well
04:36:14@freenode_rabbitnightmare:matrix.org@freenode_rabbitnightmare:matrix.orgwhen yall grow past RPM I might try it, I have no use for junk like RPM that should have died in 2007
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