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7 Jun 2017
21:18:10@gitter_ayushyadav:matrix.orgAyush Yadav (Gitter) @keflavich
21:39:04@gitter_keflavich:matrix.orgAdam Ginsburg (Gitter)guess and check.
21:39:14@gitter_keflavich:matrix.orgAdam Ginsburg (Gitter)just kept looking at the network logs until I figured it out
21:39:36@gitter_keflavich:matrix.orgAdam Ginsburg (Gitter) each of those 'get' requests is made when you load the original 'query' page
21:39:52@gitter_keflavich:matrix.orgAdam Ginsburg (Gitter)it helped to run from an incognito tab, since that hid other cookies
8 Jun 2017
00:18:06@bsipocz:matrix.org@bsipocz:matrix.org@keflavich - impressive detective work, I'm glad to see that this got figured out
00:19:36@gitter_keflavich:matrix.orgAdam Ginsburg (Gitter) it's a very weird interface
00:19:41@gitter_keflavich:matrix.orgAdam Ginsburg (Gitter)but, hey, whatever works...
20:01:48@gitter_ayushyadav:matrix.orgAyush Yadav (Gitter) @keflavich I'll be implementing a normal conesearch(position and radius) and objectbased conesearch (object and radius) with some basic functionality that allows users to select and download the files they want to download.
20:03:04@gitter_ayushyadav:matrix.orgAyush Yadav (Gitter) This I think can be a first step towards it. And this I will try to submit in next few days, I have a small exam on 10th June so I am a bit busy tomorrow with that but I think I will have something ready and pushed before the Tuesday's connect
20:06:34@gitter_keflavich:matrix.orgAdam Ginsburg (Gitter) Alright, that's the right first step.
20:06:42@gitter_keflavich:matrix.orgAdam Ginsburg (Gitter)Could you open a WIP PR before the weekend, though?
20:09:02@bsipocz:matrix.org@bsipocz:matrix.orgI agree with @keflavich, even a WIP PR that has pseudo code and nothing working in it yet would be great.
21:44:37@gitter_ayushyadav:matrix.orgAyush Yadav (Gitter)Sure. You will have a pseudo and maybe basics in next 24-36 hours.
14 Jun 2017
13:00:36@bsipocz:matrix.org@bsipocz:matrix.orgayadav @ayushyadav: are you around?
29 Nov 2017
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19 Jan 2018
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22 Feb 2018
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8 May 2018
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15 May 2018
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28 Jun 2018
16:54:44@gitter_pllim:matrix.orgP. L. Lim (Gitter) changed their profile picture.
13 Sep 2018
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24 Jan 2019
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1 Feb 2019
00:26:56@gitter_andamian:matrix.organdamian (Gitter) joined the room.
00:26:56@gitter_andamian:matrix.organdamian (Gitter) Hello, gurus. I have a commit with working unit tests. As soon as a pull the astroquery master I get the following error with the python setup.py test command:
ImportError while loading conftest '/private/var/folders/np/4j1917_521ldy0q8j0852jdr0000gn/T/astroquery-test-yvti98oi/lib/python3.5/site-packages/astroquery/conftest.py'. astroquery/conftest.py:59: in <module> from .version import version, astropy_helpers_version E ImportError: cannot import name 'astropy_helpers_version'
Does anyone know the quick fix? Thanks

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