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17 Dec 2020
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@sterrss:matrix.orgsterrssNice! On firefox mobile I had to select "Open In App" to open with Element, looks much nicer now 😊16:43:01
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18 Dec 2020
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20 Dec 2020
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21 Dec 2020
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28 Dec 2020
@murz:ru-matrix.orgAlexey Murz Korepov joined the room.11:19:45
@murz:ru-matrix.orgAlexey Murz KorepovIn previous version of matrix.to there was be a link to view.matrix.org for instantly view room in browser, without using client, now I can't find link to it. By what reasons it was removed from list of recommended clients?11:30:52
@bwindels:matrix.orgBrunoI guess because it's not a client that will help most people get started with matrix11:38:37
@bwindels:matrix.orgBrunoI guess we could add a link to it again somewhere, but not sure the client list is the most appropriate given that once you pick a client you default to that one.11:39:06
@bwindels:matrix.orgBrunoHaving said that, I don't remember an explicit decision to not include it again.11:49:29
@murz:ru-matrix.orgAlexey Murz KorepovWe can call matrix-static link as "quick preview of room messages" for not confuse people, that this is not a full-featured client. 17:27:03
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy)I guess now m.to could use the heuristic of whether it can preview room name&avatar as to whether to show the view.matrix.org link18:48:15
@x:riot.ovhMichael (t3chguy)previously it always showed it and most of the time it would just error because not peekable18:48:26
30 Dec 2020
@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin joined the room.06:00:44
@grahamperrin:matrix.orgGraham Perrin Alexey Murz Korepov: https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix.to/pull/184 06:01:22
5 Jan 2021
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7 Jan 2021
@em:queersin.spaceEmelie joined the room.16:11:20
@em:queersin.spaceEmelieHi, am I correct in assuming that matrix.to can't get the privacy policy of a homeserver that doesn't have registration enabled?16:19:52
@bwindels:matrix.orgBrunoyes, indeed, see https://github.com/matrix-org/matrix.to/blob/main/src/preview/HomeServer.js#L7918:09:39
@em:queersin.spaceEmelieYeah, that's what I gathered. Just wanted to make sure I understood the code correctly.18:22:10
12 Jan 2021
@userof:matrix.orgabsucc changed their display name from Lucas to absucc.05:34:12
14 Jan 2021
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15 Jan 2021
@userof:matrix.orgabsucc removed their display name absucc.02:39:55
17 Jan 2021
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