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13 Mar 2021
@_discord_363807734002483207:t2bot.ioparley js just because a "live" frontpage would be good but that's like last prio atm 09:22:54
@_discord_391994299161509898:t2bot.ioTahal Bersobis I will try to do something in figma 09:23:34
@_discord_391994299161509898:t2bot.ioTahal Bersobis And to export in CSS 09:23:56
@_discord_363807734002483207:t2bot.ioparley that'd be neat lol I look at things like dribbble and shit like it but I just don't get inspired lol 09:24:59
14 Mar 2021
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19 Mar 2021
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24 Mar 2021
@_discord_391994299161509898:t2bot.ioTahal Bersobis changed their display name from Tahal Bersobis to Tahal Bersobis#8157.14:15:29
@_discord_391994299161509898:t2bot.ioTahal Bersobis changed their display name from Tahal Bersobis#8157 to Tahal Bersobis.14:15:29
@_discord_391994299161509898:t2bot.ioTahal BersobisScreenshot_2021-03-24-16-15-17-795_com.android.chrome.jpg
Download Screenshot_2021-03-24-16-15-17-795_com.android.chrome.jpg
@_discord_391994299161509898:t2bot.ioTahal Bersobis parley Why? 14:15:46
@_discord_391994299161509898:t2bot.ioTahal Bersobis This looks odd as fuck. 14:17:22
@_discord_220224897761148929:t2bot.iomdh Tahal Bersobis idk i'll take a look i guess 15:30:02
26 Mar 2021
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27 Mar 2021
@_discord_363807734002483207:t2bot.ioparley @room SIte is down ATM, upgrading (?) to jschan just to see if it fits the site 16:45:54
12 Apr 2021
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No encrypted chat
nice try fbi
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14 Apr 2021
@_discord_363807734002483207:t2bot.ioparley damn almost got him 06:01:00
@_discord_363807734002483207:t2bot.ioparley nah I have no clue what the side effect would be if I had encrypted enabled 06:01:36
@_discord_363807734002483207:t2bot.ioparley esp with the bridges I have set up 06:01:50
@kickinthedick:tchncs.deKikku in za Dikkuyeah no, in a bigger chat it's really kinda useless to begin with, although i don't like that owners of mayytricks dot awrg can read this either, but that's why it's best to hold stuff on your own server i guess23:26:16
@parley:matrix.orgparleyyeah lmao23:29:22
1 May 2021
@kickinthedick:tchncs.deKikku in za Dikku changed their profile picture.18:24:35
2 May 2021
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3 May 2021
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4 May 2021
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8 May 2021
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13 May 2021
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