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22 May 2023
@telegram_543507913:t2bot.ioGuillaumeAnd the surface should probably be ‘sett’19:00:24
23 May 2023
@telegram_229386454:t2bot.ioYll F.Today I have paid more attention to the city of Shtime by filling it with buildings. If we all do a little bit every day, the OSM map will be filled very quickly.12:21:26
@telegram_229386454:t2bot.ioYll F.image.jpeg
Download image.jpeg
@telegram_51421157:t2bot.ioArianit DShtime representing12:27:39
@telegram_229386454:t2bot.ioYll F.The territory of Gjakova municipality is covered almost 100% - streets and buildings. Prishtina, the largest part of the city is also filled with buildings.12:36:56
@telegram_229386454:t2bot.ioYll F.We need more mapathons I think.12:37:54
@telegram_229386454:t2bot.ioYll F. Guidance: More relevant for newer OpenStreetMap contributors. If you want to know more about how much you have contributed to OSM and in which countries, then use this link. https://hdyc.neis-one.org 12:40:01
@telegram_348781827:t2bot.ioDeleted account 348781827 changed their display name from Sören Reinecke to Deleted account 348781827.14:14:22
@darkblueb:osgeo.orgdarkbluebMapillary is common? what other kinds of public maps are used in this area?15:16:12
@telegram_51421157:t2bot.ioArianit D Mapillary is not a map. Mostly gmaps with some OSM (maps.me etc) 15:26:01
@darkblueb:osgeo.orgdarkblueb Besfort Guri: look forward to discuss for #osgeolive tomorrow 20:17:10
24 May 2023
@telegram_257628147:t2bot.ioBesfort Guri
In reply to @darkblueb:osgeo.org
Besfort Guri: look forward to discuss for #osgeolive tomorrow
will come today for sure
25 May 2023
@telegram_5155287269:t2bot.ioBECCHINI_SORDI_SUD_70 joined the room.12:39:27
@telegram_229386454:t2bot.ioYll F.
In reply to Arianit D
sent an image
Arianit, next time when you go to the Shengjin, you'll have a better map ;)
@telegram_229386454:t2bot.ioYll F.image.jpeg
Download image.jpeg
@telegram_51421157:t2bot.ioArianit DRedacted or Malformed Event18:53:03
@telegram_51421157:t2bot.ioArianit D👏18:53:56
@telegram_51421157:t2bot.ioArianit DCadastral agency will do a new aerial photo of Kosovo this year. Would be nice if they buy the rights and license it freely.19:37:01
@telegram_543507913:t2bot.ioGuillaumeAnd/or give us the right to use the old stuff freely19:37:27
@telegram_51421157:t2bot.ioArianit DI think they license it for own use only.19:49:41
26 May 2023
@telegram_1474848614:t2bot.ioGresa NeziriThey do give it to municipalities for kadastral reasons only (legalization), and sell it for others.13:45:49
@telegram_543507913:t2bot.ioGuillaumeI vaguely remember when we met them a few years ago that they were open to giving us the old stuff, or letting only osm use it for free. It's good for everyone in the end.13:47:30
@darkblueb:osgeo.orgdarkbluebany suggestions for special trees, flowers, birds or other natural things .. for Prizren artwork #foss4g ?13:53:15
@darkblueb:osgeo.orgdarkbluebex. "The Kosovo Institute for Nature Protection, as a central institution for nature conversation supervise the conditions of protected values and in the same time obvious the new nature values with especial importance's. Until now evidenced are 200 such of this, within which is one National Park, some nature landscapes and lot of nature monuments with speologyc character, botanical and hydrologic. With declaring the "Bjeshket e Nemuna" as a Second National Park and with taking under protection the proposed areas, the general surface of protected areas, increase in the insensitive way (around 10 % of Kosovo territory)"14:47:24
@darkblueb:osgeo.orgdarkblueb-- Historiku i shkurtër i Institutit të Kosovës për Mbrojtjen e Natyrës 14:49:02
@telegram_51421157:t2bot.ioArianit D Marash Maple - Wikipedia
@telegram_51421157:t2bot.ioArianit DThis tree is well known15:19:48
@telegram_51421157:t2bot.ioArianit D photos https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Rrapi_i_Marashit_(Prizren) 15:21:54

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