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10 Jan 2023
@telegram_543507913:t2bot.ioGuillaumeWasn't there supposed to be a new census?14:07:13
@telegram_229386454:t2bot.ioYll F.
In reply to Guillaume
Wasn't there supposed to be a new census?
It is planned for 2023
@telegram_543507913:t2bot.ioGuillaumeCovid delays I imagine?14:11:18
@telegram_229386454:t2bot.ioYll F.
In reply to Guillaume
Covid delays I imagine?
It could also be due to the pandemic. According to the statistics agency, the new registration will end sometime in October 2023.
@telegram_543507913:t2bot.ioGuillaumeInteresting. Thanks Yll14:23:25
11 Jan 2023
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12 Jan 2023
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13 Jan 2023
@telegram_51421157:t2bot.ioArianit D Xhorxh Bush has become buses, taxis and emergency vehicles only. How do I do that? https://osm.org/go/xfpE5Qc4t--?m= 14:05:45
@telegram_543507913:t2bot.ioGuillaume I’d use motor_vehicle=no psv=yes emergency=yes 19:30:49
@telegram_543507913:t2bot.ioGuillaume See https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:access 19:31:09
@telegram_257628147:t2bot.ioBesfort Guri
In reply to Guillaume
I’d use motor_vehicle=no psv=yes emergency=yes
Bravo Gëzim Berisha 😆
14 Jan 2023
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@telegram_5837918282:t2bot.ioFreya Murphy https://t.me/+CHNkkA-497Q4MDg8 11:01:28
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16 Jan 2023
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@telegram_5902971917:t2bot.ioCatherine Odukwu OdukwuRedacted or Malformed Event23:09:11
17 Jan 2023
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18 Jan 2023
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19 Jan 2023
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24 Jan 2023
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27 Jan 2023
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28 Jan 2023
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29 Jan 2023
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