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11 Sep 2020
@telegram_257628147:t2bot.ioBesfort Guri @MarcRKS do you agree for Gëzim Berisha? 13:46:41
@telegram_257628147:t2bot.ioBesfort Guri * @MarcRKS do you agree for Gëzim Berisha? 13:46:49
@telegram_665608602:t2bot.ioMarc KonjuhiOf course 😉13:47:09
@telegram_257628147:t2bot.ioBesfort GuriThen lets wait for the answer13:47:32
@telegram_51421157:t2bot.ioArianit D if it's @grischard and in English, then it should be a more unique topic.
if the topic is JOSM, then let's have an Albanian speaker so we have a demonstration in Albanian online.
@telegram_1312544720:t2bot.ioPeng joined the room.23:55:05
12 Sep 2020
@telegram_1109821172:t2bot.io柯博涵 joined the room.00:26:18
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@telegram_688841596:t2bot.ioBardh welcome @me_sara01 柯博涵 Peng 06:51:58
@telegram_1385035450:t2bot.iovvv joined the room.07:41:30
@telegram_688841596:t2bot.ioBardh welcome vvv 09:35:52
15 Sep 2020
@telegram_1350896303:t2bot.io胡雷博 joined the room.19:17:20
@telegram_688841596:t2bot.ioBardh welcome 胡雷博
please introduce yourself
@telegram_1290027301:t2bot.iostephania Milano joined the room.23:14:10
@telegram_1290027301:t2bot.iostephania MilanoHelo23:14:16
@telegram_1290027301:t2bot.iostephania MilanoKosovo23:14:38
16 Sep 2020
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@telegram_895408325:t2bot.ioAvdyl changed their display name from telegram_895408325 to Avdyl.15:34:21
@telegram_51421157:t2bot.ioArianit DAntari I ri Avdyli15:38:13
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@elena:ru-matrix.orgelena 22:11:26
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17 Sep 2020
@telegram_257628147:t2bot.ioBesfort GuriAs we agreed to have our regular meetups first Tuesday of the month, next one is 6 October at 19:00, who is interested to be also invited in calendar let me know, with your email20:26:49
@telegram_1127215528:t2bot.ioIydia Frieda joined the room.23:12:12
18 Sep 2020
@telegram_1323441236:t2bot.ioMeroy joined the room.04:54:02
@telegram_348781827:t2bot.ioSören Reinecke Hi Iydia and Meroy,

what do you do in/with OpenStreetMap?
19 Sep 2020
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@shiva:diasp.inshiva 19:53:57
21 Sep 2020
@telegram_1351276223:t2bot.ioJackson Ashley joined the room.03:27:19

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