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18 May 2020
20:32:00@kwunyeung:matrix.orgKwun Yeung | Forbole joined the room.
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22:21:44@gushansky37:matrix.orgmikeg@room Announcing Eridani, the 3rd release in Phase 1 of #TheAkashianChallenge. The Eridani Upgrade Proposal goes live for voting tomorrow May 19th at 1600 UTC. Check the schedule and details here: https://bit.ly/2zNHmak
19 May 2020
05:01:33@falcon_80:matrix.orgKasper | NewRoad joined the room.
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18:23:02@gushansky37:matrix.orgmikeg@room Hi everyone, The Eridani Network Upgrade proposal is live. The deadline to vote is 1600 UTC May 21st. Vote now, and earn up to 250 AKT. https://docs.akash.network/akashian/phase1#eridani-upgrade
21:26:54@gushansky37:matrix.orgmikeg@room UPDATE: After researching, we've discovered that the Sirius Network Upgrade issue from last week resulted from a misconfigured SDK integration. We're currently underway on testing two solutions, and will present the most optimal one to the community after testing. We greatly appreciate your participation and continued support to get us to a stronger Mainnet.
20 May 2020
06:04:28@tyrion70:matrix.orgtyrion70 - ChainLayer joined the room.
19:51:50@gushansky37:matrix.orgmikegRedacted or Malformed Event
19:52:34@gushansky37:matrix.orgmikegLivestream - Twitter.png
Livestream - Twitter.png
19:52:38@gushansky37:matrix.orgmikeg@room Join us for The Akashian Challenge Live Stream event this Friday, May 22 at 4PM UTC/9AM PT for a chance to win a Supermini. Akash's Greg Osuri and Pylon's Jack Zampolin will present updates, awards, and a Q&A. Check out our blog for the Live Stream link: https://bit.ly/2Togg0l
21 May 2020
01:49:31@gushansky37:matrix.orgmikeg@room Hi everybody, Just a reminder that the deadline to vote for the Eridani Network Upgrade proposal ends at 1600UTC tomorrow, May 21st. Get voting instructions here: https://docs.akash.network/akashian/phase1#eridani-upgrade
02:35:49@antjos:matrix.organtjos joined the room.
20:38:40@gushansky37:matrix.orgmikegRedacted or Malformed Event
20:46:12@gushansky37:matrix.orgmikegUpgrade - twitter.png
Upgrade - twitter.png
20:46:20@gushansky37:matrix.orgmikeg@room UPDATE: Akashian Challengers, we identified a bug in the version specified in the Eridani Network Upgrade proposal. This bug will prevent the chain from restarting correctly. Identifying bugs and fixing them in our testnet environment will get us to a robust Akash mainnet. Because of this, we have voted our stake to veto the proposal. We will have remediation.
22 May 2020
14:46:03@gushansky37:matrix.orgmikeg@room Hi everyone, Just a reminder to join us for The Akashian Challenge Live Stream event today 4PM UTC/9AM PT for a chance to win a Supermini. Akash CEO Greg Osuri and Pylon's Jack Zampolin will present updates, awards, and a Q&A. Access our live stream here: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/the-akashian-challenge
17:43:55@ma6ic:matrix.orgAndy B joined the room.
17:45:51@ma6ic:matrix.orgAndy B changed their display name from ma6ic to Andy B.
23:09:08@gushansky37:matrix.orgmikeg@room UPDATE: Hi Akashian Challengers, Your participation and feedback help us build towards a strong Mainnet and healthy community. In consideration of community feedback, and in recognition of your efforts, we'll be making the following updates to validator rewards: -For Eridani, we will grant rewards to everyone who voted for the proposal. -For Sirius upgrade, we will consider a grace-period of 400 blocks for the rewards. Those who came online on-or-before 89121st block (inclusive) will be granted Sirius Network Upgrade rewards. These updates will be reflected in the leaderboard tomorrow: https://akash.vitwit.com/testnet-leaderboard

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