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8 Nov 2019
00:14:19@olmari:hacklab.fiSami Olmari
In reply to @maya:occult.institute
well, the list of features lists "multi-user", right? what does that mean?
* That many users can use same bridge instance (that's relevant because there exists some bridge structures that allow exactly one user per whole service)
00:14:57@olmari:hacklab.fiSami Olmarimapping many to one isn't generally doable (that I know of, I'm no bridge dev)
00:15:08@olmari:hacklab.fiSami Olmari..to either direction
00:17:01@maya:occult.institutemaya kateyeah, reading that about other bridges is why i'm asking
00:17:35@maya:occult.institutemaya kateso one-to-one works for each user separately. thanks!
00:18:19@olmari:hacklab.fiSami OlmariThat would essentially be it, yes :)
11:38:05@cos:hacklab.ficosyou can have many fb users in same chat with a matrix user
11:43:05@olmari:hacklab.fiSami OlmariThat would be normal group chat, which is indeed possible just like with any chat, but one can't bridge 2 FB user accounts onto one matrix user, nor other way which how I intrepet the question =)
11:45:14@cos:hacklab.ficosmulti-user can mean lot of things. bridges should have a matrix of use cases that they support or not.
11:46:05@olmari:hacklab.fiSami Olmaripropably should need clarification
11:46:30@olmari:hacklab.fiSami Olmari * propably should need clarification
9 Nov 2019
17:49:34@hugh:hmlw.meHughDoes deleting a message in riot delete from the facebook chat as well?
18:02:17@hugh:hmlw.meHughApologies forgot this was available!
11 Nov 2019
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12 Nov 2019
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13 Nov 2019

i started writing a generic relay appservice that implements the idea i posted here a while ago. its goal is to give rudimentary relaying to puppeting bridges that dont natively provide it themselves.

the gist of it is that once the AS user is in a room, one member of the room can request to be the relay target user, and anyone else in that room can opt-in to have their messages automatically re-posted by the relay target user. That means if the relay target user is logged into a puppeting bridge, and the room is a bridge portal room, it should allow non-puppeted users to get their messages bridged, because they'll be posted by the user whose messages are bridged

17:02:36@mr_johnson22:matrix.orgmr_johnson22I have something basic and very ugly written so far, but it looks like it works. tonight i plan to test it with the FB bridge to see if it makes the bridge explode for any reason
17:03:53@mr_johnson22:matrix.orgmr_johnson22once I get something usable ill post the repo publically somewhere
14 Nov 2019
21:03:48@dylanvanassche:privacytools.ioDylan Van Assche joined the room.
21:08:55@dylanvanassche:privacytools.ioDylan Van Assche

I'm trying to login but the bridge seems to have some issues with the login procedure:
Failed to log in: Login failed. Check email/password. (Failed on url: https://m.facebook.com/reg/?cid=103&refsrc=https://www.facebook.com/&_rdr)

Any suggestions?

21:11:52@tulir:maunium.nettulirdid you try the cookie login?
21:15:03@dylanvanassche:privacytools.ioDylan Van AsscheOh that seems to work :)
21:20:52@dylanvanassche:privacytools.ioDylan Van AsscheAwesome bridge!
15 Nov 2019
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