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25 Jun 2022
@_discord_409262342782582794:t2bot.ioDeadly farm joined the room.03:59:46
@_discord_409262342782582794:t2bot.ioDeadly farm Hello, do players put out sawmills? i notice it shows n/a 03:59:46
@_discord_218947789642530836:t2bot.ioPippyspot They aren’t really hosted much as logs are the only profitable option at about 600k/hour which isn’t really worth doing

They also removed the chance to get protean planks from it awhile ago too, which also harshly decreased the use of it

If you’re still looking for one, you might have some luck on the official portables world (84) at lumbridge market
@_discord_328750490206601227:t2bot.ioTim Myers joined the room.12:28:09
@_discord_328750490206601227:t2bot.ioTim Myers Hello, any admin available? 12:28:09
@_discord_217575251071074304:t2bot.ioChatty#0001 What's up? 12:47:19
@_discord_779754252960399430:t2bot.ioDeNoXia joined the room.13:11:50
@_discord_126822597143822336:t2bot.ioSoap joined the room.19:16:24
26 Jun 2022
@_discord_185116412329590784:t2bot.ioTomatoHat changed their display name from TomatoHat to TomatoHat#5554.20:16:54
@_discord_185116412329590784:t2bot.ioTomatoHat changed their display name from TomatoHat#5554 to TomatoHat.20:16:56
@_discord_217207193835929600:t2bot.ioxBaldr joined the room.23:47:32
27 Jun 2022
@_discord_540844495315402752:t2bot.iodeadchild joined the room.02:17:45
@_discord_262641687824826370:t2bot.ioKing_loz1 joined the room.14:01:57
@laurenclass:matrix.orglaurenclass joined the room.21:53:29
28 Jun 2022
@_discord_271740408474632193:t2bot.ioHurricanes joined the room.09:22:41
@_discord_130751880828682241:t2bot.ioBlackHawk#0955 joined the room.10:48:41
@_discord_130751880828682241:t2bot.ioBlackHawk#0955 changed their display name from BlackHawk to BlackHawk#0955.10:48:42
@_discord_130751880828682241:t2bot.ioBlackHawk#0955 Hey, is the google sheet no longer updated with locations? 10:48:42
@_discord_130751880828682241:t2bot.ioBlackHawk#0955 * Hey, is the google sheet no longer updated with locations?
The last update on it was 22 June
@_discord_360501331091390487:t2bot.ioJabbatat Outside of dxp, portables are rare to find outside of world 84, so updates are rarely needed. 10:54:10
@_discord_130751880828682241:t2bot.ioBlackHawk#0955 I only ask as someone mentioned in the wiki discord that our integration template has not updated in a while (this is linked to that spreadsheet)
Is this likely to only be updated during dxp events going forwards?
@_discord_360501331091390487:t2bot.ioJabbatat No, it will be updated anytime a portable is found or advertised as being around, anyone can update the sheet, so if someone is here and puts out a station somewhere, they may or may not update themselves. 10:58:34
@_discord_130751880828682241:t2bot.ioBlackHawk#0955 Thanks for your help 🙂 10:59:07
@_discord_360501331091390487:t2bot.ioJabbatat Any time 🙂 10:59:53
@_discord_665023666920095746:t2bot.iolonekitter Is there a bot command to add portables that can be found on the beach during the event? 19:24:40
@_discord_217575251071074304:t2bot.ioChatty#0001 Yes, you can add locations using the -add command in any of the channels in the "Portable locations" category. The location for the beach would be "LC" for Lumbridge Crater 19:32:08
@_discord_665023666920095746:t2bot.iolonekitter Thank you. Didn't realize the call for that area was "crater". Thanks! 19:43:26
29 Jun 2022
@_discord_842217258134798347:t2bot.ioJmrv324 Are gilded altars ever hosted anymore? 07:16:49
@_discord_218947789642530836:t2bot.ioPippyspot Try “altar” fc in-game, I don’t know how active they are these days but worth a shot 11:58:43
@_discord_842217258134798347:t2bot.ioJmrv324 Okie ty 18:31:47

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