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16 Mar 2023
@harrison_:matrix.orgharrison_thanks Chirayu :)22:17:05
@harrison_:matrix.orgharrison_i love that i can hook it up to my desktop with the ethernet port22:17:33
@cdesai:matrix.orgcdesaiI'm glad we finally have a model with ethernet22:19:15
@harrison_:matrix.orgharrison_ya i bet you received a lot of orders already22:20:51
In reply to @harrison_:matrix.org
so I received my mifi x pro today. thanks by the way. was wondering about how it says in data usage 8gb remaining 16 days to go - can I just ignore that because it's unlimited, yes?
That is a user configurable setting in the hotspot just to help you ration if your plan does have some limit.. you could set it to 10gb or 999gb but in the end our plan has no limit so it's not so useful 9f a feature
@nickcalyx:matrix.orgnickcalyx*of a feature22:31:28
@harrison_:matrix.orgharrison_i see22:31:35
17 Mar 2023
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveDoes the hotspot work with Canadian carriers?12:59:45
@perzarys:matrix.orgperzarys (he/him)US Only: Calyx internet service only works in the US. There is no coverage in Canada or Mexico for our hotspots, despite what the map shows.13:02:33
@perzarys:matrix.orgperzarys (he/him)https://calyxinstitute.org/coverage-map13:02:52
In reply to @majestictwelve:mozilla.org
Does the hotspot work with Canadian carriers?
we wish.. but the whole arrangement is based on US fcc rules for 'educational broadband spectrum' ... not only can the hotspots not roam internationally, they don't roam domestically either
@perzarys:matrix.orgperzarys (he/him)so "Our hotspots connect to T-Mobile's domestic LTE network and roam to Sprint when T-Mobile is not available" is not the current status anymore?13:05:59
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveThat's sad13:09:33
@nickcalyx:matrix.orgnickcalyxsprint doesn't really exist any more, they were bought by tmobile13:20:43
@nickcalyx:matrix.orgnickcalyxif you can find some remnant of the sprint network then that is still true13:21:23
@majestictwelve:mozilla.orgmajestictwelveIn Canada we have pretty much legalized monopolies on telecommunications networks and the prices are insanely high13:23:40
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18 Mar 2023
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19 Mar 2023
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20 Mar 2023
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@telegram_5927820751:calyx.devrafsimons (Telegram)anyone in here have the new mifi pro hotspot device?04:24:03
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