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9 Apr 2024
In reply to @edisondotme:matrix.org
Thank you. I think I need to find alternate network providers
@deimos:nitro.chatdeimosI had a prepaid verizon hotspot, but now they're demanding i go into a store to show my ID to keep my service.02:28:58
@deimos:nitro.chatdeimosclaiming there's some new law that requires KYC for all sim cards02:29:11
@nickcalyx:matrix.orgnickcalyxWhat law is that02:29:37
@deimos:nitro.chatdeimosexactly, they couldn't tell me02:34:15
@deimos:nitro.chatdeimosfwiw, my vz prepaid hotspot was through my business, which required no kyc until last month02:34:35
@deimos:nitro.chatdeimosi've had the same account for like 5 years now02:38:49

no one expects the spanish inquisition kyc requirement

10 Apr 2024
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11 Apr 2024
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12 Apr 2024
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13 Apr 2024
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16 Apr 2024
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@barbarocracy:fairydust.spacebarbarocracyHello, about how long will delivery take after ordering a mobile hotspot?13:57:18
@nickcalyx:matrix.orgnickcalyxWe say less than 2 weeks, on the website I believe14:11:28
@barbarocracy:fairydust.spacebarbarocracyOh apologies, missed that14:22:02
@nickcalyx:matrix.orgnickcalyxIt should hopefully be quicker, but we don't want to overpromise14:28:20
@nickcalyx:matrix.orgnickcalyxNo worries :)14:28:33

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