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23 Sep 2020
@_slack_okturtles_U01A6RF5XED:matrix.orgsbdegutis Where? 20:34:04
@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg I shared that link with you a few days ago... let me pull it up again... one sec 20:34:18
@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg https://github.com/okTurtles/group-income-simple/issues/651 20:34:30
@_slack_okturtles_U01A6RF5XED:matrix.orgsbdegutis Ah yes, that's similar to what I'm suggesting. 20:37:43
@_slack_okturtles_U01A6RF5XED:matrix.orgsbdegutis I'm having a hard time finding an example, which I've seen many times before in bigger projects on github. The idea of a tree of checkboxes lets us see every little task at a high level, and see the hierarchy. So one subtree could be "user accounts" and under that is "sign up", "login", "delete account", "change password", "reset password", and next to user accounts is another subtree for "payments" with its own items and subtrees, etc. 20:39:05
@_slack_okturtles_U01A6RF5XED:matrix.orgsbdegutis It has the disadvantage of needing to be updated manually, but is less work than alternative solutions. And having a high-level overview of everything that's left to be done has enough advantages that I think it'd be very worthwhile. 20:40:04
@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg In my experience working on this project so far with people, this kind of stuff only seems necessary initially, and then quickly becomes totally unnecessary / ignored once people ramp up working 20:40:56
@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg What we have with 651 is more than enough IMO 20:41:06
@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg Do you need such a list to close the Payments issue? I doubt it... once an issue is closed, it only takes a few moments, typically during the Monday call, to figure out what's next 20:41:44
@_slack_okturtles_U01A6RF5XED:matrix.orgsbdegutis Got it. It's as you said 2 years ago: "It is easy to get carried away with planning, diagramming, and doing everything possible except for actually writing code" and "Now let's dive deep into the work and forget all meta-work." 🙂 20:42:55
@_slack_okturtles_U01A6RF5XED:matrix.orgsbdegutis For the sorting payments table task, is there a premade SVG icon I can use for the sort button? 21:08:27
@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg I'm not sure (maybe 9SGRFKT6 knows?), if there isn't, then you should be able to export one from Figma as needed 21:09:15
@_slack_okturtles_U01A6RF5XED:matrix.orgsbdegutis Ah cool. 21:09:22
@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg This document might also be helpful: https://github.com/okTurtles/group-income-simple/blob/4b069c7197085557dcbd9c6a94cba62f09b63540/frontend/assets/svgs/README.md 21:10:06
@_slack_okturtles_U01A6RF5XED:matrix.orgsbdegutis You have a document on everything. 21:11:27
@_slack_okturtles_U9SGRFKT6:matrix.orga.sandrina.p > For the sorting payments table task, is there a premade SVG icon I can use for the sort button? 01A6RF5XED, we use fontawesome for all icons. the icons available are documented in design-system page. when needed, we add a new manually (with its unicode). 21:19:29
@_slack_okturtles_U01A6RF5XED:matrix.orgsbdegutis Thanks. 21:20:24
24 Sep 2020
@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre Good catch 01A6RF5XED! Feel free to leave a comment on the vue router doc, it hasn’t been merged yet 05:41:01
@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg FKBGLWCV Review done! It seems like it works with throttling now! 😄 🎉 I just found one bug during testing though: https://github.com/okTurtles/group-income-simple/pull/948#pullrequestreview-496019835 23:42:54
25 Sep 2020
@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre Thanks Gregg! 04:00:24
@robert:perthchat.orgrobert joined the room.15:29:01
@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg FKBGLWCV Thanks for reviewing @snowteamer's PR 🙂 18:06:58
26 Sep 2020
@_slack_okturtles_U2LRT44TD:matrix.orggitter snowteamer Yea thanks a lot, I will update my PR when I have time! 00:44:17
@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre 02KCCG4S I don’t see any easy solution for that bug other than Re-implementing the loading modals… The loading modal is supposed to be loaded from start and be replace by the actual modal. But then there is this animation and closing bug. I tried to patch this by creating exception in the way modals are loaded, but that start to be messy. So what I’m thinking is to change completely the way we load those modals: Instead of the component using a parent modal container, we open an empty modal which is in charge of loading the component.. what do you reckon 09:34:37
@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg FKBGLWCV I think you are the expert on Vue.js, and I haven't touched the modal code in a while, but 01A6RF5XED has. Is this something you and 01A6RF5XED can brainstorm? 14:50:03
@_slack_okturtles_U01A6RF5XED:matrix.orgsbdegutis Good points FKBGLWCV. I can take a look Monday morning and see if I have any additional thoughts 02KCCG4S. 14:53:21
@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg @snowteamer: awesome, thank you! 21:04:43
27 Sep 2020
@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg FKBGLWCV Did you see @snowteamer's comments? Is it OK to merge the French strings PR now? 15:25:32
@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre Almost 15:41:53
@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg FKBGLWCV replied! https://github.com/okTurtles/group-income-simple/pull/973#discussion_r495590293 16:32:52

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