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16 Sep 2019
15:12:10@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg schweiger.pierre Hmm, I see that our Contributing guidelines don’t make this sufficiently clear (I will update them later today), but in the future please let someone else merge your PR
15:12:45@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre Sure
15:17:14@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg The new model code is 🔥
15:22:00@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre margaridambotelho do have any draft of the very first screen?
15:22:46@_slack_okturtles_UDSJWKSG4:matrix.orgmargaridambotelho After signup, without a group yet?
15:22:52@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre no
15:22:54@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre before
15:23:11@_slack_okturtles_UDSJWKSG4:matrix.orgmargaridambotelho before login / signup? no...
15:23:16@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre ok
15:23:30@_slack_okturtles_UDSJWKSG4:matrix.orgmargaridambotelho we haven't designed anything for the "public" website yet
16:59:49@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg https://v3demo.mediasoup.org/?roomId=groupincome
17:03:51@_slack_okturtles_UDSJWKSG4:matrix.orgmargaridambotelho Sorry my computer crashed for some reason
17:04:07@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg no worries, we'll wait
17:07:52@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg schweiger.pierre did you crash as well 🙂
17:36:59@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg Summary of Call: - Margarida: finishing up error banners, design system updates: notifications bell, then taking on the chat + PR reviews + recharging 🔋 - Sandrina: will find an open issue to work on + PR reviews + recharging 🔋 - Pierre: group creation modal, dashboard widget/modal for adding income details (as two separate PRs) + PR reviews + recharging 🔋 - Greg: hackathon preparations, being available for calls + PR reviews + recharging 🔋
17 Sep 2019
21:54:48@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg margaridambotelho fyi I removed the App:Backend tag from a few of the issues you had created because they were (as far as I could tell) unrelated to the backend. e.g. https://github.com/okTurtles/group-income-simple/issues/554 , https://github.com/okTurtles/group-income-simple/issues/553 , etc
22:28:15@_slack_okturtles_U9SGRFKT6:matrix.orga.sandrina.p Hum… greg based on what you said, App:Backend is a little confusing for me now. Because there’s logic missing in those issues... and usually logic associated with database (which is the case for proposals/invites), it’s “backend” logic, right?
22:30:34@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg a.sandrina.p For changing the mincome, there is nothing that needs to be done on the backend. For doing invites, yes there might be some tiny thing that might need to be done on the backend, but that should be a separate issue focuses exclusively on that, whereas that issue was focused on the UI/UX of the invite process
18 Sep 2019
02:53:14@_slack_okturtles_U9SGRFKT6:matrix.orga.sandrina.p hmm but for the proposals, we need to create modifications in the group contract right? the way I see that’s not ‘frontend’
02:54:07@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg a.sandrina.p we can go over this on a call if you’d like!
02:56:33@_slack_okturtles_U9SGRFKT6:matrix.orga.sandrina.p are you free now?
02:57:29@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg Tomorrow tho
02:57:31@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg a.sandrina.p no sorry :-\
02:57:40@_slack_okturtles_U9SGRFKT6:matrix.orga.sandrina.p no problem, tomorrow then 🙂
05:19:37@_slack_okturtles_U9SGRFKT6:matrix.orga.sandrina.p So, tonight there were construction workers in my street all night long remove the road tar. Since 10pm and they are still working (it’s 6am). and I couldn’t sleep. For that reason I opened two “brainless” PR. A quick fix and an improvement to documentation: - https://github.com/okTurtles/group-income-simple/pull/667 - https://github.com/okTurtles/group-income-simple/pull/668
05:26:39@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg Poor a.sandrina.p! I’m about to head off to sleep myself, and I will be praying that you find some nice earplugs and sedatives, and that the street workers realize they’re violating some noise ordinance or at the very least, common decency!
05:27:52@_slack_okturtles_U9SGRFKT6:matrix.orga.sandrina.p thanks a.sandrina.p they informed everyone in advanced weeks ago, it’s a “must” in this road, so, I kinda… understand 🤷 Thanks god I don’t work 9-5 anymore, so I can sleep later today 😄
05:29:13@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg And oh dear, I just realized, your PR reminds me that I forgot to update the Contributing guidelines as I said I would. Need to add that to my high priority TODO before 😴 …
05:30:30@_slack_okturtles_U9SGRFKT6:matrix.orga.sandrina.p So check my PR and, if it makes sense, you can suggest “scout improvements” 😉
05:31:18@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg Ok, will do tomorrow! 🙂

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