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24 Jan 2020
01:34:37@_slack_okturtles_UFN5HBK5F:matrix.orgsongxevin I got u! ๐Ÿ™‚
01:35:20@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg argh, and i seem to have missed something in FKBGLWCV's PR... the proposals widget is no longer showing when there's a proposal
01:35:28@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg how on earth did the tests pass??
01:36:59@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre DSJWKSG4 ask in her PR to only show the income widget until people add there income
01:37:17@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg hmm. that's a mistake
01:37:43@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre Ok, so we should display the proposal too
01:37:49@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre I'll fix that now
01:38:02@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg FKBGLWCV awesome! thanks!
01:38:58@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg FKBGLWCV just created and assigned to you: https://github.com/okTurtles/group-income-simple/issues/806
01:46:39@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg FN5HBK5F great job!! Just gave my approval! https://github.com/okTurtles/group-income-simple/pull/765#pullrequestreview-347715738 now just needs DSJWKSG4's OK
01:47:49@_slack_okturtles_UFN5HBK5F:matrix.orgsongxevin Thanks 02KCCG4S~!!
02:07:58@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre PR ready 02KCCG4S https://github.com/okTurtles/group-income-simple/pull/807
02:08:23@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg FKBGLWCV awesome, am about to test it out right now and i think this is an easy merge
02:08:42@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre Great, thanks
02:12:04@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg FKBGLWCV merged! thanks for the quick fix! ๐Ÿ˜„
03:15:59@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg Made some good progress today on that blog post. Not sure about this intro tho... ๐Ÿ˜‰ (do not question my creative process!)
11:27:12@_slack_okturtles_U9SGRFKT6:matrix.orga.sandrina.p 02KCCG4S answered back to both PRs
11:28:32@_slack_okturtles_U9SGRFKT6:matrix.orga.sandrina.p 02KCCG4S and FKBGLWCV I think I have good news about Cypress PR! Please go take a look at my last comment. comands.js L36 - https://github.com/okTurtles/group-income-simple/pull/801/files#r370586641
14:16:22@_slack_okturtles_UDSJWKSG4:matrix.orgmargaridambotelho > hmm. thatโ€™s a mistake 02KCCG4S It was what we agreed on the mockups. Did you read the comment I left there? I will copy paste i here: > The idea here is to guide the user through all the steps that they need to take, one by one. If you donโ€™t have your income details filled out, the app is useless to you, hence the emphasis on getting that done first before more โ€œadvancedโ€, secondary mechanics are introduced. > The example I used at the time was Portal (the game) and how the mechanics are slowly introduced to players until they feel natural and second nature.
14:31:01@_slack_okturtles_UDSJWKSG4:matrix.orgmargaridambotelho Anyway, we can merge the PR as it is and discuss it. If we decide to go back and not show the proposals, we can do it later ๐Ÿ™‚
14:51:03@_slack_okturtles_U9SGRFKT6:matrix.orga.sandrina.p DSJWKSG4 a PR with the fix (always showing proposals) was already merged yesterday
23:08:33@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre Easy to revert however
23:51:04@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg Hi 9SGRFKT6, OK i'll have a quick look, but I'm taking most of today off
23:56:53@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg 9SGRFKT6 ok, left a couple of comments after a quick skim. Regarding your comment, I'll do my best to get back to you about it tomorrow!
25 Jan 2020
00:00:14@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg DSJWKSG4 regarding the proposals, once master is merged into Sandrina's Contributions Widget PR, I believe we'll have the optimal behavior: i.e. the proposals section hidden โ€” unless there's an open proposal. We need it to be shown anytime there's an open proposal, even if they haven't entered their income details. However, if there are no proposals open, it will be hidden. Whether or not we should show it in its empty state (i.e. when there are no open proposals) after the income details have been added.. I don't have a strong preference either way
01:23:56@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg 9SGRFKT6 just edited my comment here (realized I was mistaken about something): https://github.com/okTurtles/group-income-simple/pull/801/files#r370890417
12:57:39@_slack_okturtles_UDSJWKSG4:matrix.orgmargaridambotelho Approved FN5HBK5F!! ๐ŸŽ‰
12:58:28@_slack_okturtles_UDSJWKSG4:matrix.orgmargaridambotelho Is anyone else waiting for me to review a PR?
15:43:01@_slack_okturtles_U9SGRFKT6:matrix.orga.sandrina.p I believe not DSJWKSG4 02KCCG4S Iโ€™ll check your review on cypress tomorrow, today is my day off ๐Ÿ™‚
16:21:28@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg Congrats FN5HBK5F! Just merged your PR! The links look so much better now! ๐Ÿ˜„

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