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15 Feb 2019
22:02:09@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg yes, that's fine
22:02:23@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg oh, btw, make sure to merge the latest changes in master into your PR if you haven't done that
22:03:01@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre mm I haven’t. Will do now
22:03:36@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg ok great, once you do that also make sure to push those changes πŸ™‚
22:07:33@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre Done
22:12:17@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg ok, so it's not clear to me the relationship between Modal and ModalDynamic, currently working on figuring that out
22:13:39@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre The modal is the backbone off every modal. ModalDynamic is loaded on the page and it’s the container that load the different modals
22:14:37@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg what do you think about renaming ModalDynamic to Modal, and Modal to ModalTemplate?
22:14:46@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre sure
22:14:59@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg ok awesome, thanks! that makes it a lot easier for me to understand
22:14:59@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre I just kept what was done before
22:15:03@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg yeah
22:43:41@_slack_okturtles_UDSJWKSG4:matrix.orgmargaridambotelho > my quick intuitive feedback is that I feel there's a lot missing here from what we had before, some of which might need to be re-added 02KCCG4S I kept the exact same information/features there, just arranged it in a different way and added more things that I think were missing πŸ™‚
22:48:23@_slack_okturtles_U02KCD23D:matrix.organdrea I’m just finishing class now and will look at the new mockups Margarida designed as soon as I get back home to my laptop :)
23:27:07@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg FKBGLWCV Finished my review! Only minor issues found, after those are addressed it should be good to go! πŸŽ‰ https://github.com/okTurtles/group-income-simple/pull/533#pullrequestreview-204478914
23:27:36@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg DSJWKSG4 i'll get started on reviewing yours now πŸ™‚
16 Feb 2019
01:15:15@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg DSJWKSG4 I've finished leaving my feedback!
01:15:54@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg Note: I have not yet read the stuff in the notion.so link
01:16:14@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg (I'm hoping 02KCD23D can have a look at that)
17:36:59@_slack_okturtles_UDSJWKSG4:matrix.orgmargaridambotelho Just reviewed everything. It's still not very clear to me what my next steps are, I left some answers there so we can further discuss things πŸ™‚ thank you!
17:37:48@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg thanks DSJWKSG4! will get back to you in a few!
18 Feb 2019
16:50:33@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre 02KCCG4S PR ready to be merged
16:51:05@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg awesome! πŸ˜„
18:13:10@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg FKBGLWCV, did we lose you?
18:54:44@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg oh, FKBGLWCV, this PR now has conflicts, does it need to be closed or can you update it? https://github.com/okTurtles/group-income-simple/pull/523
19:12:09@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre This PR is closed now
19:12:21@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre Do you want me to create a new PR?
19:26:03@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg FKBGLWCV what do you mean it's closed? should i close it? feel free to either close it yourself and open a new one, or update it, either way works!
19:26:29@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg (unless these changes are no longer relevant?)
19:27:27@_slack_okturtles_UFKBGLWCV:matrix.orgschweiger.pierre I’m not sure to understand. I think the PR changes are relevant

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