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16 Dec 2018
17:21:32@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg DSJWKSG4 Awesome, thank you and I'll get some feedback to you later today! 😄 👍
17:22:33@_slack_okturtles_UDSJWKSG4:matrix.orgmargaridambotelho Perfect! 😄
17:22:37@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg DSJWKSG4 early feedback: this is looking great! 😄
17:23:23@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg definitely a stronger / more organized fundamental base to work from 👍
17:24:01@_slack_okturtles_UDSJWKSG4:matrix.orgmargaridambotelho Still needs more work, but I agree! And it's way easier to add things later on, if needed
17:24:55@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg yep. also, while I'm booting up to get the day started and reviewing this (as well as getting other things done), if you have more time you can start maybe thinking about what this will look like on mobile (e.g. an iPhone)?
17:25:25@_slack_okturtles_UDSJWKSG4:matrix.orgmargaridambotelho Sure! 😄
17:27:58@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg also, update on the job listing, we've had about 11 people apply so far 🙂
17:28:05@_slack_okturtles_UDSJWKSG4:matrix.orgmargaridambotelho I will not be able to have anything ready today though (it's already late here), but tomorrow for sure. I already have a clear idea on how the mobile version will look like, so that shouldn't take long 😄
17:28:12@_slack_okturtles_UDSJWKSG4:matrix.orgmargaridambotelho oh wow!
17 Dec 2018
00:27:06@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg DSJWKSG4 02KCD23D ok left my feedback!
00:27:11@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg have a question for you two 🙂
00:27:15@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg see the link there for my comment
00:27:33@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg *comment #16, don't know how to link to it
00:31:36@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg maybe this: https://www.figma.com/file/ZR0DRPhhUuHdJtf7PbGAM6tW/Group-Income?node-id=304%3A318
15:11:12@_slack_okturtles_UDSJWKSG4:matrix.orgmargaridambotelho I agree with both comments (02KCD23D and 02KCCG4S). I will try a third approach that reconciles the different feedback you left in Figma, namely: - Not having 2 take-over the screen modals; - Keeping the group settings separate from the "global settings" (Approach 1), and have it linked close to the group name, without it being another take-over the screen modal.
17:00:41@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg 👍
19:01:09@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg DSJWKSG4 joining appear in in 1 min!
19:01:17@_slack_okturtles_UDSJWKSG4:matrix.orgmargaridambotelho ok!
18 Dec 2018
12:17:53@_slack_okturtles_UDSJWKSG4:matrix.orgmargaridambotelho Good morning! 🌻 As discussed in our meeting yesterday, I've experimented a little bit with the sidebar, to see what's the best way to have the group switcher and the group settings. I tried to: - Make the group name look a little bit more like the user box in the bottom. - Improve the hierarchy; - Make the group name look more like a dropdown (in this case, the group switcher). Right now it seems like it works like an expand / collapse element (kind of like this example https://dribbble.com/shots/4815107-Follow-Accordion-Prototype). I've made 3 variations. If you scroll to the right, you can see the different sidebar versions in an actual page (so you can see it in context). https://www.figma.com/file/ZR0DRPhhUuHdJtf7PbGAM6tW/Group-Income?node-id=48%3A70
22:36:41@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg DSJWKSG4 thanks, I'll have a look! I'm curious why you placed these in the _Symbols page though?
22:37:39@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg oh i see, it's to continue updating the style guide?
22:38:50@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg Yep, Attempt #2 has my vote too 🙂
22:39:51@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg update on the applicants: we received 21 applicants, of whom only 12 seem to have been able to follow the basic instructions 😅
22:40:36@_slack_okturtles_UDSJWKSG4:matrix.orgmargaridambotelho exactly!
22:42:10@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg DSJWKSG4 one request: for the sake of making the convo readable on Gitter, can you use a markdown quote to reply instead of using Slack's thread functionality?
22:42:22@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg e.g.: > exactly [reply] 🙂
22:43:13@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg (since Gitter doesn't support threaded replies)
22:44:45@_slack_okturtles_UDSJWKSG4:matrix.orgmargaridambotelho Oh, I was not aware of that. Will do from now on 😄
22:45:15@_slack_okturtles_U02KCCG4S:matrix.orggreg thx! 🙂

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