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30 Oct 2018
16:36:02@maxicow:matrix.orgJohnAnders changed the history visibility to "world_readable" from "shared".
16:56:38@maxicow:matrix.orgJohnAnders set the room topic to "Snakk om alt lindy hop relatert!".
2 Dec 2018
22:07:25@fsol:matrix.orgfsol joined the room.
21 Dec 2018
08:15:05@maxicow:matrix.orgJohnAndersHei fsol! πŸ™‚
22 Dec 2018
23:36:59@fsol:matrix.orgfsolhalo allihopa! (john och magnus!)
23:37:28@fsol:matrix.orgfsolI recently moved to Trondheim and I was lookin for chatrooms
23:38:32@fsol:matrix.orgfsolI literaly have no clue of lindyhop, I have to admit. But my roomate was interested (he also moved recently to Trondheim) so I joined the channel out of interest :)
23 Dec 2018
11:27:30@maxicow:matrix.orgJohnAnders Cool! We are starting beginners class next year so watch out for the dates.
I am also trying to get an alternate to Facebook so that's why we are here.πŸ™‚
11:28:02@maxicow:matrix.orgJohnAndersDo you understand Norwegian? You wrote a little bit of Swedish. πŸ™‚
28 Jan 2019
10:00:36@fsol:matrix.orgfsolHalo both! and (late) happy 2019 :)
10:01:44@fsol:matrix.orgfsolI understand the "alternate to Facebook" initiative...
10:02:47@fsol:matrix.orgfsolTo answer your question, yes, I speak Swedish (not mother tongue), I moved to Norway after almost 6 years of LuleΓ₯
10:04:09@fsol:matrix.orgfsolHonestly, I ended up here cz when I moved, I looked for "Trondheim" rooms in matris and that's what came up!
10:04:52@fsol:matrix.orgfsolSo to say, I was more interested in Trondheim and interesting communities rather thatn lindyhop itself...
10:07:00@fsol:matrix.orgfsolNonetheless, as I said, my roomate is interested and I think he is informed (let me take a wild guess... through fb???)
30 Jan 2019
11:25:01@maxicow:matrix.orgJohnAndersok, cool. Are you working or studying in Trondheim?
31 Jan 2019
19:32:16@fsol:matrix.orgfsolkinda both... I am working as a postdoc at the NTNU
20:00:31@fsol:matrix.orgfsolr you students?

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