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26 Jan 2023
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27 Jan 2023
@maga1776:matrix.orgNas Khan joined the room.00:45:37
@maga1776:matrix.orgNas Khan Hi I have an issue  00:46:07
@maga1776:matrix.orgNas Khan Everytime I open a chat I have "encryption upgrade available " it's very annoying 00:47:04
@maga1776:matrix.orgNas Khan Any ideas how to fix this please?  00:48:39
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@hansjk:matrix.orgHans Kristiansen joined the room.09:38:26
@hansjk:matrix.orgHans KristiansenWhat does " $0.50/month per remote bridged user" mean? Does it mean $0.50 for each bridge a user is using? So if I use Signal, Teams and Discord, I have to pay tree times as much, and if we are two using these bridges, we need to pay 6 times as much?09:43:10
@twilight:element.iotwilightWe charge bridge usage per RMAU (Remote Monthly Active User). This is defined as a remote user, a Discord user, for example, who has sent a message across the bridge in the past month09:45:57
@hansjk:matrix.orgHans KristiansenSo if we would bridge to a large chat on Signal with 50 people on it would start to become very expensive?09:47:59
@hansjk:matrix.orgHans KristiansenSince we have to pay for all the users who are on the other app, even though they arent on our server.09:49:05
@twilight:element.iotwilightYes, if all 50 are active that would be $25/month for the Signal bridge09:51:11
@hansjk:matrix.orgHans KristiansenWhat if I would host a bridge myself?09:52:42
@twilight:element.iotwilightWe don't support self hosted bridges with EMS servers, unfortunately09:54:43
@hansjk:matrix.orgHans KristiansenOh, so it's not possible to point a selfhosted bridge you the ems server? Since theres some bridges that are not included in EMS like FB messenger.09:57:24
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@hansjk:matrix.orgHans KristiansenOk, but is the the Chatterbox selfhostable?12:07:03
@twilight:element.iotwilightThe frontend embeddable Chatterbox client is open source: https://github.com/vector-im/chatterbox The backend chat/support bot addon is proprietary. We are also unfortunately not offering Chatterbox on EMS at the moment.13:48:00
@hansjk:matrix.orgHans KristiansenOh, so it's not hostable and not possible to pay for it.13:53:43
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@twilight:element.iotwilightIt's possible we're offering it in our on-premise package, trying to figure that out at the moment.13:57:00
In reply to @hansjk:matrix.org
Oh, so it's not hostable and not possible to pay for it.
the server probably doesn't need anything complicated, I think even https://github.com/maubot/supportportal might be enough
In reply to @twilight:element.io
It's possible we're offering it in our on-premise package, trying to figure that out at the moment.
We can offer it for a large on-prem deployment, if this is something you'd want, please contact our sales department https://try.element.io/contact-sales
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