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28 Sep 2022
@_discord_253169330219384832:t2bot.ioOkno >- PR is a fix: you explain exactly what you're fixing in a few words / sentences ( a crash occurs when ... This PR fixes it) -> screenshots if you have visual cues of it

How would you automate that, pull request template ?
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj you can add codecov without having tests? 07:24:14
@_discord_139023699117342720:t2bot.ionheuillet Oh yeah I see what you mean 07:24:35
@_discord_139023699117342720:t2bot.ionheuillet Yeah that's where is starts being annoying, ideally we would mock and test it still but I don't think we need to that for now 07:24:57
@_discord_139023699117342720:t2bot.ionheuillet ^ 07:25:10
@_discord_253169330219384832:t2bot.ioOkno For what its worth I have a crate interacting with git repository and I had to write this to get the test correct : https://docs.rs/sealed_test/latest/sealed_test/ 07:25:12
@_discord_139023699117342720:t2bot.ionheuillet Most likely yeah, up sure there are ways to better enforce it but PR templates is a good start 07:26:06
Download screenshot-2022-09-28T093633.png
@_discord_253169330219384832:t2bot.ioOkno There is room for improvement 😆 07:37:20
@_discord_139023699117342720:t2bot.ionheuillet Lapce rpc should be too in some way 07:40:27
@_discord_139023699117342720:t2bot.ionheuillet But yeah good coverage on core would be amazing 07:40:28
@_discord_253169330219384832:t2bot.ioOkno just sent a PR adding coverage to the CI, I guess a maintainer needs to authorize codecov github app 07:51:19
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj why remove tests though 07:52:04
@_discord_253169330219384832:t2bot.ioOkno cargo llvm-cov run the test 07:52:29
@_discord_253169330219384832:t2bot.ioOkno no need to run twice 07:52:36
@_discord_854834852803903488:t2bot.iopj then please note that in PR 07:52:41
@_discord_139023699117342720:t2bot.ionheuillet btw what's the state of code coverage on rust? Last time I checked was two years ago and it seemed like a bother, how's the speed / easiness now? 07:55:43
@_discord_253169330219384832:t2bot.ioOkno It has improved a lot 07:56:16
@_discord_253169330219384832:t2bot.ioOkno compilation is still a bit longer than for normal test execution but I guess this is not something we really care about for CI builds 07:57:01
@_discord_139023699117342720:t2bot.ionheuillet Yeah that's fair 07:58:07
@_discord_1024594215717584927:t2bot.iotmp joined the room.08:17:19
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@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix seems like it llvm-cov triggers for derives, which might sometimes be useful but I wonder if we could disable that 08:21:53
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix Unfortunately, I don't seem to see a nice method on the cargo-llvm-cov repo 08:37:44
@_discord_253169330219384832:t2bot.ioOkno I don't know if that's an issue, you can reasonably hit 80% coverage even with derive impl picked by cargo llvm is think. 09:03:39
@_discord_253169330219384832:t2bot.ioOkno + coverage is not an absolute measure, only the diff matters 09:11:58
@_discord_179243639342366721:t2bot.ioinagun joined the room.09:29:06
@_discord_253169330219384832:t2bot.ioOkno I am writting some unit tests in lapce-core, starting with word.rs, btw I think it's better if those are written by someone less familiar with the codebase than you guys. Less knowledge, less assumptions 09:35:58
@_discord_139023699117342720:t2bot.ionheuillet Not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need 09:37:01
@_discord_139023699117342720:t2bot.ionheuillet jokes aside, thank you so much 09:37:09

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