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26 Mar 2022
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@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix Is there a way to get the height of text? 16:52:31
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix (I'm doing lines because it seems like it doesn't actually go to a newline) 16:52:51
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix * (I'm doing lines because it seems like it doesn't actually go to a new line if I just directly use text for the text layout) 16:53:17
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix The above has the issue that it will wrap due to the max width but my code doesn't know whether it wraps or not, so the y position is bad 16:53:41
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix so it will intersect wrapped text 16:53:54
@_discord_650456468180435002:t2bot.iosamuel_ joined the room.16:54:22
@_discord_192531872318750720:t2bot.ioghishadow#6592 joined the room.16:54:45
@_discord_192531872318750720:t2bot.ioghishadow#6592 that theme looks cool 16:54:45
@_discord_520541437981360128:t2bot.iodzhou121 Should be my text rendering logic. 16:54:46
@_discord_520541437981360128:t2bot.iodzhou121 There's size() method on TextLayout 16:55:04
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix Bearded Theme (Vivid Black) 16:55:07
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix Oh, there is! I was only looking at the other impl blocks. Thanks. 16:56:12
@_discord_520541437981360128:t2bot.iodzhou121 bugadani Can I ask you to try the latest master yet again. Should be a bit of difference this time. 17:07:34
@_discord_954681771860045845:t2bot.iobugadani certainly! 17:07:55
Download unknown.png
@_discord_954681771860045845:t2bot.iobugadani it's different allright 17:09:03
Download unknown.png
@_discord_954681771860045845:t2bot.iobugadani or, with font size 14: 17:09:50
@_discord_954681771860045845:t2bot.iobugadani I think it's better, but it's still not the beauty VSCode gives 17:10:30
@_discord_520541437981360128:t2bot.iodzhou121 Do you think it's better than before all the changes? 17:12:00
@_discord_520541437981360128:t2bot.iodzhou121 MinusGix Can you try the latest master to see if it gives better text rendering on Linux as well? 17:12:20
@_discord_954681771860045845:t2bot.iobugadani no 17:12:21
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix sure 17:12:30
Download unknown.png
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix well I got this rendering correctly now
though now I need to get scrolling working properly
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix (RA's output of newlines is a bit odd, I think it is because doc comments are technically markdown, but that doesn't explain that first sentence not having a newline at all) 17:15:01
Download unknown.png
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix This is the one with the weird random newline 17:15:35
@_discord_154041590657056768:t2bot.ioMinusGix I think it is because in the source file it is two separate doc comments and normal markdown ignores single newlines 17:15:54

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