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15 May 2024
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16 May 2024
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17 May 2024
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20 May 2024
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21 May 2024
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26 May 2024
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27 May 2024
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30 May 2024
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1 Jun 2024
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2 Jun 2024
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8 Jun 2024
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10 Jun 2024
@thompson_plug:matrix.org@thompson_plug:matrix.orgHello everyone I'm a Grower and supplier of cannabis and psychedelics products such as; edibles Distillates Disposables Shrooms(mushrooms) Weed (bud) Vapes Codeine CBD oil Packwood Cocaine Ketamine Steroids Pills Hash Rosin Mdma DMT Meth Cart Clone card Cashapp/PayPal flip Fakenotes too and many more... Let me know if you’re interested See products in the channel 👇 👇👇 https://t.me/highways_market 23:05:29
11 Jun 2024
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13 Jun 2024
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14 Jun 2024
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@hatio:matrix.orghatio😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 卂|尺卩卄卂尺爪卂 We offer one of the largest supplies of all kinds of drugs/medication/🔫 of Europe.☑️ Send a DM to see all the things we have to offer‼️ 🔤🔤🔤🔤 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 💊 XTC PILLS / XTC PILLS 💊 180mg MDMA - 330mg MDMA (10+ species / 10+ species) ❄️COKE COLOMBIAN ❄️ (Quality bricks, 86/88% pure coke) 👃SPEED / AMPHETAMIN 👃 (70%+ pure / 70%+ pure) 🐴KETAMINE / KETAMIN 🐴 (sugar / zücker) 🪨3/4MMC ROCKS 🪨 (top quality) 🥶MDMA CRYSTALS 🥶 (80%+ pure / 80%+ pure) ➡️Heroin ➡️shrooms ➡️LSD, acid tabs & Liquid 🔺2CB PILLS /2CB PILLS 🔺 * BATMAN 🦇 ( 20 mg ) * GREEN / PINK MONEYBAG 💰 ( 20 mg 💦GHB 💦 (top quality GHB ) 🔫 Large assortment of 🔫 available‼️ 🔤🔤🔤🔤➖🔤🔤🔤🔤 We offer all kinds of weed/hash, send a dm to see all different kinds‼️ 🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤🔤 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 🟢All strips 30 pieces🟢 💊Xanax Bars 2mg 💊Alprazolam 1mg 💊Diazepam 10mg 💊Clonazepam 2mg 💊Lorazepam 2.5mg 💊Zopiclon 7.5mg 💊Zolpidem 10mg 💊Soa-kuur chlamydia 💊Tramadol. 50mg 💊Tramadol 100mg 💊Tramadol 200mg 💊Modafinil 200mg 💊Armodafinil 150mg 💊Pregabaline 300mg 💊Ritalin 10mg 💊Temazepam 20mg 💊Oxycodone 80mg 💊KAMAGRA 100 mg 💊Cenforce 200 mg 💊Sextreme Sildalis 160mg.+ Vertrager 💊Vidalista 60 mg WEEKENDPIL 💊COBRA 120mg ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ !! SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY!! PAYMENT IN CRYPTO💰💰💰 ⭐️CONTACT⭐️ @airpharma:matrix.org10:45:09
17 Jun 2024
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19 Jun 2024
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