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8 May 2021
@ricklafleur:matrix.orgricklafleurLet alone with the screen on and all the other components you got going on 09:41:38
@rahmanshaber:matrix.orgrahmanshaberIf there was possibility to reduce the display brightness then it could have lasted longer, 7 hours at lest. Now there is no way reduce the brightness, it's always in full brightness 09:41:39
@ricklafleur:matrix.orgricklafleurLove your project btw09:41:48
@rahmanshaber:matrix.orgrahmanshaberI am using Pi3, pi4 is the worst when it comes to power to performance.09:42:30
@ricklafleur:matrix.orgricklafleurWhat's holding you back from being able to control brightness? 09:42:59
@ricklafleur:matrix.orgricklafleurCustom LCD controller?09:43:23
@ricklafleur:matrix.orgricklafleurThe pi zero with two 18650s must go forever lol 09:44:38
@rahmanshaber:matrix.orgrahmanshaberit need more parts in the parts list to make the mutantC, and that feature doesn't worth the added parts or cost. also the time and money needed to prototyping this09:45:25
@rahmanshaber:matrix.orgrahmanshabersee the table 09:46:13
Download image.png
In reply to @ricklafleur:matrix.org
The pi zero with two 18650s must go forever lol
true indeed
@ricklafleur:matrix.orgricklafleurAny new modules up and coming?10:00:01
@rahmanshaber:matrix.orgrahmanshaberyes, GPS and wifi. ESP32-s2 support in the arduino holding me back. 10:01:38
@rahmanshaber:matrix.orgrahmanshaberADC support is not working so i could not finish the firmware work in mutantC.10:02:39
@rahmanshaber:matrix.orgrahmanshaber * ADC support is not working so i could not finish the firmware work in mutantC.10:02:56
@ricklafleur:matrix.orgricklafleurIt would be interesting to see an SDR module for this10:07:33
@ricklafleur:matrix.orgricklafleurSoftware defined radio 10:08:02
@rahmanshaber:matrix.orgrahmanshaberany hardware you can point me to?10:26:55
@rahmanshaber:matrix.orgrahmanshaberThose are really complex circuits. We have this Add-on that have a radio , https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=RFM95 https://gitlab.com/mutantC/add-on-ggeltph12:53:58
@rahmanshaber:matrix.orgrahmanshaber ricklafleur: 12:54:02
9 May 2021
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10 May 2021
In reply to @rahmanshaber:matrix.org
sent an image.
@room Here is the full details of using this battery with Pi3, Wifi & Bluetooth off,
Screen On + idle = 5 hours
Screen Off + idle = 6 hours
11 May 2021
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14 May 2021
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