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21 Feb 2018
23:45:28@hteah:matrix.orgHeathRiot needs a dislike option.
5 Mar 2018
03:49:31@magi:matrix.orgmagi joined the room.
22 Mar 2018
04:23:04@Sonic_DX:matrix.orgCardboard_Silver changed their profile picture.
04:23:19@Sonic_DX:matrix.orgCardboard_Silver changed their display name from GoldPawz to Cardboard_Silver.
04:34:16@Sonic_DX:matrix.orgCardboard_Silver I like this photo. It's of a car with blood from a person getting shot in a drive by.
09:56:46@greenjon:matrix.org@greenjon:matrix.orgI hope they were able to shoot back before they bled out.
31 Mar 2018
21:07:36@greenjon:matrix.org@greenjon:matrix.orgFucking weeds in my flowerbeds.
2 Apr 2018
00:39:38@Sonic_DX:matrix.orgCardboard_SilverPiss on em and theyle die. (Assuming you are a guy)
6 Apr 2018
19:51:55@HappyGoat:matrix.org@HappyGoat:matrix.org Why do we got to have a password for everything, I mean really. All I did was switch phones. If I didn't have such an aversion to pen and paper I suppose this would not be a problem, but to hell with pen and paper.
10 Apr 2018
19:54:01@greenjon:matrix.org@greenjon:matrix.org removed their profile picture.
19:54:33@greenjon:matrix.org@greenjon:matrix.org set a profile picture.
11 Apr 2018
20:41:47@HappyGoat:matrix.org@HappyGoat:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
14 Apr 2018
15:10:22@i.syndicate:matrix.orgi.syndicate joined the room.
15 Apr 2018
18:21:20@i.syndicate:matrix.orgi.syndicate set a profile picture.
26 Apr 2018
01:07:36@heipme:matrix.orgheipme joined the room.
05:13:05@spukkin:matrix.orgspukkinIts way too fucking cheerful in here.
05:29:07@greenjon:matrix.org@greenjon:matrix.orgWhen I want your opinion, I'll beat it out of you.
08:17:28@heipme:matrix.orgheipmeYou just made me spit a mouthful of motor oil all over my damn keyboard
14:31:24@greenjon:matrix.org@greenjon:matrix.orgI hate house mice.
15:47:15@spukkin:matrix.orgspukkin changed their profile picture.
15:50:06@spukkin:matrix.orgspukkin changed their profile picture.
20:13:39@HappyGoat:matrix.org@HappyGoat:matrix.orgI hate house humans.
4 May 2018
03:54:29@greenjon:matrix.org@greenjon:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
03:57:11@greenjon:matrix.org@greenjon:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
6 May 2018
02:49:05@ripley:matrix.orgripleylandlords are literal garbage, fuck them
02:57:26@spukkin:matrix.orgspukkin invited @Cthulhu:spaz.org@Cthulhu:spaz.org.
27 May 2018
01:28:42@spukkin:matrix.orgspukkingoddam fucking shit, right Cthulhu?

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