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27 May 2018
01:30:44@greenjon:matrix.org@greenjon:matrix.org Neishol iaftikra nilt! Nu-ohuglai'u thakheishki. Ki'arl keiliats leiltorka'ets gala'iats tiheiltats zvrishkia-ai ainyashkighong... Nya'ehi! Ufta'u pegre'o! Uyeirka-el fteggia! Iapi... La-aigre-ex glahi-ai, hmothoth ukeingei'o, oglug, iapog... Kurlultia-ek iapikhoshkult.
30 May 2018
31 May 2018
7 Jun 2018
04:22:22@greenjon:matrix.org@greenjon:matrix.orgSomeone recently asked me what my sign was. I think I found it.
08:56:39@HappyGoat:matrix.org@HappyGoat:matrix.orgFick That.
08:57:26@HappyGoat:matrix.org@HappyGoat:matrix.orgWell fuck. Fat fingers EVIL !!!
18 Jun 2018
02:30:09@HappyGoat:matrix.org@HappyGoat:matrix.org I've been busy going nowhere just to get a lot of nothing done.
02:35:52@greenjon:matrix.org@greenjon:matrix.org At least you're not going backwards.
02:40:50@HappyGoat:matrix.org@HappyGoat:matrix.orgAt least backwards would be motion of some sort or another.
03:22:07@greenjon:matrix.org@greenjon:matrix.orgFuck Eugene.
03:23:00@greenjon:matrix.org@greenjon:matrix.orgThe only good thing about Eugene is the Rose Garden.
03:23:41@HappyGoat:matrix.org@HappyGoat:matrix.org I have mixed feelings about Eugene. It's good for the way I make my living, on the same coin it's very very bad.

As it sits that's true of nearly every geographic location within the United States borders.

03:24:25@HappyGoat:matrix.org@HappyGoat:matrix.org As long as we're saying f* things, let's lump the United States in there too.
03:24:49@greenjon:matrix.org@greenjon:matrix.orgFuck 'Merica.
03:25:08@HappyGoat:matrix.org@HappyGoat:matrix.org F* humans period without which this conversation would not be possible.
03:26:32@HappyGoat:matrix.org@HappyGoat:matrix.org This is going to launch me on a string of epic proportions thinking of what humans as a race are directly responsible for. I'll reiterate, f humans, f* first, then f the rest of us. F all of us.
03:33:40@HappyGoat:matrix.org@HappyGoat:matrix.org Precisely. That, and not to exclude that, f* it to.
22 Jun 2018
07:01:23@greenjon:matrix.org@greenjon:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
07:04:05@greenjon:matrix.org@greenjon:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
07:10:42@greenjon:matrix.org@greenjon:matrix.org changed their profile picture.
19:46:11@benattar:matrix.orgbenattar I’m kind of sad today.
19:46:35@benattar:matrix.orgbenattar Thank you all for being part of something that makes my life more full and fantastic.
19:46:46@benattar:matrix.orgbenattar But yeah, I feel sad.
19:48:06@greenjon:matrix.org@greenjon:matrix.orgBest wishes @benattar:matrix.org
19:57:18@benattar:matrix.orgbenattar It’s all good, brother. Shorty and I will see y’all out there.
19:57:19@HappyGoat:matrix.org@HappyGoat:matrix.org I'm sad you're not going to make it seeing as my daughter is going to be with me this year. I 100% hope you feel so much better. We are both sending you birthday hugs.
23 Jun 2018
23:39:31@greenjon:matrix.org@greenjon:matrix.org left the room.
1 Jul 2018
06:50:27@TreyK47:matrix.org@TreyK47:matrix.orgMutant Farce 22 Oregon America

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