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8 Jul 2018
13:29:55@xardas:matrix.orgxardasgood idea, I will try to work with that the coming week
10 Jul 2018

kingflurkel: xardas edu
The local organizers in Lima are asking if it is possible to have a virtual hackathon, before we do our tour through Latin America. Virtual means it would be at a weekend and Swarm City Devs would be available by means of a video call to explain the Architecture, API and Smart Contracts that are used.
The students will then have the opportunity to build their own solutions in Swarm City.
Communication besides the video call, would be for example through Riot.

The winners of the hackathon will be announced at the Blockchain on Tour Event on Nov. 27th in Lima.

10:23:24@bernd_swarmcity:matrix.orgCoachBLet me know if that would be something you are interested in supporting. It would be probably one week before the Blockchain on Tour event.
10:24:15@bernd_swarmcity:matrix.orgCoachBStatus already mentioned that Andy Tudhope and Eduardo Garza would be available from their side.
11:04:52@kingflurkel:matrix.orgkingflurkel Sounds interesting! Let’s see how far we are by then, could be interesting to explain how to build a storefront.
11:05:39@kingflurkel:matrix.orgkingflurkel THe idea of swarm city is that devs don’t need to know about smart contracts, apis etc, but with only css/html/js skills can build a dapp experience in the form of a storefront
11:06:07@kingflurkel:matrix.orgkingflurkelIf time permits, I would love to help explaining how we build
12:16:24@bernd_swarmcity:matrix.orgCoachBOK, I will tell the organizers that the interest is there but that you cannot commit to it yet. I think as long as Status will commit to it, the event will happen and it should be possible to participate even on short notice.
20 Jul 2018
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15 Aug 2018
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13 Sep 2018
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25 Sep 2018
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10 Oct 2018
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16 Oct 2018
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26 Oct 2018
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5 Nov 2018
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10 Nov 2018
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22 Nov 2018
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24 Nov 2018
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27 Nov 2018
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8 Dec 2018
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9 Dec 2018
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