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6 Jul 2022
@_discord_362708625744986112:t2bot.ioPickles#0452 Uhhh 23:39:58
@_discord_362708625744986112:t2bot.ioPickles#0452 Rats 23:40:00
@_discord_767101091057631304:t2bot.ioSerpentbtye very beautiful armor 23:46:08
@_discord_767101091057631304:t2bot.ioSerpentbtye I was thinking the greaves have too little armor and are more clothing but vanilla orcish armor does that so I don't think it's a problem 23:47:07
@_discord_422082016608124931:t2bot.ioc0dacan0n yeah i did that specifically because i assumed orcish was the closest construction-wise to ald/tmer armor 23:54:00
@_discord_767101091057631304:t2bot.ioSerpentbtye cool, I love all those weapons and the shield. That staff might be my favourite of the bunch 23:55:07
7 Jul 2022
@_discord_472036962224832512:t2bot.ioWhy#9084 Anyone ever seen this image before? House of Troubles stuff, definitely interesting https://images.uesp.net/8/83/MW-concept-Boethiah.jpg 00:31:03
@_discord_472036962224832512:t2bot.ioWhy#9084 might serve as a nice mural of some sort 00:31:27
@_discord_362708625744986112:t2bot.ioPickles#0452 Yeah Cicero brings it up quite a bit 00:31:44
@_discord_599736409095405598:t2bot.ioGoblinMan Is Cool Malacath best 01:49:43
@_discord_599736409095405598:t2bot.ioGoblinMan Is Cool He’s my god-king 01:49:47
@_discord_535193433434751017:t2bot.iomothpot#7756 i'm team shit elf 03:35:31
@_discord_767101091057631304:t2bot.ioSerpentbtye Mehrunes Dagon always loses it seems, that's kind of funny so he's my favourite 10:56:43
@_discord_478978158465646615:t2bot.ioJohn Blacklight The dagger and hammer I am hoping they can be legendary bound weapons. Metaphysical blah blah blah 12:44:10
@_discord_478978158465646615:t2bot.ioJohn BlacklightBound_Phase_Razor_of_Resdayn.png
Download Bound_Phase_Razor_of_Resdayn.png
@_discord_478978158465646615:t2bot.ioJohn BlacklightBound_Hammer_of_Resdayn.png
Download Bound_Hammer_of_Resdayn.png
@_discord_362708625744986112:t2bot.ioPickles#0452 Malacath smells like poop 12:45:19
@_discord_478978158465646615:t2bot.ioJohn Blacklight Like you 12:45:24
@_discord_362708625744986112:t2bot.ioPickles#0452Redacted or Malformed Event12:45:33
@_discord_599736409095405598:t2bot.ioGoblinMan Is Cool He was not pooped out 12:45:41
@_discord_599736409095405598:t2bot.ioGoblinMan Is Cool He tells the story differently which I believe because he’s great 12:45:59
@_discord_362708625744986112:t2bot.ioPickles#0452 Big if true 12:46:12
@_discord_767101091057631304:t2bot.ioSerpentbtye I don't like him he's evil 12:46:20
@_discord_362708625744986112:t2bot.ioPickles#0452 Cool icons Cicero 12:46:33
@_discord_599736409095405598:t2bot.ioGoblinMan Is Cool He’s not evil he’s good only if you orc tho 12:46:35
@_discord_599736409095405598:t2bot.ioGoblinMan Is Cool In one Orcish telling, Trinimac confronted Boethiah for creating the dissident movement and challenged her to a battle. During the fight, Trinimac was about to strike down Boethiah when Mephala appeared; the Webspinner stabbed Trinimac in the back. As Trinimac kneeled helpless, Boethiah invoked a ritual to scar and twist Trinimac's appearance, then banished the Aedra to a place of ash. In a rage, Trinimac cut open his chest and "[tore] the shame from his spirit", being reborn as Mauloch.[36] 12:50:25
@_discord_362708625744986112:t2bot.ioPickles#0452 #off-topic 12:50:34
@_discord_599736409095405598:t2bot.ioGoblinMan Is Cool 🐗 12:50:41
@_discord_472036962224832512:t2bot.ioWhy#9084 as in, custom spells for the Lua-plugin to summon these? That's neat 13:02:45
@_discord_478978158465646615:t2bot.ioJohn Blacklight Ya 13:13:25

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