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29 Mar 2023
@_discord_238026017250344960:t2bot.ioTyddy Ner#4104 joined the room.13:37:11
@_discord_238026017250344960:t2bot.ioTyddy Ner#4104 https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/52569 13:37:12
@_discord_238026017250344960:t2bot.ioTyddy Ner#4104 I think, you guys will be interested in the included artbook 13:37:26
@_discord_798981124398645259:t2bot.ioAldergo#8319 It reminds me a bit of Super Sentai or Kamen Rider. I think this is cool! 19:35:47
@_discord_148296710806831105:t2bot.ioDon#1004 Yeah I vibe with it. 19:41:09
@_discord_148296710806831105:t2bot.ioDon#1004 I think the color could be toned down, but other than that, that seems like a set I'd wear. 19:41:22
@_discord_bot:t2bot.ioDiscord Bridge invited @_discord_831938499518398485:t2bot.iopnoom#2929.19:41:41
@_discord_831938499518398485:t2bot.iopnoom#2929 joined the room.19:41:42
@_discord_831938499518398485:t2bot.iopnoom#2929 I love that 19:41:42
@_discord_831938499518398485:t2bot.iopnoom#2929 Honestly I just love anything that has goggles 19:42:00
@_discord_267400315366539264:t2bot.ioTammilisäke Fuck I love it 20:55:35
@_discord_267400315366539264:t2bot.ioTammilisäke It's amazing 20:55:37
@_discord_176901499190902785:t2bot.ioDelemis, the Imoster of Agungus It's pretty great 21:34:30
@_discord_831938499518398485:t2bot.iopnoom#2929 I really hope that gets made into an actual armor, its unironically a great design 22:09:29
30 Mar 2023
@_discord_326193283527081985:t2bot.ioKynesifnar#3930 I'm ah...
Honestly not a fan of this one.
@_discord_148296710806831105:t2bot.ioDon#1004 What do you think would improve it? 00:42:23
@_discord_326193283527081985:t2bot.ioKynesifnar#3930 Nothing. Just not a good idea to have in the first place imo. 01:00:33
@_discord_148296710806831105:t2bot.ioDon#1004 Fair. 01:01:23
@_discord_219089840606543872:t2bot.ioRecall The antennae seem a little thick, I think the design may benefit from thin, spindly antennae 01:20:42
@_discord_219089840606543872:t2bot.ioRecall Maybe shorter ones, too 01:20:51
@_discord_219089840606543872:t2bot.ioRecall Otherwise very good, I actually quite like the brightness 01:21:02
@_discord_219089840606543872:t2bot.ioRecall * Otherwise very good, I actually quite like the bright blue 01:21:09
@_discord_228262343816118272:t2bot.ioMISTERSMELLIES#3571 That's great 14:45:50
@_discord_228262343816118272:t2bot.ioMISTERSMELLIES#3571 I think warehouse or something has a beetle armour 14:46:18
@_discord_228262343816118272:t2bot.ioMISTERSMELLIES#3571 * I think wares or something has a beetle armour 14:46:40
@_discord_351426070181969952:t2bot.ioAteiggaer Thanks Aldergo, it does, doesn't it? Or some power ranger stuff, I'm really not sure however, it looked better in my mind 😂 14:54:16
@_discord_228262343816118272:t2bot.ioMISTERSMELLIES#3571 https://tenor.com/view/neat-tick-bugman-gif-11572962 14:54:52
@_discord_351426070181969952:t2bot.ioAteiggaer The idea was that we get some painted chitin based on TR's blue, green, brown and horned beetle 14:55:16
31 Mar 2023
@_discord_616664853050032138:t2bot.iofaerie changed their display name from faerie to faerie#0122.01:18:27
@_discord_616664853050032138:t2bot.iofaerie changed their display name from faerie#0122 to faerie.01:18:39

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