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3 Nov 2018
22:05:50@tobi:im.kabi.tkTobiStargate Space Ships: comparing their sizes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYtZteHI5zg
4 Nov 2018
06:35:42@brainblasted:disroot.orgChrisAnyone seen the new Castelvania on Netflix?
08:26:25@zuggtmoy:matrix.orgcobaltI haven't but my husband wants to. I'm wary of a dudely fridgewife revenge thing for the millionth time but allegedly it's not bad?
11:57:19@sancocho:matrix.orgmofongo I'm watching it, I'm really liking it.
11:58:03@sancocho:matrix.orgmofongoVery grounded, great animation, good voice acting.
11:58:39@sancocho:matrix.orgmofongoDracula is amazing.
12:00:18@sancocho:matrix.orgmofongoAll fights are worth watching
6 Nov 2018
12:13:03@tobi:im.kabi.tkTobi changed their display name from Tobi to Tobi(Matrix).
12:14:35@tobi:im.kabi.tkTobi changed their display name from Tobi(Matrix) to Tobi.
9 Nov 2018
06:19:36@realvagabond:matrix.orgvagabond changed their profile picture.
10 Nov 2018
06:19:27@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural 0h shit
06:19:50@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural this st:disco miniepisode was better than a lot of their actual episodes
06:19:55@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural and weird as shit
06:20:18@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural and implies future problems
12 Nov 2018
04:10:43@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural has anyone seen The Great Land of Small
17 Nov 2018
20:39:27@enum:tchncs.deenum joined the room.
21:40:02@enum:tchncs.deenum set a profile picture.
18 Nov 2018
05:07:34@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural https://twitter.com/HeartMachineZ/status/1063882173407649792
05:07:44@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural this is looking to be a great comic
22:31:43@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural if you're unaware she was the orig harassment target for Gamergate
22:32:07@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural thanks gamergate for the publicity leading to a cool cyberpunk magic comic
22:32:40@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural also i'm watching Black Lightening and they just started playing cool funk music, asskicking is about to commence
19 Nov 2018
02:10:06@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural we need a ZNation MMO
14:06:06@strifeguy:matrix.org@strifeguy:matrix.org joined the room.
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23 Nov 2018
00:32:34@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural last epidsode of startgate season 55
08:26:37@kali42:chat.weho.stKali joined the room.
11 Dec 2018
01:52:26@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural https://comicbook.com/dc/2018/12/10/zoe-quinn-talks-making-her-comics-debut-with-vertigos-goddess-mo/
16 Dec 2018
03:59:55@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural the kid playing de-aged O'Neil is pretty spot on
03:59:58@preternatural:chat.weho.stpreternatural on stargatye

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