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28 Jan 2023
@zeroco0l:matrix.orgzeroco0l Ironbelly 03:44:28
@tekzer0:matrix.orgtekzer0On the pic 03:44:31
@tekzer0:matrix.orgtekzer0The lil smiley face currency symbol03:44:44
@tekzer0:matrix.orgtekzer0Ive saw the symbol with prices on asian or south pacific ads. Always wondered03:45:56
@tekzer0:matrix.orgtekzer0Nice nick btw. 03:46:44
Download ima_63ad281.png
@tekzer0:matrix.orgtekzer0Most crypto, Bitcoin in particular, that I ever had was when my mining pool glitched out and for like 12 hours, 4 Bitcoin asic miners were mining about 20 times what they should have been able to with bitcoin.com pool and I had a swift nice fucking payout. It was well over 350th/s instead of like 50-6003:49:24
@tekzer0:matrix.orgtekzer0And don't correct me on the math because I just pulled numbers out of my ass when I said 20 times. The other numbers are somewhat realistic and close because I don't remember exactly but it might have even been more of a hash rate I was mining at but it was insane and it just kept going up and I thought that they would correct it but...03:50:24
@tekzer0:matrix.orgtekzer0It was only a few hundred bucks but I've never even held more than 5,000 USD in my hand before at one time and that was because I almost died from a drunk driver and I got my payout in three payments unfortunately03:52:07
@tekzer0:matrix.orgtekzer0But in West Virginia, cost of living so low that I'm middle class03:52:35
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Download 1ccd0dd31bce88ef263b2851e2367567--diapers.jpg
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Download 1ccd0dd31bce88ef263b2851e2367567--diapers.jpg
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29 Jan 2023
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30 Jan 2023
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31 Jan 2023
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2 Feb 2023
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