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29 May 2023
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30 May 2023
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1 Jun 2023
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2 Jun 2023
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3 Jun 2023
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@dunkhan:matrix.orgdunkhanI am having issues getting verification to work, I added the link to my page (http://www.gametheatre.org/porifera/) you can see it in the page source, but the verified mark is not appearing on my profile page (https://mendeddrum.org/@Duncan). Is there some sort of bug or am I doing something wrong on my end?08:35:09
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@aranjedeath:explodie.orgaranjedeath 🍊 you can't put an anchor tag in the , it's gotta be in the body somewhere 14:55:19
@aranjedeath:explodie.orgaranjedeath 🍊 you can't put an anchor tag in the < head >, it's gotta be in the body somewhere 14:55:28
@aranjedeath:explodie.orgaranjedeath 🍊 I don't know if they support it, but it may work if you switch to a link tag (like your stylesheets and so on, but with rel=me) 14:56:17
@aranjedeath:explodie.orgaranjedeath 🍊 would kindly recommend some cleanups on your html as well, many of the ahrefs do not quote the destination link correctly and similar issues 14:59:04
@dunkhan:matrix.orgdunkhanthanks, I will make changes now16:32:29

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