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31 Jan 2024
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1 Feb 2024
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2 Feb 2024
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3 Feb 2024
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6 Feb 2024
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@soundcloudmusic:matrix.orgMatsuki AkinoFuck you06:02:07
@soundcloudmusic:matrix.orgMatsuki Akinoi hate this06:02:10
@soundcloudmusic:matrix.orgMatsuki Akinoi can’t deal with life anymore06:02:20
@soundcloudmusic:matrix.orgMatsuki Akinothis faking shit06:02:29
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7 Feb 2024
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8 Feb 2024
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9 Feb 2024
@soundcloudmusic:matrix.orgMatsuki Akinohttps://youtu.be/F8pL7a0Qzjs03:52:03
12 Feb 2024
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14 Feb 2024
In reply to @soundcloudmusic:matrix.org
i hate this
you hate what?
@soundcloudmusic:matrix.orgMatsuki Akinolife02:01:55
@venenovil:matrix.orgVenenoVillife is beautiful04:12:24
@venenovil:matrix.orgVenenoVilis a miracle to be alive04:12:31
@venenovil:matrix.orgVenenoVilthere are plenty of things to enjoy04:12:40
@venenovil:matrix.orgVenenoVilincluding suffering04:12:45
15 Feb 2024
@soundcloudmusic:matrix.orgMatsuki Akinolife is life, life isn't dangerous unless you make it dangerous live life with no apoligies03:46:20
@venenovil:matrix.orgVenenoViltrue, but even if you make your life dangerous, always will worth living it22:23:55
@venenovil:matrix.orgVenenoVilit's a challenge, a way to be better everyday22:24:11
@venenovil:matrix.orgVenenoVilnot to compete with someone but with yourself22:24:26
@venenovil:matrix.orgVenenoVilthere are people at hospitals dealing with deadly illness, they are warriors of life, deserve respect and our effort to live as we are living your last day...22:25:39
16 Feb 2024
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